Stray Safe Codes: Slums & Midtown

Stray safe codes

Stray is the newest video-game sensation developed by BlueTwelve Studio and Published by Annapuma Interactive. Released in 2022 for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Windows, it follows the journey of a stray cat.

This cat falls into a dystopian futuristic cyberpunk city filled with robots, machines and viruses, and the cat’s efforts to find its way back to its family. There are many puzzle items in the game, among which are the safes which require special Stray safe codes to open.

Key Takeaways

  • Stray includes safes that require special Stray safe codes to open.
  • To obtain the Stray safe code for the slums safe, the player needs to go past Morusque into an alleyway to find a mysterious safe that needs decoding from a real geek at Elliot Programming. The code to the safe is found by interacting with the glowing DUFFER BAR sign nearby, which reveals the code 1283.
  • To obtain the Stray safe code for the Midtown safe, the player needs to enter a store after jumping off the counter and through a hole, translate a note with B12, and unlock the safe with the code 8542.

Here is a summary table for the Slums Safe Codes in Stray:

No.NameLocation CodeReward
1Slums Safe CodeUpon encountering the Guardian and venturing into the Slums, make a left turn leading to Morusque, the guitarist. Proceed down the same street and make another left to locate a safe concealed within a heap of garbage, accompanied by a note. The deciphering of this note falls under the responsibility of Elliot. To gain entry, you must scrape the door of Elliot Programming, prompting someone to grant you access. Within this establishment, Elliot will disclose that your intended destination is Dufer Bar. Once inside, leap onto the bar and dislodge the picture portraying a beach positioned just above the glowing neon sign. Consequently, four digits inscribed on the wall will be unveiled. These digits serve as the combination for the safe in the slums.1283Music Sheet 8/8
2Midtown SafeUpon reaching Chapter 10 and making your way into Midtown, proceed to the second shop on the right-hand side. Within that establishment, positioned at the top left corner of the room, you will discover a concealed safe resting atop a set of shelves. Fortunately, you need not search extensively for the code, as it is located within the same room. The translation of the text on the safe reads "2458" with an evident indication that the text is written in reverse. By reversing the text, you will obtain the Code.8542Cat Badge

Slums Safe Code

Once the player meets and joins forces with the B12 robot and reaches the slums, they must speak to the Guardian. After speaking to the Guardian, they must go past the garage of meditating robots and take the stairwell on the left. Go past the magician named Morusque into an alleyway. This alleyway is found to the left of a gate that blocks the entrance to the sewers.

In the alleyway, they will find a mysterious safe that is positioned near Morusque. On the safe is attached a little note, but the robots in the city are of little help in deciphering it.

stray safe code
The cryptic note on the safe, courtesy PC Gamer

The note says “Follow the numbers” along with some binary numbers, but the player is unable to decipher them. As such, the player is told to “find a real geek” that is capable of understanding the code, since it is apparently extremely old.

This-so called geek can only be found inside the building called Elliot Programming. To find this building, the player must translate the signs around the Slums that will point towards this direction. 

After reaching the building, go to the door with binary markings on it. The player will be prompted to do a “stray scratch” action, which is the cat’s way of knocking. After doing so, the door opens and the player can enter. Journey up the stairs to the second floor, and it is here that the player will meet Elliot.

Show Elliot the “Safe’s Mysterious Password” item, which he will take and get to work deciphering. The result of the deciphering gives the word “DUFFER BAR”. This Duffer bar is thankfully nearby.

Head outside of the building and find a building with red neon signs; this is the bar that the player is supposed to go to. Inside the building is a glowing DUFFER BAR sign, which the player can interact with. Interacting with it will cause it to fall off of the wall, giving the player the code to the safe. This code is 1283.

Now the player can easily unlock the safe. To unlock the safe, simply enter the password 1283, which will open it and reveal one of 8 different music sheets. This sheet can be given to Morusque, who will perform a beautiful song for the player. Moreover, the player is now a step closer to collecting all the badges in the game, as well as gaining a Music pin.

Midtown Safe

The Midtown safe can be opened fairly easily. Once the player enters the Midtown, they should follow the main road into the main city, walking away from the subway and the elevator.  Eventually, they will reach an area where they will see an angry robot near a store. They must enter the store by jumping up off of the counter and through a hole.

stray safe code 2
The code for the safe

Once inside, the player will find a note that their companion robot, B12, must translate. Once translated, the code is revealed to be 8542.  The player can then unlock the safe.

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