Subnautica Multipurpose Room: Location & Craft

You'll need everything you can get to survive the depths of the water in Subnautica. This guide is all about the Multipurpose room and how to get it.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room
Subnautica Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose rooms are quite important in building your bases. The ambiance isn’t a concern when you are building your first base. But it can help you a lot for your future bases. This room can serve as a hub for all of your base’s activities, including storage, crafting, and even sleeping.

All of the items that you collect around the ocean will be displayed using the multipurpose room.

It can also be used for other things such as:

  • Indoor Plantations
  • Engine Battery Chargers
  • Showcasing Posters
  • Place your storage chests or miscellaneous items that cannot fit into other rooms.

Additionally, the Multipurpose Room makes your base sturdy and provides the player with ample space for movement or storing their items. Once built, it has eight corners and is a little larger than a normal room. On top of that, it is completely empty which allows you to decorate it as you wish! 

This is why today’s guide will focus on finding and building a Multipurpose Room as fast as possible and where you can find its fragments! 

Key Takeaways

To obtain and build the Multipurpose Room in the game:

  1. Scan Fragments: You need to scan three Multipurpose Room fragments to obtain the blueprint.

  2. Required Tools: To find the Multipurpose Room, you’ll need a knife, scanner, and fast transport.

  3. Go to Floating Island: The fastest way to find the Multipurpose Room is by going to the “Floating Island,” which is closest to the spawn point in a new game.

  4. Island Exploration: Travel about 1200-1300 meters to reach the island. Make your way to the highest peak.

  5. Locate Half-Buried Room: On the island’s highest peak, you’ll find the Multipurpose Room half-buried underground. Scan it to acquire the blueprint without scanning individual fragments.

  6. Build Requirements: To build the Multipurpose Room, you’ll need 6 titanium.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room
Multipurpose Room in Subnautica

Finding A Multipurpose Room 

In Subnautica, scanning the Multipurpose Room for building requires a few essential tools and can be done in specific locations.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Scanner
  2. Knife
  3. A fast travel vehicle (like a life pod) for convenience.

You’ll need to scan a total of three fragments to obtain the Multipurpose Room blueprint. These fragments can be found in various locations across the map:

Source: The Multipurpose Room buried in the Floating Island

  1. Deep Grand Reef
  2. Jellyshroom Cave
  3. Floating Island (also known as the Degasi Seabases) – This is the best location to find the fragments.

While technically, you only need the scanner, having the knife and fast transport will make the process quicker and more convenient. The fragments may be randomly distributed in these three locations, so you may need to explore multiple areas to find them. Some players may discover all three fragments in one location, while others might need to visit different areas to scan them all.

Subnautica Multipurpose Room
The Floating Island in Subnautica

Multipurpose Room Location (Fastest) 

The best way to get the whole room is described below. 

Multipurpose room subnautica
The Multipurpose room on the floating island (closeup)
  • Start at the Floating Island, which is conveniently close to your spawn point in a new game.

  • To reach this area quickly, use your life pod.

  • Head in the direction roughly 90 degrees to the right of your spawn point.

  • Travel approximately 1200-1300 meters until you reach the island.

  • On the island, climb to the highest peak.

  • You’ll find the entire Multipurpose Room half-buried underground in this location.

  • Scan it to acquire the room blueprint, eliminating the need to scan individual fragments.

Crafting A Multipurpose Room

Finally, you now know the best location for finding the Multipurpose Room. But how are you going to craft/build it? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Let’s get on to telling you how to build a Multipurpose room in Subnautica!

Key information: It will require 6 titanium to build the Multipurpose Room! Here are some tips on how to build a multipurpose room in Subnautica below:

sample multipurpose room
Example of a multipurpose room 
  • Return to Base.
  • Choose an accessible and creature-free location.
  • Build a strong foundation with reinforced materials.
  • Organize resources with shelving or storage lockers.
  • Include a crafting area.
  • Add a bed for saving the game.
  • Install lighting for visibility.
  • Add hatches for access.
  • Personalize with decorations like photographs and plants.

By using these pointers, you can create a multipurpose room that is both practical and cozy and will operate as the center of your base’s activities in Subnautica. Remember that as you advance in the game, you might need to improve your multipurpose room to make a place for additional resources and gear. Happy construction!

Perks Of A Multipurpose Room For Base Building

A multipurpose room can add a lot to your base. Check out some more information on what you can do with a multipurpose room:

  • Ladders can be placed in five specific locations, including the center and four around the perimeter.

  • You can stack multiple Multipurpose Rooms to increase vertical space.

  • Water Filtration Machines can be placed on all eight side panels.

  • You can place various facilities like Alien Containment, Bioreactor, or Nuclear Reactor in the middle.

  • Multiple vertical Multipurpose Rooms can combine to create a large floor-spanning unit.

Ending Remarks

You can potentially get the Multipurpose Room at the start of the game but you’ll have to travel a long distance and know where to look. The Floating Island is your best bet but most players face a Leviathan in that location or go too far and enter the dead zone by accident. Make sure that you follow the directions exactly and look out for a large island. You can also find one in Jellyshroom Cave and the Deep Grand Reef.

That about does for the Multipurpose Room guide. I hope this assisted you in finding the room easily because it is an important part of your base. If you liked reading the article, please provide us with your feedback. Follow and share us with your friends! Also, check out our guide about how to get all the Stalker Teeth in Subnautica as well.

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Will I encounter Leviathans near the Floating Island?

No, it would be best if you didn’t face any Leviathans. However, most players overshoot and accidentally enter the dead zone where there are tons of Leviathans. As long as you follow the directions and stay near the island, you should be absolutely safe.

How far is the Floating Island from the crash point?

The Floating Island is about 1200-1300 meters away from your spawn point when you begin the game. If you turn about 90 degrees to your right and look closely, you’ll notice ominous-looking clouds covering something. Go straight in that direction and you’ll reach the island in no time.

Can you make a Ghost Leviathan follow you?

Yes, you can technically “tame” a Ghost Leviathan but it is a dangerous task and new players shouldn’t do this. Once a Leviathan is following you, swim to the surface and let it feast on the sea moth (or any other submarine). Afterward, it will follow you around without attacking you.

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