Supermarket Shriek Review

Supermarket Shriek is incredibly fun, and in so many ways, an unexpectedly challenging but joyful ride.

The game is all about a man and a goat, stuck inside a shopping cart, trying to survive the hectic, chaotic, and literally bumpy ride. In this title, you’ll face several obstacle courses, with a wide range of unique challenges, and in various locations.

Supermarket Shriek is absolute chaos, in a fun way

The platformer game is one that stands out from the rest of its kind through its quirky and nonstop fun nature.

You can only move the cart by using both characters’ very loud screams, using W to make the guy scream, and E to make the goat scream, and pressing both buttons to move backwards. 

The twist is, the guy never stops screaming, even when you’re not pressing the W button, the guy still screams a little. I found it extremely irritating when trying to wait out an obstacle, but it also very much added to the game’s nonstop hectic nature and made the game all the more challenging.

Jet engine-like screams

Another twist that adds even more to the hectic nature of the game, is that you can only rotate the cart by pressing down either E or W to make the goat or the guy scream. But you can only move backwards when you press both E and W at the same time. Not being able to just move straight is very on-brand for this game, and makes the screams of both characters feel like jet engines pushing the cart forward.

The challenges are very unique and entertaining

Supermarket Shriek could have easily been one of those games that are only fun for an hour, and then becomes repetitive and stale. Except in this case, the level design in the game is brilliant. 

While all levels simply have the same concept, try and get out of the store alive while still in the cart. The challenges within each level are very much unique enough to keep the player entertained and engaged. 

Starting with swinging obstacles actively trying to take you out, and you’ll just have to avoid being hit. 

Swinging obstacles

Wide gaps that you could either simply try to cross at full speed, or by riding over a button on the floor and then having to cross a certain timed platform that saves you the trouble.

Wide gaps

Timed courses, where you’ll have to finish the entire course within mere seconds. However, to gain more points to get more stars, you’d have to hit numerous grocery store packages on your way out. And if you don’t have enough time, simply try and hit one of the huge stopwatches on your way, and in turn, you’ll get added time. 

Timed Course

Another interesting level design is one where you’ll have to actively try and gather certain groceries to unlock the door at the end of the level.

Items Required

The game has no shortage of various challenges that most definitely could keep you engaged, and actively on your toes for the entirety of the game.


Supermarket Shriek has several aspects that make it very replayable. For example, at certain points in the game, you’ll have to have a certain amalgamated amount of stars to advance. If you don’t have enough, you’ll simply have to redo a couple of levels to get a higher score in them.

Also, the game rewards you throughout your time playing just enough to encourage you to keep going. Even if you just fail over and over again, you’ll still simply get achievements. For example, I earned “The definition of insanity” achievement, where you have to restart one level 5 times to get it.

Supermarket Shriek offers a wide range of incentives to keep you replaying the levels, including more stars, achievements, or customization options.


The game is very creative from beginning to end. The concept itself is very entertaining, and the level design is very engaging. 

However, certain aspects of the game will drive the player mad sooner or later. While the “always screaming” guy and the only driving backwards aspects of the game do serve their purpose in making the game chaotic and fun, they will take some getting used to, and they will drive the player mad while in tight and time-sensitive situations.

The game overall is unique enough and entertaining enough for me to recommend it to all our readers. Just maybe keep an aspirin around in case you get a headache from all the constant screaming!

supermarket shriek

Summary: Supermarket Shriek is a unique (shopping) kart racer where our two heroes must navigate through various obstacle courses and challenges situated inside a range of shops, boutiques and supermarkets.

Genres: Indie, Casual, Racing, Adventure

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Review Version), PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Developers: Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd

Publishers: Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd

Release date: 23 Oct, 2020

Supermarket Shriek
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Concept is creative and Unique
Level design is fun & variable
The constant loud screaming is REALLY annoying....
.... & it almost NEVER stops
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