Street Fighter 6: Perfect Parry [Explained]

In this guide, we will show how players can perform Perfect Parry with accurate timing.

SF6 PP Cover
Street Fighter 6: Perfect Parry

Parries in Street Fighter 6 are very important as they can give players an advantage over tough enemies. A special kind of Parry attack is the Perfect Parry. Executing it with appropriate timing can win you the matches you never thought you could.

In this guide, we mention all there is to know about Perfect Parry and how to perform it with minimal error. Timing should be your best ally when practicing the best defensive move. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Perfect Parry is one of the parry moves that takes the Drive parry to another level.
  • Performing it requires players to Press the Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons at the same time.
  • These appear in Yellow in the control settings.
  • The mentioned combo should be used in the small window before the opponent makes a move on you.
  • Timing should be accurate for execution. Players can improve it by practicing more.
  • When the Perfect Parry strikes, players will experience their screen frame time increasing and the camera zooming in.
  • There will also be a distinct audio that syncs with a hit their character lands.
  • Some situations, like stuck in a corner or blocking projectile attacks, is better for utilizing Perfect Parry.

What Is Perfect Parry

A parry is nothing but an action move that blocks most of the enemy attacks. However, the timing should be accurate if you want it to succeed. Parrying can bring an advantage to your side as it is used at the most unexpected time.

A Perfect Parry is a more precise and advanced kind of Drive Parry. Use it exactly before your opponent is ready to strike you. If timed right, it can cause havoc and win you the round.

There is a common difference between Parry and Block that always goes unnoticed. A block is only a defensive maneuver against strong enemy attacks, but a parry is when you defend against any upcoming attacks and turn them to your enemies so heavy damage is caused.

The drive system introduced in SF6 includes a six-level drive gauge bar under the character’s health bar that boosts the drive moves such as parry attacks so high damage is caused when executed properly.

keep track of your drive meter when planning to perfect parry
The 6 bars on the meter allow players to hit the drive attacks | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

How To Execute Perfect Parry

Executing the Perfect Parry demands players to press the Medium Punch and Medium Kick buttons at the same time. Use the combination just before the enemy makes a move to cause high damage to them.

MP+MK for perfect parry
Control Combination to perform Perfect Parry | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There is a common misunderstanding about players not knowing when they have hit the Perfect Parry. Therefore. Several indicators can help you identify the move:

  • Special Effect: The screen will fill with a special effect that is character dependent, and the frame time increases.
  • Zoom In: Along with the special effects, players will notice that their screen will zoom in, focusing on the character.
  • Audio Change: You will hear a sound coming from a distance that will explain the execution of the Perfect Parry.
these animations show that you have landed the perfect parry move
Perfect Parry animation with Ryu | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After the move lands perfectly, get your counterattack ready, as it has damage scaling up to 50%. The complete process indeed requires proper practice. Hence, players can utilize the practice mode available in SF6 for hour-long training sessions.

It is worth mentioning that Perfect Parry is not character dependent. Every hero in Street Fighter 6 draft is eligible to execute. However, if you are unable to perform it, it is most likely due to your timing which requires improvement.

We suggest that players pick one character and master the Perfect Parry on them so it is easier to learn the game mechanics. Note that the move can defend against all attacks but throwing and grabbing.

Ideal Scenarios To Perform Perfect Parry

entering the battle ground
A Cinematic cut scene before a fight starts | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

After some time in the battleground, we have short-listed some situations where you might find Perfect Parries more useful:

  • Against aerial attacks: When it comes to blocking projectiles, Perfect Parry is a better option to neutralize it and recharge the Drive meter as well.
  • Unsafe Blockstrings: These are attacks that occur in series. Perfect Parry allows you to block the first attack in the chain, which saves you trouble.
  • Counter for Drive Impact: The opponent’s HP+HK combo is crucial for your health bar. Perfect Parrying is the ideal counter for it as it gives you more ground coverage and health advantage.
  • Leaving Corners: When players are low on their Drive Gauge and stuck in a corner with low health, Perfect Parrying can recharge the drive meter and give a damage boost which will punish your enemies.

Final Remarks

That is all you need to know about Perfect Parrying in Street Fighter 6. Remember to press MP+MK in the little window before the opponent strikes you. Landing the attack slows down the screen animations and players will hear a change in audio. Moreover, Console players learn the move quicker than the PC users as the game is more controller oriented.

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