Stray Vending Machine Locations [All 4]

Vending Machines will provide Energy Drinks to players who find them!

Stray Vending Machines
Stray Vending Machine Locations

Summoning all cat lovers, I repeat summoning all cat lovers, as the Stray is finally out across all platforms. With a detailed guide to all Stray Vending Machine Locations.

Key Takeaways

  • Energy drinks are a vital currency in the game and can be obtained from various vending machines scattered throughout the slums.
  • One vending machine is near Morusque, a robot playing a musical instrument.
  • The other vending machine can be found near the graffiti “RIP HUMANS” and is positioned against a wall.
  • The final two vending machines can be accessed by moving to nearby rooftops, requiring some climbing and jumping.

First Vending Machine

First Stray Vending Machine Location
First Stray Vending Machine Location (Image Credits: Y-NOT THE CREATOR)

Near Morusque, a guitar-playing robot in the slum finds a music sheet collectible later used in the Stray. Located in the vending machines’ area where Morusque sits, the spot is easily accessible and does not require rooftop navigation. Begin from the guardian interaction point, take a left down the stairs to a dimly lit alley with two vending machines against the wall. Approach the illuminated blue machine and press the buttons to receive the first energy drink by hitting the interact button.

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Second Vending Machine

Second Stray Vending Machine Location
Second Stray Vending Machine Location

Return to the guardian from where you started in Stray when you got your first energy drink. Opposite him, there is another area. Head towards it and make your way down the alley through steps.

Please take the right turn; there is a robot and a shop with a billboard. Continue going down the alley until you reach the stairs that are going upward. Move up the stairs, and you will see a wall on which “RIP HUMANS” graffiti has been done.

We were supposed to collect the memory of B-12 for our game progress. On the left of this graffiti and against the wall, you will see the white-colored vending machine, which has its light on.

By going close to it, press the buttons and tap on the triangle to obtain the second energy drink as the triangle appears.

Third Stray Vending Machine

Third Stray Vending Machine Location
Third Stray Vending Machine Location

You’ll find the vending machine near the doc’s apartment on the rooftop to the left of Momo’s apartment. It stands out due to its extensive book collection.

You’ll spot a red vending machine near a television and sofa on a different rooftop outside the apartment. Approach it, press triangle to get the energy drink, let B-12 scan it, and continue to the following location.

Look for a yellow vending machine along the wall starting from the guardian’s place. Begin climbing, turn right, and jump over window shades. Keep going, and after leaping over a left-side roof, proceed straight. Watch out for paint-throwing individuals. Take a right, jump to the red rooftops on the left, and you’ll find the vending machine on another rooftop ahead.

Fourth Vending Machine

Fourth Stray Vending Machine Location
Fourth Stray Vending Machine Location

The search for a fourth vending machine isn’t hectic at all. Right after the third one, you need to look below where you are already. There is a rooftop and a wooden plank on which there is a paint container.

Jump on the plank, move forward, and hop down. The last vending machine is placed inside the small and congested balcony. Get the energy drink by hitting the triangle. And then you are down with collecting all the energy drinks.

The other way to reach this place is from the side of grandma’s clothing. You can climb up through the ventilation units and come up over here.

Summary Table For All Vending Machines

1First Vending Machine Tracking down the first Vending Machine is relatively straightforward. Once you've bid farewell to the Guardian and are positioned facing them, simply head left down the steps. On your left side, you'll come across the musician named Morusque, while on your right side, you'll find the first Vending Machine
2Second Vending Machine You'll find the next Vending Machine conveniently positioned near one of B-12's memories. When you reach the location where Granda resides, take a right turn before her and descend into the long alley you initially came from. Eventually, you'll reach the end of the alley, where you'll spot some steps and graffiti that says 'R.I.P HUMANS'—this serves as a memory. To the left of this memory, you'll discover your second Vending Machine
3Third Vending Machine Starting from Grandma's location, you can reach the third Vending Machine as well. Adjacent to her workstation, there are ventilation boxes positioned along the walls, which you can use to leap upwards.
Ascend and land on the balcony with bars, and from there, descend once more to locate the Vending Machine near the entrance
4Fourth Vending Machine Positioned on the Rooftops, you will find the fourth and ultimate Vending Machine. Commence your journey from the entrance of Momo's flat and proceed towards the right. Continue past the spot where you can rest alongside a robot and descend downwards. Adjacent to this location, to the left specifically, you will come across a sofa and the last Vending Machine


There you have it, A detailed guide for all the locations of Vending machines in the game. I tried my very best to keep things simple and easy to understand so it saves your time and you get the most experience out of the game.

This guide will help you roam around easily and mark your way to all the vending machines without a hassle. I also added information regarding the collectibles you will find on your way to these machines.

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