Xenoblade 3 Taion: Class, Gems, Builds, & Guide

Taion in Xenoblade 3 is a playable character and acts as a support and tactician, here is all you need to know about him.

Definitive guide to Taion in Xenoblade 3

Xenoblade 3 has a very sizeable and explorable map and essentially works like a typical RPG. With quests being the focal point to progress in the game. Fall damage renders the player unconscious and allows them to spawn at any nearby travel point.

The fighting system in this game is very refined with being in real-time and the use of arts which are basic abilities. These arts are crucial to a class while fighting as they provide all sorts of advantages such as extra damage or buffs. Today we will discuss about Taion in Xenoblade 3.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has three primary role classes: Attacker, Defender, and Healer. Attackers deal damage, Defenders protect the team by taking damage, and Healers keep the team alive by providing healing and buffs.
  • Taion’s ideal classes include: Lifesage, Strategos, and Guardian Commander; these classes complement Taion’s role as a tactician and support character.
  • Taion is a playable character, known for his tactician class, who uses his unparalleled tactics and intellect to form strategies in battle.
  • Taion, As a support class, has the ability to heal allies and inflict debuffs on enemies.
  • The Guardian Commander class is a defensive class that effectively fights and protects allies.

Role Types

Like every RPG game, this one also has a class and role function that helps differentiate between multiple playstyles perfect for every player. There are three main classes: the Attacker, the Defender, and the Healer.

The Attacker

Attacker Icon in Xenoblade 3

The attacker role is the most common role in an RPG, and in Xenoblade, it goes by its name perfectly as it is an offensive role. Being the primary damage dealers in the game, they help their teams dominate other players or carry themselves. This role consists of a few oppressive classes, such as the swordfighter, Ogre, and the Flash Fencer.

The Defender

Defender icon in Xenoblade 3

The defender role is commonly played by users who like to take it slow or be the front line in their team to defend against powerful enemies. They are the players that take all damage and protect their primary damage from enemies.

By consuming all the enemies’ attacks, they allow their other team members to move around and annihilate their enemies. The defender role consists of a few but powerful classes like the Heavy Guard, Guardian Commander, and Lone Exile.

The Healer

Healing Icon in Xenoblade 3

The healer role is perfect for people that like others to handle all the heavy lifting. Don’t undermine this role, as healers are crucial to keeping the attackers and defenders alive on their team.

During fights, they are the ones that give their teammates the buffs and heal them to prevent them from dying. The healer role has a few classes: Lifesage, War Medic, and the Signifier.

Now that we have given a small rundown on the available roles in the game, let’s move on to the main topic at hand: Taion.


Taion Icon in Xenoblade 3

Taion is one of the playable champions in the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He is most recognized for his playstyle compatibility as the tactician class and is Agnian along with his fellow Agnian Mio and Sena. Taion is a slim male character with an orange and white outfit which makes him look fabulous.

He also uses small flying objects called Mondo as his battle weapon, which are essentially like paper butterflies. Being a tactician means he uses his unparalleled tactics and brain to form strategies and win in battle.

His planned approach to battle also reflects his personality as he is a very cautious person and tries to be careful with every move he makes. He was like this after an unfortunate incident, but overall he is a very good person.


Taion is a support class, with him being a tactician as a starting class and a healer. He heals his friends in battle and gives the enemies a hard time by giving them debuffs.

These debuffs include reducing the enemies’ damage and putting them to sleep during battle. Taion in Xenoblade 3 is the default Tactician class character alongside Eunie; both are very good at what they do and have very high buffs and debuff moves.

Best Taion Classes In Xenoblade 3


Lifesafe Class Icon

Even though the best way to utilize Taion is to play debuff and buff classes, he is not lacking in the healing side of things. It basically heals your allies in battles while simultaneously damaging the enemies.

You can unlock the Lifesage after completing the main story when you go to do another quest in the upper side of the Aeita Region. You proceed towards the quest and get Nia which, in addition to your party, gives you the lifesage class.

The recommended Combat arts for the Lifesage are as follow:

  • Redemption: Heals allies around you in an AOE
  • Saber Slash: Heals all the allies around you when the combat art is in use and hits the enemy. It is a single target art and an ether-type attack.
  • Redeeming Bloom: Heals and gives regeneration to friendlies near you in an AOE.


Strategos Class Icon

Strategos, a tactical class, and a support user helps Taion utilize its full potential. Its main function is to heal its allies and debuff the enemies. It synergizes with Taion very well and would make the class rating an “S” for him.

This class is unlocked by recruiting the base character for it by completing the quest of Isurd. The quest is the Unwavering Resolve, and after doing this, you obtain the Strategos class.

The recommended Combat arts are as follows for the Strategos class:

  • Moondog: Heals allies around you in a small AOE range, and it is always a given set field.
  • Earth Bind: Heals allies and is an ether attack with being a single target art
  • Mirror Trap: Gives buffs to allies around you in an AOE.

