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Studio ‘Next Level Games’ Hiring Ahead of New Projects

If you were keeping an eye on Nintendo last month, you’ll know that they recently acquired Next Level Games Studios. This developer is the team behind the largely successful Luigi’s Mansion 3 as well as the wonderful soccer-based title, Super Mario Strikers. Nintendo has clearly seen enough promise to invest in this plucky studio and now it seems like the studio is about to get the ball rolling for a series of new projects.

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Through the medium of Twitter, the studio has launched a recruitment campaign. In this post, they state that they are on the hunt for ‘skilled individuals to help them with future projects.’ The areas that the studio need assistance in will be through such roles as a producer, UI artist, an art production manager, a lead test engineer and many more.

What’s Next For Next Level Games

Next Level Games have worked with some huge Nintendo IP’s in their time. With their work spanning across two decades of gaming. However, they don’t have a huge catalogue of titles in their library. They have been a utility company of sorts for Nintendo, being wheeled out to produce something as a third party when needed. However, now that they have earned Nintendo’s trust and their cash injection. We can only assume that this company will be given much more freedom.

We can only speculate as to what IPs Nintendo will grant the developer. Plus, we have no idea what these ‘new projects’ are but we have some educated guesses. Firstly, it’s very likely that the developer will be given the Luigi’s Mansion IP once again to play around with. We aren’t sure that the world needs another title like the last three so perhaps they will be given a blank canvas to reinvigorate the brand.

Secondly, we believe that the developer may be given a character from the Mario roster and be told to make something new and interesting. After seeing what they could do with Mario Strikers, a game that had no right to work but just did, we have faith that they could pull this off. Perhaps one of the less likely characters like Waluigi or Bowser Jr may finally get their own game on the Nintendo Switch.

No More Spin-offs?

Then thirdly, we could see this developer create a completely fresh IP separate from the usual suspects. Studios need to let their personality shine through when working under the Nintendo umbrella. Just look at Rare in the nineties era for example. With a library of past titles that include Mario, Metroid, Transformers and Punch-out (not the original) we can say with some certainty that this developer has the potential to do something great.

So that’s our news and speculation regarding the future of Next Level Games. What do you think of the news? Do you think this studio was bought by Nintendo to churn out Mario spin-offs. Or do you think Nintendo have big plans for these guys? Let us know in the comments section below. Plus if you liked this, be sure to check out our news involving the former head of Team Ninja. Or alternatively, check out Take Two’s patent which hints at new GTA upgrades.

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