Stray: Super Spirit Detergent Location + Tips

Here is how you can get your hands on the secret Super Spirit Detergent in Stray.

Stray Super Spirit Detergent
Stray Super Spirit Detergent

Before embarking on the quest to find super spirit detergent, I couldn’t help but wonder why my feline companion needed it. It seemed like a strange and seemingly pointless task with no apparent connection between a cat and detergent. However, little did I know that the game developers had a well-hidden secret waiting to be uncovered as the story progressed.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the quests involves finding the secret super spirit detergent, which can be traded for electrical wires.
  • To get the Super Spirit detergent, players must progress the story until they meet Azooz and complete a quest to fix a tracker.
  • The Super Spirit detergent is located in the Super Spirit Laundry in the central Slums, but players need access through a locked door.
  • To gain access, players need to go to the rooftop of the laundry and disturb the robots by throwing paint cans, causing the door to open.
  • After getting the super spirit detergent, players can trade it with Azooz for electrical wires to complete the quest.

How To Get Super Spirit Detergent?

To obtain the secret super spirit detergent and trade it for electrical wires, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the bottom floor of the Slum, where you’ll find the Super Spirit Laundry. It’s a building in the middle of the Slum with a bright neon sign.
  2. The challenge is gaining access through the locked door. To solve this, return to the laundry and go to the rooftop.
  3. Use the litter box, air conditioner, and breaker box to ascend to the rooftop.
  4. On the rooftop, you’ll encounter two robots throwing paint cans. You aim to interrupt these robots and make them drop one of the paint boxes.
  5. Wait for the right moment when a robot is about to throw a paint can, and you’ll see an interaction prompt to “meow.”
    Robots throwing Paint Cans
    Robots throwing Paint Cans
    Meow Prompt to Disturb Robots
    Meow Prompt to Disturb Robots
  6. With the paint can now on the street, you’ll notice the door to the Super Spirit Laundry is open. You’ll see a robot cleaning the spilled paint in front of the laundromat.
  7. Descend to the street using the same approach: tin ledges and dustbins. You’ll now have access to the Super Spirit Laundry.
  8. Inside the laundry, head left, and you’ll find the super spirit detergent on a table, ready to be claimed for your cat.
    Super Spirit Detergent on the Table
    Super Spirit Detergent on the Table

How To Use Super Spirit Detergent?

Once you’ve obtained the super spirit detergent, your next step is to trade it with Azooz, the merchant located in the back streets of the Slums.

  1. Exit the Super Spirit Laundry and head to the back of the building.
  2. Take the stairs path to the right, leading to a dark alleyway.
  3. In this alleyway, you’ll find merchant Azooz, a robot character who will facilitate the trade of super spirit detergent for electrical wires.
  4. Complete the trade with Azooz, exchanging the Super Spirit detergent for your needed electrical wires.
  5. With the trade done, you can now complete your ongoing quest, utilizing the electrical wires as necessary.

This trade is the only way to obtain the electrical wires you require in the game, and it’s a crucial step in advancing your progress.

Challenges Encountered

While the quest had few challenges, the game asks players to pay attention to the surroundings. I think it is the perfect way to let players immerse themselves in the perspective of a cat and utilize the world around it to their benefit. In the same case, you must engage with the robots to access the door and obtain the detergent required for the quest. 

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