Street Fighter 6: Pressure Time [Easy To Follow Guide]

Discover the new mechanic in Street Fighter 6 and learn the basic use of it.

Pressure Time In SF6
The Pressure Time Mechanic [Explained]

Introduced as a new complex mechanic in Street Fighter 6, Pressure Time allows you to effectively counter and nullify your opponent’s attack in no time. To enhance your gameplay, it’s important to understand the specific method of incorporating it. For your convenience and comprehension, here is a comprehensive guide on when and how to use it.

Key Takeaways

  • Pressure Time is a new combat mechanic in Street Fighter 6 that allows you to counter an opponent’s attack.
  • This feature is only available in the World Tour Mode.
  • If you successfully strike or block an attack or use a special move, then the Pressure Time gets activated.
  • Pressure Time is a dominant tool that can be used as a game-changer and has enough potential to drift the match in one’s favor.
  • The duration of your pressure time can be determined by the factors that prompted it.
  • While using it, you must be careful as it can also be deployed against you.
  • Use it in your gameplay to stun your opponents and eventually win the fight!

What Is Pressure Time

Fans of Street Fighter 6 have not been disappointed with the game’s updates this year. The Pressure Time is one of them. A combat mechanic is a potent tool that can sway the match in favor of the player who knows how to use it.

Pressure Time mechanic Of SF6
understanding the Pressure Time mechanic(Captured by Us)

Both you and your opponent must have a basic understanding of its usage. The person with more experience managing Pressure Time will likely emerge victorious in the match. It can be difficult for new players to comprehend this mechanic’s concept fully, but as you advance through the game, you will become familiar with it.

How And When To Use The Pressure Time

As a newly introduced mechanic system, players, including you, must be unaware of its proper usage or when it gets activated automatically. We have compiled all the necessary information in this article to provide you with a clear understanding of the topic. Here are some guidelines on utilizing the Pressure Time and when appropriate.

Pressure Time in Street Fighter 6
Activation of The Pressure Time mechanic (Captured by Us)

So basically, when your character initiates or blocks an opponent’s incoming attack, the Pressure Time gets activated. Moreover, striking a special move or evading one from the opponent also triggers the Pressure Time. A white outline appears around your opponent’s body for a short time. During this brief period, you can attack and stun your opponent.

For some moves, the white outline line appears before the attack, and for others, it appears after the attack. This means that you should be well aware of the timings of the white outline in order to use the Pressure Time mechanic.

Factors That Can Trigger The Pressure Time

As we know, the basic use of this new mechanism is important for us to understand the factors that can affect the use of Pressure time in our gameplay.

Pressure Time In SF6
Using a Special Move triggers the Pressure Time (Captured by Us)

The following factors can trigger the Pressure Time

  • Connecting a strike against your opponent
  • Blocking an attack
  • Escaping your opponent’s attack
  • Using your Special move

The duration of Pressure Time varies based on the factors that caused it to begin in the first place.

Additional Tips 

To dominate any competition like a true professional, strategies to make the most of Pressure Time.

  • Use a Variety of Attacks

It’s always a wise decision to use a variety of tactics. Unpredictably utilize them to keep your opponents guessing.

Pressure Time In SF6
Striking an attack to activate Pressure Time (Captured by Us)
  • Be aware of your opponent’s options.

It is important to be conscious of the options available to your opponents; if they know the use of Pressure Time, they will try to make your bait.

  • Practice patience

To ensure a successful attack, it is essential to have patience. It is imperative to wait for the Pressure Time window and strike precisely rather than randomly pressing the buttons.


In conclusion, we can say that this combat mechanic in all-new Street Fighter 6 is a great feature for gamers. With more and more practice, you can learn how to use Pressure Time to your advantage and can, master your timings and level up your gameplay.

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