Street Fighter 6 Burnout: The Definitive Guide

Here We'll cover what burnout is and how to avoid it in this guide.

Street Fighter 6 Burnout

Playing too aggressively or defensively in Street Fighter 6 can put you in a Burnout state. This guide covers all you need to know about Burnout.

Key Takeaways

  • Burnout is a state you enter that bars you from using any of the drive system mechanics along with other debuffs.
  • You enter Burnout after your drive meter has been completely depleted.
  • Being too aggressive and overusing the Drive System Mechanics like Overdrives and Drive Impacts can quickly deplete your drive meter. On the other hand, playing too defensively can also slow deplete your drive meter as you take too much damage over time.
  • The other debuffs mentioned above are increased Blockstun frames, taking Chip Damage, and getting Stunned.
  • You can recover from Burnout if your drive meter fills up completely and refreshes. Blocking attacks, dealing damage, walking forward, and performing Super Arts increase the rate at which it fills up.

What Is Street Fighter 6 Burnout

Street Fighter 6 Burnout
Depleting Drive Meter (Captured By VeryAli Gaming)

Burnout is a new mechanic in Street Fighter 6, you enter the Burnout state once you fully deplete your drive meter. During the burnout, your options for combat become limited, you can’t use any of the drive system mechanics until you fully recover. There are 2 ways of completely draining your drive meter.

Playing Too Aggressively

If you overuse the drive system mechanics, you can quickly deplete your drive meter and enter a state of burnout. There are 5 drive system mechanics.

  1. Drive Parries
  2. Drive Rushes
  3. Drive Reversals
  4. Overdrives
  5. Drive Impacts

Playing Too Defensively

If you tend to shy away from attacking your opponent directly and like waiting for your opponent to make mistakes, then it could be a risky strategy. Taking too much damage could slowly deplete your drive meter and put you in a burnout state. There are 5 ways to deplete your drive meter by being too defensive.

  1. Blocking Damage
  2. Being Punish Countered
  3. Being Hit by Critical Arts
  4. Being Hit by Super Arts
  5. Taking any Normal Damage

What Happens During Burnout

Street Fighter 6 Burnout
Depleted Drive Meter, Ryu is in a Burnout State (Captured By VeryAli Gaming)

Several things can happen when you are in a state of burnout. Here is a list of all of them.

  1. You can’t use drive system mechanics like Drive Parries, Drive Rushes, Drive Reversals, Overdrives, and Drive Impacts.
  2. You take 4 extra frames of blockstun. When your character blocks an attack, they can’t move for a certain amount of frames. Being in a state of Burnout increases that certain amount of frames by 4. This can leave you very vulnerable to getting stuck in a nasty combo.
  3. You will take Chip Damage. Block Damage, also called Chip Damage, is the damage you take when blocking an attack. You only take Chip Damage when in a state of burnout which can be very dangerous. Keep an eye out for special moves and supers, and try to dodge them, as they do a lot of chip damage.
  4. Getting Wall Splat by a Drive Impact can put you in a Stun. If your character is stunned, they will become dizzy and completely exposed to taking a large amount of combo damage from your opponent.

How To Deal With Burnout

After your drive meter is depleted, it will recover over time; it takes around 20 seconds for it to refresh. There are a couple of things you can do it speed up the time it takes to refresh.

  1. Blocking Attacks
  2. Dealing Damage
  3. Walking Forward. Moving forward increases the rate at which your drive meter refreshes. Standing or Walking Backward is the base rate at which your drive meter refreshes. However, jumping significantly decreases the rate at which your drive meter refreshes.
  4. Performing Super Arts puts you and your opponent in an unskippable cutscene/animation, throughout which your drive meter is still recovering. Moreover, these extra seconds of assured safety may just be what you need to refresh your drive meter.

Closing Thoughts

The Drive System and Burnout State are interesting additions to Street Fighter 6 to help keep the series fresh. Furthermore, it adds extra depth to the combat system and encourages active usage of all the game’s mechanics, and punishes those who try to spam attacks and abuse the drive system mechanics.

That would be everything you would need to know about Burnout. Moreover, if you want to learn more about Street Fighter 6 mechanics and get better at the game, you can explore our other Street Fighter 6 guides.

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