Street Fighter 6: How To Unlock All Costumes [Quick Methods]

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Street Fighter 6: How to unlock costumes
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I have played Street Fighter 6 for more than 90+ hours, and know the game inside out. That is why I am putting some of my best methods to unlock costumes so you can enjoy your playthrough. 

Each character in Street Fighter 6 comes with one default costume which is used in the arcade fights and the single-player mode – the World Tour. However, there are alternate costumes that players can unlock using a couple of methods.

In this guide, I will explain all the methods that can unlock the costumes that give a new look to your favorite SF6 characters. Although the procedure can be time-consuming, it is worth putting in the effort. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • There are 18 Alternative costumes in Street Fighter 6, also known as Outfit 2.
  • They can be bought through Fighter Coins (FC) or by playing the World Tour Mode.
  • Each outfit goes for 50 FC. Buying all of them requires 900 FC.
  • Players are expected to spend about $18 to buy all the costumes.
  • Alternatively, playing World Tour Mode and reaching max Bond Level with your masters will unlock their costumes for free.
  • Bond Level can be increased by giving them gifts, interacting with them, and completing side quests for them.
  • This can be a long method, but players can explore the game through the world tour, which is fun.
  • Try to aim for easy masters like Luke and Chun-Li rather than being a student of Ken or Lily in the start.

Spending Fighter Coins

fighter coins are used to unlock 18 alternative costumes
Spending Fighter Coins is one way of unlocking Costumes | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Unlocking costumes in Street Fighter 6 can be made easier by spending real money. Here’s how it works:

  1. In-Game Currency: Street Fighter 6 uses Fighter Coins (FC) as in-game currency.

  2. Cost of Outfits: There are 18 alternative costumes available for purchase, and each outfit costs 50 Fighter Coins.

  3. FC Bundles: Fighter Coins are available in bundles, ranging from 250 to 2750 FC.

  4. Cost Calculation: To buy all 18 costumes, you would need a total of 900 FC (18 costumes x 50 FC each).

  5. Real Money Spending: To acquire Fighter Coins, players can purchase the FC bundles using real money.

  6. Cost Estimation: If you aim to unlock all costumes, it would cost approximately $18, assuming you purchase the most efficient bundle with 2750 FC, as it offers a better coins-to-money ratio.

Playing World Tour Mode

initiating the world tour mode
Players can choose to play World Tour Mode from the main menu | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This is where the hard work comes into the equation. The length of World Tour game-play can vary from 10 to 30 hours depending on how you play it. Participating in more side quests will increase the play time without a doubt.

To unlock costumes, players need to choose their Masters and then take their Bond Level to the max which is 100. This can be achieved by completing missions for your master or giving them gifts. 

  1. Select Masters: Choose your Masters from the available options. There are 18 Masters in SF6.

  2. Maximize Bond Level: Your goal is to reach a Bond Level of 100 with each Master. This can be achieved through various methods:

    • Gifts: Offer gifts to your Master. Each Master has specific gift preferences, and giving them the right gift, like Luxury Heat Packs, can increase the Bond Level by 2.

    • Mastery Quests: Complete quests that are specific to each Master. These quests can significantly boost your Bond Level, providing a 10-point increase.

    • Interaction: Engage in conversations with your Master during your training. Choose the appropriate dialogue options to increase the Bond Level.

  3. Zenny Farming: You’ll need Zenny to purchase gifts for your Masters. Play mini-games such as Parrying Basketballs to quickly earn 10,000 to 12,000 Zenny.

exploring the open world of sf6
Completing objectives under Master Luke in World Tour Mode | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

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All Master Locations

Most of the masters are locked initially. Hence, you must interact with them to get their attention and be their student. Some of the masters may also want you to complete a quest successfully before they accept you. These masters are as follow.

Master Location
Luke Metro City, USA
Jamie Metro City. USA (at night)
Blanka Brazil
Marissa Italy
Lily Mexico
Ryu Japan
Cammy England
Chun-Li China
Guile USA
Nash USA
Laura Brazil
Rashid Middle East
Zangief Russia
Dhalsim India
All Master Locations

Every mentioned character has their requirement of being your master. However, the easiest one is Luke, who is also your default Master from the start of the campaign. Please visit the Training Center to find Luke and talk to him.

If not Luke, Chun-Li is the next easiest option. Having her as your master can help complete several objectives that are necessary for bond level increase, which eventually leads to unlocking costumes.

Masters like Lily and Ken should be kept for the end as they are the trickiest ones. They ask players to participate in multiple side quests that are time-consuming. Failing any mission is not an option. Therefore, you must put in all the effort.

I suggest that you always go for the Fighter Coins approach if you are speed-running through the game. However, playing the world tour mode is more fun as you explore the open world and enjoy it.

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