Subnautica Multipurpose Room
Subnautica Multipurpose Room

Subnautica Multipurpose Room: Complete Guide [2022]

You'll need everything you can get to survive the depths of the water in Subnautica. This guide is all about the Multipurpose room and how to get it.

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The world of Subnautica holds many secrets and dangerous threats for you to explore. Naturally, you’ll want to build a base so you can store your equipment and have a safehouse readily available. Not only is building a base at the perfect location important, but you also want to use the Multipurpose Room to build it. This is why today’s guide will focus on the Subnautica Multipurpose Room and where you can find its fragments.

Much like other buildings in Subnautica, you will have to scan the Multipurpose Room before you can start building it yourself. To make this process easier, you should have a few tools in your inventory beforehand. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the Subnautica Multipurpose Room guide.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room

Subnautica Multipurpose Room
Multipurpose Room in Subnautica

The Multipurpose Room makes your base sturdy and provides the player with ample space for movement or storing their items. Once built, it has eight corners and is a little larger than a normal room. On top of that, it is completely empty which allows you to decorate it as you please. Place your storage chests or miscellaneous items that cannot fit into other rooms.

Plus, you can even stack Multipurpose Rooms on top of each other and access them via a well-placed ladder. Putting them next to each other will automatically create a corridor that you can walk through to reach the next room.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room Fragments

Source: The Multipurpose Room buried in the Floating Island

You have to scan a total of three fragments in order to get the Multipurpose Room blueprint. Usually, the fragments can be found in various wrecks and locations all across the map. However, the fragments of the Multipurpose Room are spread across Deep Grand Reef, Jellyshroom Cave, and Floating Island – also known as the Degasi Seabases.

As mentioned earlier, the tools you need are a knife, a scanner, and fast transport. You only technically need the scanner but having the other things will make the process faster and convenient. Depending on your luck, the fragments are randomly situated in these three locations. Some players find all three in one place whereas others have to visit different areas to scan the fragments.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room
The Floating Island in Subnautica

The best way to get the whole room is to go to the Floating Island. It is nearest to the player at the spawn point when you start a new game and is easy to find. To access this area, turn around about 90 degrees to the right from your spawn point and head in that direction. Get in your life pod to get there faster. Travel about 1200-1300 meters and you’ll reach an island in the middle of nowhere.

Once you are on the island, make your way to the highest peak and from there you will be able to see a location that has the whole Multipurpose Room half-buried underground. Scanning it will give you the room without having the need to scan individual fragments. There are tons of other stuff that you can scan here which will make your early game a lot easier.


You can potentially get the Multipurpose Room at the start of the game but you’ll have to travel a long distance and know where to look. The Floating Island is your best bet but most players face a Leviathan in that location or go too far and enter the dead zone by accident. Make sure that you follow the directions exactly and lookout for a large island. You can also find one in Jellyshroom Cave and the Deep Grand Reef.

That about does for the Subnautica Multipurpose Room guide. I hope this assisted you in finding the room easily because it is an important part of your base. Also, check out our guide about how to get all the Stalker Teeth in Subnautica as well.


Will I encounter Leviathans near the Floating Island?

No, you shouldn’t face any Leviathans. However, most players overshoot and accidentally enter the dead zone where there are tons of Leviathans. As long as you follow the directions and stay near the island, you should be absolutely safe.

How far is the Floating Island from the crash point?

The Floating Island is about 1200-1300 meters away from your spawn point when you begin the game. If you turn about 90 degrees to your right and look closely, you’ll notice ominous-looking clouds covering something. Go straight in that direction and you’ll reach the island in no time.

Can you make a Ghost Leviathan follow you?

Yes, you can technically “tame” a Ghost Leviathan but it is a dangerous task and new players shouldn’t do this. Once a Leviathan is following you, swim to the surface and let it feast on the seamoth (or any other submarine). Afterward, it will follow you around without attacking you.

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