Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Is Still The Most Fun Game In The Series

Moderns fighting games are well made and feel good to play, but Street Fighter 3 Third Strike still has the most fun to offer.

The Street Fighter series seems to be doing well these days and with the release of Akuma, the hype is more than ever. I found Street Fighter 6 a great fighting game, but it seems to be missing a certain charm and I couldn’t figure out why. But then I replayed Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and the answer to my ‘why?’ was answered in mere seconds.

Key Takeaways

  • The Third Strike version of Street Fighter 3 became an instant classic and is still considered by many the best fighting game to ever exist.
  • By introducing the parry mechanic, the game has been able to provide a skill ceiling where even the most experienced players seem to be still learning about the game’s interactions.
  • The beautiful art style, impactful effects, and perfect soundtrack make the aesthetic and visuals of the game still feel fresh to this day.
  • The game has a hardcore fanbase that still loves the game as much as it did back when it was released because of which the game is nowhere near death.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is the classic experience we all fighting game lovers grew up with, but it isn’t just nostalgia that makes us love this game. The game itself has much to offer.

The Greatest To Ever Exist

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is not just the best Street Fighter game in the series, but it is also considered the best fighting game of all time. Many big names in the Fighting Game Community(FGC) seem to agree that Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is the best fighting game they have ever played

It has been an anchor for unique systems and mechanics that are even used in modern fighting games. The parry mechanic where you press forward just as the enemy attack or projectile hits creates a skill ceiling that even the hardest fighting games can not provide.

The Parry Frame | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Tekken might be considered the hardest game to learn, but Street Fighter Third Strike’s skill requirement is no joke either. If you ask anyone which fighting game is the most difficult, they will answer Tekken or King of Fighters 13. But when asked about the best play in the history of fighting games, the only answer is the Daigo parry against Justin Wong at the 2004 EVO of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike creates the potential to make plays that have never been seen before. If I play the game today even after having 2000 hours in it, I will discover something new every day.

Perfect Aesthetic

The gameplay isn’t the reason why the game is still played today and is fun. The art style adds a lot to the game too. Its beautiful anime-style visuals seem to be timeless and still look good. I always find myself impressed with the vibrant and lively stages of the game.

The presentation of effects and the character’s animations still hold up against modern fighting games. The overall soundtrack, in general, sounds great and matches the aesthetic of the game very well.

Beautiful Art and Stage | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The character designs are well made too, each representing their archetypes and the country they are from perfectly. For a game this old, they are quite detailed and feels like the developers put great effort into them.

Character Select Screen | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The Feel

Whenever I play the game, I feel like the buttons in this game are more fun. Movement is responsive, every button is meaningful and you just can’t stop.

No matter what character you pick, its movement and combos feel refined. Whenever I try to learn a new character, I just cant let go of them because of the way they handle and how satisfying it is to pull off combos or hard-to-execute moves.

There is this certain feeling of pressing buttons that I do not get when I play other fighting games. The pacing of the game and the fact that most buttons and basic moves of characters are viable make this game fun no matter what character you play and learn.

The Satisfaction of Ending a Round With a Special Move | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Even the low-tier characters such as Q feel great when playing them. The game is balanced around making rounds more fun to play rather than favoring the meta-characters or players with the most skill.

It is really difficult to find fighting games today that focus on fun rather than the competitive aspect.

The 3rd Chapter So What’s It Gon’ Be?

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike still has a good amount of players playing and learning the game every day. The fact that Street Fighter Third Strike will be featured in this year’s EVO proves that this game is far from dead and will continue to be the masterpiece that Capcom released in the series.

So just wake up Shoryuken your way to the top or have a session with your friends and experience the best the series has to offer.

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