Stray Poncho [Everything You Need To Know]

This Stray Poncho guide will let you know everything related to Poncho in stray and make you ready for what's to come.

Stray Poncho [Everything you need to know]

In Stray, you will reach a point where you will need to provide Elliot with a Poncho, which is where this Stray Poncho guide will help you a bunch.

Key Takeaways

  • Elliot, a robot, is an asset that helps you repair the Broken Tracker, but he needs a Poncho to keep warm.
  • You can only obtain the Poncho as a quest reward after clearing it by trading an electric cable with Grandma.
  • Elliot Programming is the facility where you will find Elliot without a Poncho, and you need to help him get the Poncho and warm him up so that he can perform to the best of his capabilities.
  • To get the Poncho, you need to complete a series of small tasks, which include getting some Super Spirit detergent from the Super Spirit Laundry store and buying an electric cable from the Electric Shop.
  • Once you have given the Poncho to Elliot, it will help you fix the broken Tracker. That Tracker will unlock the further progress of the game. 
  • You will not be able to fix the Tracker if you do not get the Poncho. This shows the importance of acquiring Poncho.

What is a Poncho?

The Poncho is a quest reward you can only obtain after clearing it. There are no other ways of getting it. This cloth-woven item is necessary for you to keep Elliot warm. You can obtain this Poncho by giving Grandma an electric cable to use the Electric Cable trade.

Stray Poncho
Poncho in Stray

After playing Stray, you’ll realize mission rewards aren’t for the cat but for Elliot, a crucial robot in advancing the story. Head to the Slums and locate the Elliot Programming facility. Scratch the door to gain access with Nestor’s help. Inside, among three robots, Elliot, without a Poncho, requires assistance.

Need for the Stray Poncho

The Poncho keeps Elliot warm, which is crucial for his assistance in fixing the Tracker. Upon initial interaction, Elliot is unable to function properly due to the cold. Warming him up is essential for his optimal performance. Additionally, seeing the shivering Robot naturally prompts the urge to help. To obtain the Poncho early in the game, request it from the guard in the Slums.

How to get the Stray Poncho

Acquiring the Poncho isn’t hard. All you need to do is complete a series of small tasks, which will eventually lead you to the Poncho. Once acquired, hand it to Elliot so that he can feel better and help you with fixing the Tracker. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to get the Poncho quickly.

Head to Super Spirit Laundry

To get the super spirit, head to the Laundry store located down the alley from Seamus’s home, identifiable by a white building with clothes and a red neon sign. The door will be locked, necessitating an alternative approach.

Create a commotion to distract the store’s supervisor and open the door. Access the rooftop using crates next to the building, where two robots are throwing paint. Stand next to Vapora and trigger an action by timing a meow to startle him. This causes paint to spill, prompting the supervisor to investigate.

As the supervisor addresses the mess, he’ll forget to secure the door, allowing entry. This progresses your quest for the Stray Poncho.

Get the Super Spirit Detergent

Super Spirit Detergent - Stray Poncho
Super Spirit Detergent

Once inside the shop, head to your left. Here, you will find a table with the Super Spirit Detergent sitting on top of it. Get as much of it as you can. This is the only thing you can obtain inside the store, so make sure you get as much as possible.

Buy an Electric Cable

All your effort to get the Super Spirit detergent is for this moment. You need to buy some electric cable, which is necessary for the next step. To buy the electric cable, you need Azooz, a street vendor.

Finding him is easy as he stands out from the rest. You can find on the street stairway in the slums wearing a cowboy hat. He will sell you the electric cable, but only if you give him the Super Spirit Detergent. To move on with the mission, you must give him the detergent and acquire the electric cable.

Ask Grandma for a Poncho in Stray

Now that you have the electric cable, search the slums for Grandma. She will sew you a poncho in exchange for the Electric cable. This is the most crucial step of all. The Grandma can be found easily if you look around a little in the Slums. You can find her at the end of the Elliot Programming alleyway.

Give Elliot the Poncho

Elliot with the Stray Poncho
Elliot with the Poncho

After getting the Poncho from Grandma, head back to Elliot Programming. Scratch the door repeatedly until someone lets you inside. Make your way up the stairs and find Elliot in the corner working on some computers. Give him the Poncho, and he will get better in an instant. He will now be able to help you with fixing the Tracker.

Fixing the Tracker

After giving the Poncho to Elliot, return to the Laboratory where the Doc works. Search the lab and find a broken tracker. Retrieve it and head back to Elliot’s crimson-red door.

Seamus’s father, the Doc, can be found by fixing the Tracker. Giving Elliot the Poncho ensures his help. Hand him the broken Tracker for repair.

Once fixed, take the Tracker from Elliot and deliver it to Seamus. He’ll open the gates, allowing you to delve deeper into Stray’s story, unlocking a significant B-12 memory.

You won’t be able to get this far without acquiring the Poncho. That piece of cloth is highly valuable. It is essential if you wish to progress further in the story.

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