Street Fighter 6 Marisa Combos [Definitive Guide]

After investing more than 90+ hours in Street Fighter 6, here is a list for all the Combos Marisa has in the game!

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Street Fighter 6: Marisa's Best Combos
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Shoaib Rashid has played Street Fighter 6 for more than 90+ hours, so you can easily trust his information and the hands-on experience he shares with you!

Street Fighter 6 contains an open-world story where the character can meet and learn skills from other “Masters.” Marisa is one of the masters in Street Fighter 6 and has a particular skill set that includes some heavy-hitting attacks; however, the best combos to use might be a little difficult for new players to choose. Hence, this guide covers all her moves and the best ones you can combine to win battles.

Key Takeaways

  • Marisa is one of the starting masters in Street Fighter 6, unlocked in Chapter 3 of the story mode, and you can unlock her to learn new moves and combos.
  • By nature, she is a tank-like character, having high defensive and offensive moves in her arsenal.
  • Moreover, the large hitbox makes it easy for opponents to target her, so you should devise a strategy to avoid getting hit.

Marisa’s Combat Skills & Tips

Marisa Fighting Opponent in Street Fighter 6
Marisa Defeating Opponent in Street Fighter 6 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Marisa’s fighting style largely depends on her offense, where she doesn’t give a chance for the opponent to attack or take any leads. This is evident from her moves set. Let’s take a look at some aspects of using her.

Strong Attacks

Having a large muscular body, she inhibits immense strength, which is visible in her attacks. Her normal punches and kicks are enough to drain the enemy’s health bar. Moreover, they are quick, so they don’t give the opponent a chance to counter-attack as well.

Effective Counter Attacks

A major advantage of taking this character is her ability to block or break the enemy’s attacks and instantly reply with a counter-attack. This leaves them surprised with no option to defend themselves. A few ways this can be done are:

  1. Drive Impact:

    • Allows Marisa to break through the opponent’s attack and respond with a stronger one.
    • Use Drive Reversal: Love Tap when on defense or after a successful Drive Parry to counterblow.
    • Be cautious, as these moves use the Drive Gauge, and overuse can put you at a disadvantage when it empties.
  2. Scutum:

    • A defensive skill that blocks incoming hits.
    • Offers three counter-attacks while blocking, but timing is crucial to execute them effectively.
    • Forms a powerful combo in many fights.
  3. Gladius:

    • A powerful punch that allows Marisa to break through the opponent’s punch and strike them in the face.
    • Effective against normal moves but not as effective against special moves.


Having a buffy body, Marisa becomes an easy target for the attacks. Hence, you must play smartly to overcome this drawback and keep the pressure on the other side. A good approach is to switch excessively between standing and crouching stance to avoid getting hit as much as you can.

Marisa’a Special Moves

Before going into the combos, you should take a look at the special and super art moves of Marisa in Street Fighter 6, because they play a key role in performing the combos. Practicing and utilizing them while considering the timing is the most important thing you should focus on.


Marisa Special Move: Dimachaerus
Marisa Special Move: Dimachaerus | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Dimachaerus is the upper-cut punch, which is followed by a down punch that knockdown the enemy to the ground. You can use it alone or combine it with other normal attacks to form a deadly combo.

  • Classic Controls: Down – Diagonal Down Left – Left + Punch followed by Right + Punch
  • Modern Controls: Left + I


It is a charged-up punch that does significant damage to the enemy. You can use it at close range or standing right at their face. When holding the attack button, you can convert it into a 2-hit combo that knockdowns the opponent.

  • Classic Controls: Down – Diagonal Down Right – Right + Punch
  • Modern Controls: I (Hold for a charge)


Marisa Move: Phalanx in Street Fighter 6
Marisa Move: Phalanx | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Phalanx lands a downward punch while jumping in the air. It keeps the offensive pressure and allows you to break the stance.

  • Classic Controls: Right – Down – Diagonal Down Right + Punch
  • Modern Controls: Down + I


A great move that goes into the offensive and defensive aspects altogether. Scutum allows you to hold your stance, and it can counterattack automatically if the other person tries something.

  • Classic Controls: Down – Diagonal Down Left – Left + Kick
  • Modern Controls: Right + I

A few other improved versions are the three attacks you can instantly do followed by Scutum:

  • Tonitrus: A two-hit attack that breaks the defenses
    • Punch | Right + U, J, K
  • Procella: Long-range kick that cannot be blocked if the other player is standing.
    • Kick | Left + U, J, K
  • Enfold: Breaks any stance (crouching or standing) and throws the opponent on the ground, followed by a heavy Punch.
    • U + J | Down + U, J, K


A powerful kick that shortens the distance between you and the other player. It is fast-paced and can be done at close to medium range, and it can be combined with other moves to improve its effectiveness.

