Super Smash Bros Moves Need Changing

Moves For Super Smash Bros Characters Moves Need To Change

Moves For Super Smash Bros Characters Moves Need To Change

If only the battles were really like this – Photo Via

I was but a boy when I played my 1st Super Smash Bros game. I often fantasized about how different it would be, leading up to its release date. This included: the levels, the game mechanics and how the characters fought. Ah, the nativity of childhood. The 1st two I didn’t have an issue with. But imagine my disappointment when I found out that recurring characters had the same move-sets that were tweaked slightly.

That aside, obviously, a lot of work has gone into the Super Smash Bros franchise. This is in order to maintain the quality that is expected of it by fans. However, to take the series to the next level, I believe they should radically alter these characters’ move-sets – especially the regulars, who have been in service for two or more games. Below I’ve chosen five characters to demonstrate what changes I would make to their four special moves and final smash. All while following the source material, of course. And if you want to know what each special move looks like you’ll need to Google them because showing a picture or link for each would result in this article looking like a mess. With that said, onto my picks:


Asking the samurai for a shave wasn’t such a great idea – Photo Via YouTube channel ProsafiaGaming.

Mario is the only character on this list with a special move change (at this time of writing). This occurred in Super Smash Bros Brawl when his Mario Tornado was changed to the down aerial attack. Instead, it was replaced by F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine, which pushes the enemy away but does no damage. As the moustached plumber has been in over 250 games, there is plenty of other titles we can take inspiration from. But as I am a die-hard Super Mario Galaxy fan, I will be mostly sticking to that game.

Special Move Changes:


Pikachu getting ready to tackle someone – Photo Via Bulbapedia.

Pokémon is 2nd to Mario in Nintendo’s best-selling franchises. However, it is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time – far ahead of any other Nintendo game. The games aside, Ash’s Pikachu in the anime has gone through a number of different move changes over the years. To reflect this, I’ve included some of his current moves as of 2021. Since there wasn’t enough, I’ve also thrown in some classics.

Special Move Changes:


Use the force Luke – Photo Via

The Legend Of Zelda series is Nintendo‘s 3rd most prolific IP. Link hasn’t starred in quite as many games as the dungaree sporting mascot or cute deadly creatures. With that said, his contribution is nothing to be sniffed at. Again my bias is showing a bit, with Twilight Princess being the focus game. However, it is far from his only achievement.

Special Move Changes:


They see me bowlin’… They hatin’… – Photo Via

The Metroid series has fallen to the wayside since the divisive Metroid: Other M in 2010. However, between 2002-2007 the series released games more frequently than a yearly basis.

Special Move Changes:

Sonic (All moves have cooldown)

Sonic is practicing his Scottish football. The ref isn’t pleased – Photo Via Eurogamer.

During the 90s, Sonic was an iconic rival to Mario. Since around the 2000s, the quality of his frequent titles has been mixed, unlike Mr Consistent Mario. However, when Sega occasional make a good Sonic game, he is back as the people’s contender. What doesn’t help matters is in Super Smash Bros, Sonic’s moves are mostly very similar. To combat this, I’ve enlisted the help of Sonic’s friends. They each will use an ability from Sonic Adventure.

Special Move Changes:

Obviously, Nintendo would need be to make sure these characters are still balanced fighters. I’m sure they would manage just fine.


Should Nintendo change their character’s moves? If so, what characters would you like to see moves changed for? What else can be done to make the next Super Smash Bros game stand out? Let us know in the comments.

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