Street Fighter 6: How To Unlock Colors For Costumes

Want your character to be stylish while taking opponents down? Here is my guide on how to unlock colors in Street Fighter 6 for your outfit

Unlock Colors Street Fighter 6
A guide on how to unlock colors in Street Fighter 6.

Knocking opponents down isn’t fun in your basic costume; why not give it a new look? Whether you’re playing in World Tour Mode or having 1v1 fights in Fighting Ground/Battle Hub, the option to try out new colors on your outfit is abundant. Therefore, continue reading to learn how to unlock colors in Street Fighter 6.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can change their outfits and cosmetics’ colors in Street Fighter 6 and remodel them to their liking.
  • You can change your costume color in World Tour Mode by collecting Dye. These Dyes are available to collect by destroying barrels and containers around the city. You can also get it as loot by winning fights against citizens and mobs.
  • Players can unlock new costume colors in the other two modes by purchasing them from an in-game shop. You must have Drive Tickets or Fighter Coins in order to make the purchase.
  • To apply the color, visit clothing stores in World Tour mode and select the “Change Color” option. Whereas to change costume color in the other two modes, you can simply swap between available colors during Character Selection before the fight.

How To Unlock Colors For Costumes

Unlock Colors Street Fighter 6
Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Since Street Fighter 6 carries many details when it comes to character customization, it wouldn’t be shocking to find out you can try new shades on your outfits and accessories. And no, the game mode does not limit you to this feature. However, there are different methods of unlocking colors for your character, depending on which mode you’re playing in; World Mode or Fighting Ground and Battle Hub.

Unlock Colors In World Tour Mode

If you’re playing in World Tour Mode and want to give a new look to your old outfits, you must start by looking for Dye. A dye is an item that will help players change an outfit or cosmetic’s color. Here are a few ways of collecting Dye in the World Tour Mode of Street Fighter 6:

  • Destroy Crates/Barrels/Containers: Interact with any barrel, crate, or container you find in the open world and destroy it by making an attack move. If you’re lucky, you’ll gather a handful of dyes from them early on. You can find other resources in these crates and barrels too, so whether you obtain Dye or not, you’ll still gather useful materials.
Obtained by destroying a crate – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Defeat NPCs And Mobs In Fights: One of the first challenges in World Tour Mode is defeating two NPCs. You would realize pretty early that these fights with NPCs result in rewards only if you win. Mobs, unlike NPC citizens, are annoying and will attack you at first sight. If you defeat them, you obtain rewards. Take part in these battles, whether against citizens or against mobs, as much as you can if you’re on a hunt for Dyes. You’ll collect several dyes, mostly red, white, blue, and black, this way.
Obtained by defeating mobs – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Complete Challenges: Completing main and side quests also has its own benefits. You can obtain a Dye as a reward sometimes.
Complete Challenges – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Once you obtain a Dye, you can access it by opening your device, going to Items, and then selecting “Other.” All your dyes are collected here.

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Unlock Colors In Fighting Ground/Battle Hub Mode

If you need to give your fighter a new outfit color before they partake in their next fight, then worry not. In Fighting Ground or Battle Hub Mode, you don’t need to break barrels or defeat NPCs in order to unlock colors in Street Fighter 6. That’s because the outfits are not dyed in these modes. Instead, you directly purchase them from Goods Shop.

Here is how:

  1. While on your main screen, open the Multi Menu option.
  2. Here, select Shop to access the in-game store.
  3. Now choose the Color option.

Here, you’ll find 3-9 costume colors for each character, 1 and 2 being unlocked by default. You can purchase these colors for your outfit in exchange for either Drive Tickets or Fighter Coins.

You can check out our guide regarding Drive Tickets in Street Fighter 6 if you don’t know how to obtain them. On the other hand, Fighter Coins are a premium currency, meaning you need to pay for them with actual money. They’re purchasable in the in-game store in different quantities.

So, if you want to avoid grinding for Drive Tickets and instantly obtain the variant colors for your outfit, your best bet would be spending some extra cash.

How To Apply Colors To Costumes

Applying color is a quick and effortless process in both World Tour Mode and Fighting Ground/Battle Hub mode. Continue reading to find out how.

World Tour Mode

Colors can be applied in clothing stores – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

In World Tour Mode, you can apply different colors to your apparel by following these steps:

  1. Visit any clothing store, such as Drippin’ Style, N-E Wear, Lehenna’s Apparel, and so on.
  2. Select the option “Change Color.”
  3. Now, choose the Gear you’d like to change the color of.
  4. Select the available color option from the right. The options depend on the Dyes you own, so collect as many as you can for multiple options.

You can also try a mixed-dye color for your outfit if you have two different dyes. For example, White + Black Dye will result in a new color variant.

Fighting Ground/ Battle Hub Mode

Choosing an outfit color for your character is extremely easy in Fighting Ground and Battle Hub mode. You can change the costume color during the “Character Selection” right before the battle. Simply swap between the Colors option after picking up your fighting buddy. The more colors you purchase from the shop, the more options you get while character selection.

Should You Change Colors for Costumes?

Yes, because getting costumes and dyeing them with different colors is a whole other level of entertainment. If you like upping the game of fashion and fighting in style, then make sure to unlock colors in Street Fighter 6. Dye and in-game shop are the two ways for it, depending on your game mode. I hope my guide helps you find these colors and apply them to your character easily. Have fun Fighting!

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