  • Down – Diagonal Down Right – Right + Kick

Marisa’s Super Art

Super Arts are extensive attacks that deal irreparable damage. They can turn the tide of battles if done at the right moment. The best time is to use them as a finishing move so you can conclude the fights quickly.

Javelin Of Marisa

Marisa Super Art: Javelin of Marisa in Street Fighter 6
Marisa Super Art: Javelin of Marisa | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

An intense punch with a charge-up ability. Use it to knock down the enemy draining a significant portion of their health. Hold the button to charge up and increase the output.

It takes 1 bar of the Super Attack stock.

  • Classic Controls: Down – Diagonal Down Right – Right Down – Diagonal Down Right – Right + Punch
  • Modern Controls: Right + I + K


Marisa Super Art: Meteorite
Marisa Super Art: Meteorite | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

A high jump in the air ending with an overwhelming punch is best for concluding a combo attack. It is effective against jumping targets and counters them very well.

It takes 2 bars of Super Attack stock.

  • Classic Controls: Down – Diagonal Down Left – Left Down – Diagonal Down Left – Left + Punch
  • Modern Controls: Left + I + K

Goddess Of The Hunt

The strongest move in the arsenal of Marisa in Street Fighter 6, best results with combos. First, it knocks the enemy to its knees and then does a punch that sends him flying to the other end of the map. It can turn the tide of the match pretty easily due to its devastating effects.

It takes 3 bars of Super Attack stock. It’s more effective if health is 25% or below.

  • Classic Controls: Down – Diagonal Down Left – Left Down – Diagonal Down Left – Left + Kick
  • Modern Controls: Left + I + K

Combos List

A combo attack combines the effects of two or more moves and outputs much more damage than doing them individually. It also negates a chance for the opponent to block.

Beginner Level

These are rather easy to do, and you can learn them without learning the special or super arts moves. Their damage is not much, but they can be used to take down any enemy if done consistently. Hence, they are an ideal option for beginners who are not into fighting games.

Volare Combo

It is an effective move against in-air or jumping targets. It is a 2-hit attack that kicks them down on the ground, and since it is done mid-air, they cannot block it easily.


  • Kick + Kick | J + J

Heavy Two Hitter

A two-punch move that hits the enemy right in the face. If done correctly, you can avoid getting blocked and use it to give a good start to the fight.


  • Punch + Punch | K + K

Drive Impact + Gladius

Marisa Gladius Move
Marisa Gladius Move | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Use it to break the enemy’s stance with the drive impact and then do further work with the Gladius. It cannot be blocked easily. These two moves are the most convenient to do.


  • Y + Hold I

Intermediate Level

For the intermediate level, the difficulty of performing the combo and its merits increase. A couple of times, practice will allow you to do them.

Light Two Hitter + Gladius

It is the effortless one, and it is the combination of two light punches followed by Gladius. The other player can block it if he anticipates such a move, so you should be careful when doing it.


  • Light Punch + Hold I

Phalanx + Scutum + Enfold

This combo takes down the enemy with it, and it may take some time for him to recover. The moves ensure you block and do the counterattack at the same time, giving them no chance to take any leads.


  • Down + I + Right + I + Down + U, J, K

Advanced Level

Marisa Super Art: Goddess of the Hunt Street Fighter 6
Marisa Super Art: Goddess of the Hunt | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To execute the advanced-level combo in battles effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Begin with a Heavy Attack.
  2. Execute Assisted Combo 2.
  3. Follow up with another Assisted Combo 2.
  4. Use Dimachaerus.
  5. Perform a Crouching Heavy Attack.
  6. Use Gladius.
  7. Finish the combo with Goddess of the Hunt.

Note: Assisted Combo 2 involves a series of heavy punches that consume drive energy and Super Art stock. It consists of three punches followed by sending the opponent into the air and concluding with a finishing down punch.

This combo can deal a devastating blow to your opponent, leaving them in a vulnerable state. However, mastering this combo requires extensive practice to ensure precision and effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I mentioned the moves of Marisa and the best combos you can make using them in Street Fighter 6. There are tutorials for other ones in the game as well. Moreover, you can go and make your own as you become experienced in the game.

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