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Subnautica: Below Zero Coming to Consoles and PC in May

After almost two and a half years in Early Access, the full version of Subnautica: Below Zero will release on May 14th this year. It will be available on Nintendo Switch, Sony PS4/PS5, and Xbox One/Series, as well as PC.

Subnautica: Below Zero is the long-awaited expansion to 2018’s Subnautica by developer Unknown Worlds. Its predecessor gained critical and popular acclaim for its innovative survival gameplay.

Set one year after the events of the first game, Subnautice: Below Zero returns you to the ocean planet 4546B. This time, you play a scientist aboard a research station in the planet’s arctic regions. When disaster inevitably strikes, your quest for answers will depends on your ability to survive the planet’s frozen biomes.

The new title lets players visit a variety of environments, from snowy peaks, to ice caves, to the frigid arctic ocean. As they explore, they will encounter new creatures, some friendly, some not, and brave new hazards.

While the game currently remains in early access, according to Eurogamer, that may not be the case much longer. Unknown Worlds are reportedly also keen to launch the game simultaneously on all media and platforms, in favor of the original’s staggered release.

You can pre-order Subnautica: Below Zero using the following links (affiliate):

You can watch the announcement trailer below, but be aware that it contains many spoilers.

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