Interview: Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle Upcoming Update Will Reveal A Hard Mode

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Sugar Mess Let's Play Jolly Battle - via JollyCo

Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle is a VR arcade first-person shooter video game, featuring a vibrant colorful world with a variety of modes to try out with ultimate cute and sugary characters. Along with that, the game will also include mini-games and puzzles for a bit of change from the explosive shooting around the world. 

The game also promises challenging combat to shoot the chewy characters and explode them with a variety of weapons available. Not to mention, the boss fights of the Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle aims at an arcade-style experience to enjoy with friends. We reached out to Andrei Timciuc, the Product Owner of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle, to learn more about the upcoming release and development. 

Sugar Mess Let's Play Jolly Battle - via JollyCo
Sugar Mess Let’s Play Jolly Battle – via JollyCo
Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role on Sugar Mess

Andrei: My name is Andrei Timciuc, and I am the Product Owner of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle VR game. In this role, I am responsible for defining the vision of the game and ensuring that it aligns with our players’ needs and expectations.

I work closely with our development team to prioritize features and guide the project from concept through to release, always striving to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for our audience

The game looks extremely fun with highly interactive weapons for a VR game. What was the inspiration behind such a funky design while raising the bar of challenge?

Andrei: We drew inspiration from games of a similar genre and setting, aiming to create a weapon arsenal that matched the level of those games. We meticulously crafted each weapon to provide an immersive experience, maximizing player impact.

Our goal was to make the weapons feel as interactive and engaging as possible, ensuring they were not just tools, but integral parts of the gaming experience.

Sugar Mess Let's Play Jolly Battle - via JollyCo
Sugar Mess Let’s Play Jolly Battle – via JollyCo
What was your approach to balancing the overall game to make it challenging while still fair in terms of rewarding players?

Andrei: Balancing the game was a delicate task. We needed to cater to a broad audience, including players of various ages and different levels of VR experience. Our development team worked tirelessly to find the perfect balance – a game that was not too difficult for newcomers but still challenging for seasoned players.

This is reflected in our progression system, where the distribution of weapons, their upgrades, and their effectiveness against specific enemies are carefully calibrated to ensure a rewarding experience for all players.

The main special item in our game is the pop-up book, a unique and immersive tool that unfolds the story and plot for the player. This innovative feature adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, creating a sense of wonder and engagement. Despite our limited resources, we prioritized high-quality presentation to enhance the gaming experience, delivering a rich narrative in a visually compelling format.

Can you discuss the integration of rhythmic skills and musical performances in the game? How do they contribute to the overall experience?

Andrei: Rhythmic levels are designed to diversify the gameplay, offering a refreshing break from routine actions. These levels serve as a form of entertainment and reward, providing players with additional fun and incentives.

From a development standpoint, these rhythmic levels and puzzle challenges are efficient in creating and offering new experiences to players without extensive development time. They help maintain player interest, providing moments of relaxation and joy between the more intense shooting levels.

Sugar Mess Let's Play Jolly Battle - via JollyCo
Sugar Mess Let’s Play Jolly Battle – via JollyCo
How did you ensure the game remained accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages?

Andrei: One of our primary goals was to create a game that offered maximum impact with minimal skill requirements, making it accessible to players of various ages. We focused on a few key areas:

  • A neutral, inviting setting
  • Intuitive interactions that allow players to easily engage with game objects without extensive training, letting them enjoy the gameplay immediately
  • An arcade-style gameplay that is straightforward yet captivating

By implementing these solutions, we ensured that our game could be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or gaming experience.

Replayability seems to be the center of attention among players. Are there plans to introduce a harder game mode to enhance this aspect?

Andrei: Indeed, replayability is a critical focus for us. The main campaign includes a rating system that encourages players to replay levels to achieve higher scores. We are excited to announce that an upcoming update will introduce a hard mode.

This new mode will offer an additional challenge, featuring remixed levels with increased difficulty and new gameplay mechanics, appealing to both experienced players and beginners looking for a fresh challenge.

Sugar Mess Let's Play Jolly Battle - via JollyCo
Sugar Mess Let’s Play Jolly Battle – via JollyCo
What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the development of Sugar Mess - Let's Play Jolly Battle?

Andrei: Developing “Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle” presented several challenges. We had to navigate:

  • The technical limitations of the platforms the game is designed for
  • The cartoonish, fairy-tale setting that required a non-aggressive approach
  • Tight development timelines
  • A diverse target audience spanning multiple age groups 

We conducted numerous playtests to fine-tune the game, ensuring it met our high standards of quality and player satisfaction.

Anything else you would like to share with the community?

Andrei: Our game is currently available on platforms such as Meta, Pico, and PSVR2, and currently will be released on Steam. For those interested, the demo is available on these platforms, allowing players to experience a part of the game. Looking ahead, we plan to release a hard mode soon. We encourage everyone to join our Discord server, where they can leave feedback, ask questions to the developers, or simply chat with fellow gamers. 

Stay tuned for exciting updates and thank you for being part of our journey!

Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle is an arcade first-person Arena Shooter developed and published by JollyCo. Originally available on Meta, Pico, and PSVR2, it is planned to be released on Steam VR soon. Until then, you can follow developers on Discord to receive first-hand announcements. 

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