Street Fighter 6 Frame Data [Expert Guide]

Street Fighter 6
Frame Data in Street Fighter 6[Explained]

Street Fighter 6 appears as a powerhouse offering many tools to destroy players in the world of competitive games. Among the impressive features of this game, the introduction of Frame Meter comes out as a complete game changer. With Capcoms addition of Frame data, all the anxious, competitive players can now have a valuable resource to practice and better their skills. Fighters will now gain a remarkable advantage in battle, allowing them to establish dominance and have a victory.

Key Takeaways

  • Introducing the frame data and frame meter in Street Fighter 6 provides players with additional tools throughout the battle.
  • The frame data tells us the exact number of frames needed to perform a specific movement during the gameplay.
  • As movements are measured in frames, therefore, these movements can be further divided into three phases.
  • The Startup Frame tells us the number of frames the character requires to initiate an attack before the attack hits the opponent.
  • Active Frame is the portion of the attack that successfully hits the opponent.
  • The Recovery Frame tells us about the number of frames required by the character to return to a neutral state after the execution of an attack.

Understanding Frame Data

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6 Frame Data Map (Captured by us)

As proposed by the game, A-frame (F) is the smallest unit of time used by the game, with a single frame being 1/60th of a second. The frame meter shows how long character actions take to perform, with each notch on the meter representing a single frame (1F).

The frame data captures each Frame of gameplay. We can understand this concept entirely by slowing down the game. To comprehend the concept of Frame Data, first, it is compulsory to have basic knowledge of Frames A frame represents the tiniest unit of time when they contribute to each other, making the overall animation.

Primary Frame Types

Following are the Primary Frame Types that breakdowns the different phases of actions and attacks.

  • Startup Frame – The Frames of an attack during which your attack is winding up and hasn’t yet hit the opponent. These frames depend on the type of attack used. The Heavier attacks have high Startup frames and do the most damage. The Green Box represents the Startup frame in the Frame meter below with a substantial value of 8.
Street Fighter 6
Startup Frame showed by Green Colour (Captured by us)
  • Active Frame – These are the frames during which the attack hits the opponent. The lighter attacks typically have fewer active frames, as these also vary depending on the player’s type of attack. The red box represents the Active Frames given in the frame meter below, having a value of 3.
Street Fighter 6
Active Frame showed by Red color (Captured by us)
  • Recovery Frame – They refer to the period when the player comes to rest and cannot perform any other actions. It is the cool-down period and the state when your character comes to a neutral position. Blue Box represents the Recovery Frames in the frame meter having the highest value among others of 18.
Street Fighter 6
Recovery Frame showed by Blue  colour (Captured by us)

Pros And Cons

The overall Frame Data System is beneficial but can also have disadvantages depending on the frame number associated with the move. After having basic knowledge, you can examine the Fame Data. While analyzing the frames through the Frame meter, the positive number indicates a frame advantage which means that you can perform an attack efficiently before the opponent comes back to its neutral state. On the other hand, a negative sign indicates a frame disadvantage means your opponent is faster and more efficient than you.


To become more of a skilled player in fighting games such as Street Fighter 6, you must understand all the movement frames of different characters, whichever you like to proceed with. You can gain the on-hit advantage by having basic knowledge about the frames of different characters performing different moves. As both the players attack simultaneously, the one with fewer startup frames will be more likely to have its hit due to frame advantage.

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Street Fighter 6
On-Hit Advantage in Steet Fighter 6 (Captured by us)

When you launch an attack, you can notice a yellow bar in the opponent’s frame meter, indicating the Hit-Sun. When this state appears, your opponent can temporarily not perform any action or attack. The duration of Hit-Sun depends upon the attack that caused it. If the Recovery Frames of your character are faster than the Hit-Sun frames, you can have an advantage and perform another attack.


The On-Block disadvantage refers to the situation in which your player has fewer frame frames. It usually occurs when your character has blocked an attack and recovers quickly before your opponent can return to their neutral position. The character that blocks attacks has fewer frame rates to act to, ultimately putting them into a disadvantageous situation. 

Street Fighter 6
On-Block in Street Fighter 6 (captured by us)

For instance, the Crouching Heavy Punch has 9 frames of recovery. Blocking your opponent’s Crouching punch can put you in a frame disadvantage of 9, which tells us that your opponent is 9 frames ahead and can start the attack before you.

Final Words

Understanding the Frame Data is essential as it can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. There are three types of attacks, each with a different frame range. Normal Attacks can have startup frames varying from 3 to 12 frames. Throws and projectiles have a little faster startup, typically around 5 frames. Finally, Special attacks like Critical Art can have a wide range of 3 to 60 frames per second. This new feature in Street Fighter 6 displays a great Frame advantage, thus making it easier for players to make decisions during battles in-game. By learning and practicing the frame data more often, you can possess the abilities to become a more skilled Street Fighter 6 player. 

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