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Streamer Beats Vanguard Demon in Demon’s Souls using Donkey Kong Bongos

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Demon’s Souls (Get Demon’s Souls Remake here) is known to be a hard and challenging game. There are many people out there that have played the game and never actually beaten it. It takes quite a bit of skill to play Demon’s Souls, but it takes a lot more to be able to play it, on the Donkey Kong Bongo Controller!. A streamer by the name of SuperLouis64 is known for playing games using weird and obscure controllers, and he is using the Donkey Kong Bongos as his controller of choice to play Demon’s Souls. SuperLouis64 is not only using the DK Bongos to play Demon’s Souls, but he was actually able to beat the Vanguard Demon.

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The Vanguard Demon is the first boss that many players fight when they start the game. The player is intended to lose against the Vanguard Demon and is then transported to The Nexus. While you are intended to lose against Vanguard Demon, it’s not impossible to beat this boss. It’s hard enough to beat the Vanguard Demon, but SuperLouis64 has not only beaten this boss, but he did so using only the DK Bongos. 

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SuperLouis64 doesn’t intend to stop using the DK Bongos, he actually plans on beating the game using them as his controller. Beating Demon’s Souls (Get Demon’s Souls Remake here) is not out of the realm of possibility for SuperLouis64, not only has he beaten other games with the DK Bongos, but he has beaten games with lots of other weird controllers, such as the Guitar Hero Guitar and the Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad, he has even used wired connected bananas to beat Dark Souls 3 (Get it for only $12 !! here). While it may be a tough journey for SuperLouis64, it is definitely possible that he can beat the game using the DK Bongos.

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