Street Fighter 6: How To Get Fighter Coins [Fastest Method]

In this guide, we talk about Fighter Coins and how to get them for your premium accessories

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Street Fighter 6: How To Get Fighter Coins

Street Fighter 6 has multiple in-game currencies for different purposes, like clothing and accessories that can make you look good on the battlefield. Fighter Coins is one of these currencies which can have many uses in the item shop. Let’s find out what they are!

Key Takeaways

  • Fighter Coins is the premium currency in SF6.
  • You can only get FC by purchasing from real-world money.
  • There are multiple bundles available according to your needs.
  • You can use these coins to unlock DLC characters that can be added to your roster.
  • These characters can introduce you to new moves that you won’t have seen before.
  • Players can also buy alternative outfits and unlock exclusive events that offer rewards.

About The Author

I have played Street Fighter 6 for more than 90+ hours, so you can easily trust his information and the hands-on experience he shares with you!

How To Get Fighter Coins

FC bundles
Take a look at the Fighter Coin Bundles
  1. As this is the premium currency of the Street Fighter 6, it requires you to get out of your wallets and spend real money.
  2. There are multiple options available for you in bundles, so you can look at your requirement and buy a reasonable bundle.
  3. There might be some sources indicating multiple sources for FC, but there is only one, through real money.

Here is a complete list of all the available bundles.

Bundles Price
250 Fighter Coins $4.99
610 Fighter Coins $11.99
1250 Fighter Coins $23.99
2750 Fighter Coins $49.99

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What Are Fighter Coins For

Characters in SF6 can have multiple outfits that can look good on them. Some of them are free, or you are earning them by progressing through the campaign. However, the better ones can be bought by Fighter Coins (FC), which is the only premium currency available in the game currently.

SF6 does not allow any Strat Boosting using Fighter Coins, so the battles stay balanced. Due to the introduction of World Tour Mode to the game, cosmetic uses have increased where FC come into the picture. I have short-listed the uses of FC for you.


Gear and Accessories are available in the Hub Goods Shop where you can spend your FC. These items may include clothing, emojis, or stickers. The clothing you buy will also have alternative options that can be bought by spending more FC. 

spending fighter coins to buy items from shop
Buying cosmetic items from Hub Goods Shop | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

Note that these will have no effect on your gameplay. All the items you purchase can be used on the custom avatars you made during your early phases of SF6. 

DLC Characters

Developers of Street Fighter 6 have confirmed that there will be DLC Characters dropping as early as summers of 2023. Players can add them to their rosters by spending Fighter Coins. They will be available for every fight and can bring a new perspective to your gameplay.

Expected DLC Characters are A.K.I., Rashid, Ed, and Akuma. They will start coming to SF6 in summer of 2023 and can go as long as the Spring of 2024. Feel free to gather FC so you can get them as soon as they release.

DLC character reveal that can be bought for Fighter Coins
Akuma reveal | Image Credits: rooflemonger (yt)

Yearly Passes

Players can also use Fighter Coins to purchase Yearly Passes that can unlock new fighting grounds or outfits for your characters. Moreover, they can also get you into new events that are only exclusive to the users with the Yearly Pass. Currently, I noticed couple of these passes are available in the game: Year 1 Ultimate Pass, and Year 1 Character Pass.

That is all you need to know about Fighter Coins in Street Fighter 6. Note that this currency can be very useful when it comes to extending your cosmetic collection or unlocking new events. Make sure you have many stacked in your wallet before you plan on going all in. 

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