Street Fighter 6: How To Earn Drive Tickets [Proven Strategy]

In this guide, we will provide instructions on how can players get Drive Tickets to customize their character completely

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Street Fighter 6: How To Earn Drive Tickets
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Winning fights is not the only thing to work around in Street Fighter 6. You can also focus on customizing your character by unlocking costumes and whatnot. This is possible through Drive Tickets, and you can earn them in multiple ways. Let’s look at some of these methods.

Key Takeaways

  • Drive Tickets are the in-game currency for buying character clothing and other accessories.
  • It can’t boost your stats during a fight nor enhance your gameplay to support you in a duel.
  • These tickets are applicable in all three game modes available.
  • Players can use them to purchase costumes or emotes.
  • You can complete the available challenges in the Rewards menu to earn  Tickets.
  • Completing the tiers of Fighting Pass can also get you the tickets.
  • A good suggestion will be to purchase the Fighting Pass so you get more of them.
  • Buying the premium version of SF6 will give you additional Drive Tickets at the start to help you initiate.

Luckily, there are multiple ways to help you get Tickets for character customization. Note that this is not only limited to the World Tour Mode. You can also use Drive Tickets in the Battle Hub, as well as the Fighting Grounds. 

Participating In Events

complete challenges in the rewards menu
Complete Challenges to earn Drive Tickets | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming
  1. The easiest way of earning Drive Tickets is to complete the daily, weekly, and monthly challenges from Battle Hub and World Tour Mode.
  2. You can monitor these challenges from the Rewards menu, which will let you know about the currently available challenges. 
  3. These challenges will require you to complete several tasks.
  4. Upon completing them, the game will provide the Drive Tickets to you.
  5. Note that this can be done in all three modes in SF6: World Tour Mode, Battle Hub, and Fighting Grounds.

Fighting Pass

another way to earn drive tickets
Grind through the fighter pass to get Tickets | Captured By: VeryAliGaming
  1. Just like a Battle Pass in several games, SF6 offers players the to buy and finish the Fighting Pass that has both free and premium rewards.
  2. Both sides help players earn Drive Tickets.
  3. Buying the premium pass will get you more Tickets if you grind more. It is worth mentioning that if you already have the premium edition, you still would not have the premium part of this Battle Pass.
  4. There is a premium edition of SF6 available on Steam for PC players and on the store for Console players.
  5. They can buy this version of the game if they spend roughly $15 more.
  6. The premium version provides you with additional Drive Tickets from the start to give you a push.
  7. You can use the already given Drive Tickets to buy costumes initially, then grind more by following the above instructions to increase your Ticket count.

Where To Use Drive Tickets

Every game has a currency method for buying stuff like costumes and stickers. In Street Fighter 6, that comes in the form of a Drive Ticket. They are exclusively for buying costumes and other gameplay upgrades. 

Note that you can’t boost your stats by using Drive Tickets or have any other advantage during a fight. Here is a list of all the things you can buy using Tickets.

Costumes & Clothing

SF6 provides more than one clothing item for all the characters. You can buy these items using the in-game currency from the Goods Shop in Battle Hub. There will be a collection of Exclusive clothing items that will be available for purchase. Moreover, they come in different colors as well.

Customizing Character

character customization through drive tickets
You are given freedom to customize your character as you want | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

 Customization and Costumes are two separate things. In World Tour mode, you are allowed to make your custom character. With Drive Tickets, you can buy several accessories for that character from the Multi Menu.

Emotes & Stickers

SF6 also has an emote system where players perform different actions to mock their opponents during a fight or any time in World Tour mode. Furthermore, you are also given the option to buy stickers that can be sprayed on an object to create an image.

Spending Drive Tickets is a way for players to show that they have spent a lot of time playing through the campaign so they can show off. Furthermore, to use them, go to the Goods Shop from the Multi Menu where you will observe multiple items according to your liking.

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