Street Fighter 6: Cammy’s Classic Costume

A detail guide regarding the Cammy's Classic outfit in all new Street fighter 6.

Cammy's Costume
Cammy's Classic Costume

One of the most anticipated additions in Street Fighter 6 this time is Cammy’s Classic Costume. It made its nostalgic comeback, and fans will finally be able to see their favorite character in her most recognizable costume. Though it faced some backlash on the internet in the early stages of its announcement.

Key Takeaways

  • Buy Cammy’s Classic Costume either via real money or increase the bonding in the game.
  • Try to focus more on side quests to get the classic costume, as it increases bonding.
  • Give gifts to unlock it faster.
  • The outfit gives her a sense of individuality and strength and shows a strong character.

How To Unlock Cammy’s Classic Costume

You can unlock Cammy’s Classic Costume in multiple ways, allowing you to choose from the preference of your liking. Below I will provide the list of possible options.

  1. If spending real money is not a problem, buy 50 fighter coins by entering the shop from the main menu. The cost of 250 fighter coins is $4.99, enabling you to buy Cammy’s Classic Costume for just 50 coins.
  2. Now, if you don’t want to spend real-time money and want the classic costume for free, as most of us like to do, you just need to increase your bonding with Cammy to 100.
  3. Simply load into world tour mode. Try to bond with Cammy by completing side quests, sparring with masters, and talking to them, but this is rather time; taking try to focus on the following points to unlock it faster.
  4. Try giving her the gifts she loves best, as it raises the bonding level by 5. Cammy’s favorite gift is called a Jellied Eel and can be founded at Bathers Beach.
  5. The other (not favorite) gifts also increase the bonding by a noticeable amount. Gifts can be purchased from shops all over the maps.
  6. Fighting with Masters helps increase the bonding at a faster rate.
  7. Choose dialogues very carefully; the best way is to stick with the most likable (in my opinion, stick with your gut)  answers.

    How Does Cammy’s Classic Costume Define Her

    Not only Cammy’s classic costume defines her character but it also carries a sentimental value carefully tapped by the developers to send the players into a deep well of nostalgia, giving flashbacks of its early stages.

    The color green of her leotard emphasizes the fact that she is disciplined and committed to her mission. Red berets reinforce her status as a strong-willed fighter with a good sense of individuality that she possesses. Gauntlets showcase Cammy’s strength.


    Cammy's Outfit 1 (captured by us) 
    Cammy’s Outfit 1 (captured by us) 

    Backlash It Faced

    The return of Cammy’s classic costume faced backlash from its fan. The critics expressed that this costume normalizes the objectification and sexualization of the character. It is believed that there was zero innovation, and it was regarded as a failure from their side to showcase character development beyond physical appearance. 

    It is important to note that the ball was in the developers’ court, and they did their best to not only satisfy the expectations of fans along to push beyond limits for us to have a better gaming experience.

    Final Words

    Cammy’s classic costume, to be honest, is more than just a cosmetic choice; it represents the rich history this game has and via bringing back the outfit that debuted in 1993 (Super street fighter 2). Developers showed that they are committed to providing their fans with authentic and immersive gaming experiences.

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