Stray: Super Spirit Detergent Location

Here is how you can get your hands on the secret Super Spirit Detergent in Stray.

Stray Super Spirit Detergent
Stray Super Spirit Detergent

2022’s much-awaited game Stray is finally out in the wild, and the internet is storming with gameplay content. Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray is an adventure game that puts players in a fur of feline to take on the neon world of the cyberpunk world. Like all mischief cats, players can complete different quests and collect numerous collectibles, and one of them also includes Stray super spirit detergent. 

Key Takeaways

  • One of the quests involves finding the secret super spirit detergent, which can be traded for electrical wires.
  • To get the super spirit detergent, players need to progress the story until they meet Azooz and complete a quest to fix a tracker.
  • The super spirit detergent is located in the Super Spirit Laundry in the central Slums, but players need to gain access through a locked door.
  • To gain access, players need to go to the rooftop of the laundry and disturb the robots throwing paint cans, causing the door to open.
  • After obtaining the super spirit detergent, players can trade it with Azooz for electrical wires to complete the quest.

Soon after the release, players took a plethora of questions to the internet to dive deeper into the cyberpunk world and make the most out of the experience of playing as a cat. Meanwhile, one of the gameplay aspects that is pushing the limits of the players is finding the super spirit detergent in Stray.

If you are playing Stray, you might be aware that robots cover the central portion of the game and will be in your way in every quest. The same goes for our furry friend’s hunt for super spirit detergent. However, these robots do not have to be annoying if you can tackle them effectively. 

If you are also struggling to get your hands on the super spirit detergent, this guide just might be for you. Here we detail everything you need to know about super spirit detergent and how to get it while being a heroic cat saving the day. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Stray Super Spirit Detergent

Before going on the hunt for super spirit detergent, most players wonder why a cat would need a detergent. The quest seems pointless and dull because of no connection between cat and super spirit detergent. However, it is worth noting that developers have a significant secret that will be revealed after the story progression. 

These small nifty details of the game make it the most popular release of the year. For that instance, all you need to do is to progress the story enough until your cat meets Azooz.

We will not reveal the storyline for the sake of completionists players. However, in the quest, players are required to fix a tracker. For that instance, you will need electrical wires from Azooz, which are tradeable for super spirit detergent. 

Now that you know why your feline friend is after the super spirit detergent, you can head to the central Slums to find the super spirit detergent. 

How To Get Super Spirit Detergent?

Super spirit detergent is not available openly in the Slums memory. However, you will have to pull off a little trick to gain access to the location to get your hands on the secret super spirit detergent and trade it off for electrical wires. 

All you need to do is to visit the bottom floor of the Slum and reach the Super Spirit Laundry. It is right in the middle of the Slum and has a bright neon light. That is the building where you can find the super spirit detergent.

However, the crux of the problem is to gain access through the locked door. To solve that, go back to the laundry and gain access to the rooftop. Use the litter box, air conditioner, and breaker box to get all the way up to the rooftop. 

Robots throwing Paint Cans
Robots throwing Paint Cans

Once you do, you will see two robots throwing paint cans. At this moment, you will need to interrupt these robots and cause them to drop one of the paint boxes. You will receive an interaction prompt to “meow.” 

Meow Prompt to Disturb Robots
Meow Prompt to Disturb Robots

Wait for the exact moment when the robot throws the paint can and interact with the prompt. It will disturb the robot and result in the paint can falling down the street. 

As shown in the animation sequence, the door for the Super Spirit Laundry is now open. Players will spectate the yelling robot as he starts to clean the spilled paint in front of the laundromat. 

Come down to the street with the same approach of using the tin ledges and dustbins in the street. Now you have an open doorway to the Super Spirit Laundry. After entering the laundry, you will have to take a left, and you will be able to find the super spirit detergent on the table, available to claim for your cat. 

Super Spirit Detergent on the Table
Super Spirit Detergent on the Table

How To Use Super Spirit Detergent?

Now that you have the super spirit detergent, you might be wondering what exactly to do with it. The truth is, you can not do much with the detergent but trade it with Azooz merchant back in the streets of Slums.

Head to the back of the Super Spirit Laundry, take the path of the stairs, and go to the right. Here in the dark alleyway, you can see merchant Azooz. He is the robot fellow that will make the trade for super spirit detergent for electrical wires. 

After making the trade, you can finish the ongoing quest. That is the only way to obtain the super spirit detergent and eventually get your hands on the electrical wires. 

Final Words

Stray is set in a beautifully crafted world that sheds light on the robotic dystopian world. Unlike most games, playing as a cat gives a unique gameplay experience and seeing the world from a whole different perspective. Your feline character will not only scratch rugs but will also befriend some of the cyber-robots to help in the daily fuss. 

That is about it for obtaining the super spirit detergent in Stray. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining detergent? What is your approach to tackling the side quest? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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