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Super Meat Boy Forever Launches on Switch and PC Next Week

Super Meat Boy Forever is launching on Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store (Use creator code/tag VeryAli at checkout on the Epic Games Store to support VA Gaming for free) at the end of next week December 23rd. The game’s early launch is a timed exclusive as Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam version will release early next year. However, Team Meat has emphasized that the game will launch “very early 2021” in the Tweet announcing the launch of the game. As a result, fans of the series will probably not have to wait long for an Xbox and PlayStation release.

Fans of the original Super Meat Boy (Get it on PC for only $6 !! here or go here for the physical/other versions) have been waiting a long time for a sequel. As the original released 10 years ago October 20th, 2010. It has been stated by Team Meat that Super Meat Boy Forever will include 7200 levels to complete. The difficult platformer will put the player in the shoes of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl as they battle their way through Dr. Fetus’s traps to rescue their daughter Nugget.

Super Meat Boy Forever Themed PowerA Controller

In addition to the launch of the game on Nintendo Switch and Epic Games store. Team Meat announced on Twitter that a customized Super Meat Boy Forever PowerA controller ($49.99) can be pre-ordered and used for Nintendo Switch. The controller is decorated with the-one-and-only Meat Boy along with those blasted saw blades. The controller also includes the title of the game located top center of the controller.

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