Guardian Commander

Guardian Commander Class Icon

Guardian Commander is a basic Defending class and is supposed to soak all the damage and prevent teammates from dying. This class’s primary function is to have good stats in both defense and attack so it can effectively fight and protect its allies.

Even though Taion doesn’t synergize the best with it, he still does well with this class. You can obtain this class by completing the quest of the default character, which in this case is Zeon. The quest name is “Where the Heart is.”

We recommend the following combat arts for the Guardian Commander class:

  • Noble Taunt: This art is specifically used to put the enemy Aggro on yourself, protecting your team from damage, and is a single target art. It is a Taunt.
  • Shield Bash: This is a physical attack that can help you perform combos and is a single target art
  • Imperial Sword: This is single target art that deals extra damage by 50% when you are awakened.

These three classes best synergize with Taion and make him most useful in battle. However, if you think you can make another class effective with Taion, we have given a list of all the classes that work best to worst with Taion.

Class Ranks for Taion in Xenoblade 3

Ranks Classes
S 1. Tactician 2. Incursor 3. Strategos
4. Seraph
A 1. Medic Gunner 2. Full Metal Jaguar 3. Lone Exile
4. Lost Vanguard
B 1. Zephyr 2. Ogre 3. Yumsmith
4. Stalker 5. War Medic 6. Signifer
7. Troubadour 8. Machine Assassin 9. Flash Fencer
C 1. Thaumaturge 2. Martial Artist 3. Royal Summoner
D 1. Swordfighter 2. Heavy Guard 3. Guardian Commander
4. Soulhacker

Taions Best Ouroboros Art

Ouroboros arts are a crucial part of Xenoblade and one of the game’s vital art types. These are only used and available when the user is in their Ouroboros form. For Taion, the Ouroboros form is unlocked very late in the game and requires chapter 3 to be finished of the main story to be unlocked. The best Ouroboros arts for Taion are given below:

  • Fleeting Form: Being a supporting character Taion uses this art to help his allies regenerate and heal. This applies to all the party members
  • Atomize: This is the debuff part of Taions kit and hits the enemy with the Blowdown and Blaze effect. Also, while this art is in use, all enemy attacks are dodged. This is effective in an AOE around Taion.
  • Body Double: This is a single target art that hits a random debuff on an enemy.

Gems & Accessories Perfect For Taion


The gems chosen for Taion are the ones that affect your debuffs the most as they are very potent. The best gems for Taion are given below

  • Swelling Scourge X

The Swelling Scourge X gem provides an increased power to the debuffs the enemies are hit with, and the increase is by 50%

  • Refined Incantation X

The Refined Incantation X increases the duration of the debuffs the enemies are hit with, and the increase is by 50%

  • Lifesaving Expertise

The Lifesaving Expertise gem helps you revive your teammates faster with an increased rate of 45% and heals more by 15.


The gems being heavily focused on making your debuffs more effective, we chose a different approach to the accessories. The selected accessories are beneficial for damage healing and having lower cooldowns, and they go as follows

  • Solis Rings

This boosts your healing stats towards allies by 40% and is crucial for supports to keep their teams alive

  • Ceramic Belt

Giving Taion a minor offense is also good, so we chose the Ceramic Belt to increase the attack’s damage by 32%.

  • Devotional Necklace

This item is good on all healers and supports in the game, and it is no different for Taion. This necklace, on the moment of reviving an ally will recharge all of your arts.

Best Builds For Taion

These builds are external from all the recommended items mentioned previously and are considered best for Taion in Xenoblade 3

Lifesage Build

  • Arts: The arts in this build are Redemption, waterlily, and lastly, Aqua Mind.
  • Master Skills: The master skills in this build are All About Support, Ninja Healer, and Eternal Formation.
  • Master Arts: The master arts in this build are Myopic Screen, Multi Blast, and Advanced Cooldown.
  • Gems: The best gems for this build are Disperse Bloodlust, Lifesaving Expertise, and Steady Striker.
  • Accessories: Fratarnal Badge, Affection Ring, and Solis Rings are the best accessories.

Tank Taion build With Guardian Commander

  • Arts: The arts used in this build are Grand Protection, Shield Bash, and Noble Taunt.
  • Master Skills: The master skills used in this build are Critical Strike, Fighting Prowess, and Split-Second Counter
  • Master Arts: The master arts used in this build are Way Home, Hornet, and Glitter Stream
  • Gems: The gems used in this build are Ironclad, Perilous Presence, and Steel Protection
  • Accessories: The best accessories in this build are Strike Bangle, Sturdy Anklets, and Silver Feather.


Taion, being a tactician class, struggles more in-game comparatively and is weak, but that does not mean it’s completely unusable. A good Taion in Xenoblade 3 can make the allies survive and give them buffs while simultaneously debuffing the enemy by stacking them. For more guides on the game Xenoblade, check out our guide on Mio in Xenoblade 3 or the Best Builds and Classes in Xenoblade 3.

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