Street Fighter 6: How To Wall Jump & Unlock [Quick Guide]

Here's a full guide on how to wall jump in Street Fighter 6 so you can win more battles.

Street Fighter 6 How To Wall Jump

Having your back against a wall and being cornered in a fight is one of the worst things you can do since it leaves you open to being stuck in an endless combo by your opponent. The way to circumvent all that possible danger is by using Wall Jumps. Wall Jumping is a mechanic that can be used to bounce yourself off a corner you’re stuck in.

After bouncing off the wall, you usually appear on the opposite end of your enemy and then put them in the same disadvantageous position you were in. It’s a very good way of flipping the tables on your opponent and winning the fight.

Key Takeaways

  • Wall Jumping is a mechanic to bounce off a wall and land behind your opponent.
  • Wall Jumping is only possible when you are at the end of a stage’s arena, having reached the imaginary or real wall that is there.
  • You can execute a Wall Jump by being near a wall in mid-air and consecutively performing a jump and moving to the right or left depending on which side of the stage you’re at (Up+Forward or Up+Backward).
  • You can also transition a Wall Jump into mid-air combos to punish your opponent.
  • Wall Jumping can only be used by Chun-Li in the Fighting Ground Mode.
  • In the World Tour Mode, if your custom character has met Chun-Li and learned her fighting style, then they can also Wall Jump.

Unlock Wall Jumping

Street Fighter 6 How To Wall Jump
Only Chun-Li can Wall Jump from the entire Character Roster (Captured By VeryAli Gaming)

Before we get into how to wall jump, we need to make one point clear. Only certain characters can Wall Jump in the Street Fighter series.

This is because Wall Jumping is a unique attack limited to a few characters, in Street Fighter 6 specifically, only Chun-Li can use the Wall Jump. But, there is a way for another character to wall jump outside the Fighting Ground mode.

  1. If you happen to play Street Fighter 6’s World Tour Mode, you would’ve created a custom character.
  2. This custom character will meet a lot of classic Street Fighter characters throughout the World Tour Story, and in our interest, the custom character will meet Chun-Li as well.
  3. If you become Chun-Li’s student, you’ll be able to access her fighting style and, hence, be able to use the wall jump mechanic.

How To Wall Jump

Wall Jumping becomes very easy and useful once you get the hang of it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wall jump in Street Fighter 6.

  1. Move towards either edge of the fighting arena, in this case, we moved to the left.
  2. Once near this real or imaginary wall on the stage, jump into the air with your character next to or approaching the wall.
  3. At this point, you should be in mid-air and right next to the wall.
  4. Now, you need to consecutively jump and move towards the right using your analog stick or movement keys (Up+Forward).
  5. An animation should play with some dust kicking off the wall confirming you have completed a wall jump.

It can be somewhat tricky to get a hang of, especially if you’re using a controller. However, with a little bit of practice, you’ll be executing wall jumps and punishing your opponent in no time.

Closing Thoughts

Unfortunately, Wall Jumping is limited only to Chun-Li and your custom-made character. However, it might be for the best to balance out characters. Furthermore, it might be possible to see a DLC character in Street Fighter 6 with the ability to wall jump, but that’s just speculation.

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