Tales Of Arise: An Unforgettable JRPG Experience

Tales Of Arise is a great JRPG which will make you fall in love with it's characters and world.

The Tales series sometimes known as the ‘ Tales Of ‘ series has been ongoing for decades and is one of the most beloved JRPG series. They have several titles that players have grown to enjoy and are still remembered. But Tales Of Arise has proven to be the most exceptional game in the series.

Key Takeaways

  • Tales of Arise features great character designs that deeply and meaningfully represent their personalities and backgrounds.
  • Experience an adventure where the characters’ pasts and regrets unfold, set in a world so well-designed that players will lose track of time.
  • The hack-and-slash combat in Tales of Arise, with the synergy between different character archetypes, ensures the gameplay remains engaging and never repetitive.

Tales of Arise has become the most popular game in the series, introducing many people outside of Japan to the “Tales Of” franchise. This game isn’t just the best in the series; it’s a memorable experience cherished by hardcore fans and casual gamers. 

The Characters

The Tales of series has been known for its uniquely designed characters for decades, and Tales of Arise is no exception. In Tales of Arise, there are six playable characters, each with their own playstyle, archetype, and distinctive look. What stands out most are the themes of the character designs and how their appearances reflect their personalities.

The Six Playable Characters

Alphen, the main protagonist and first playable character, is designed to resemble a knight rescuing a damsel in distress. The mask on his face symbolizes his forgotten past or hidden identity. As the story progresses, the mask gradually breaks, symbolizing Alphen’s recovering memories.

The other characters share similarly thoughtful designs. Shionne is designed to look like a royal princess from folk tales. Rinwell, a supporting character, appears like a magic scholar or a typical mage, while Law, a damage dealer, has a tough, rugged look.

Kisara and Dohalim join your party later in the game. Kisara, acting as a tank, has a heavily armored style that complements her role. Dohalim, an all-rounder who can fit into any archetype, is dressed in a way that reflects his royal background.

Additional characters and enemies in the game are designed with specific themes in mind, making their appearances complement their personalities and roles. It was interesting seeing how their looks mirrored their character and personality.

The Story And The World

The story in Tales of Arise is divided into two distinct halves. To avoid spoilers, I’ll keep it brief: in the first act, the six protagonists embark on an adventure to confront their pasts and fears, while in the second half, they face a new, world-threatening danger. Though this might sound generic, the story goes much deeper.

Each of the six characters shares a common goal and works together, having unique past that shape who they are. The story reveals each character’s backstory at a perfect pace, with each scene and battle keeping the audience engaged and invested.

A compelling story needs a well-designed world, and Tales of Arise delivers just that. While not a fully open world, it offers a semi-open world where each area can be explored. Players will traverse harsh environments like deserts, chilling mountains, and deceptively beautiful plains, each teeming with dangers.

With the current revolution in gaming graphics and visuals, the world of Tales of Arise looks stunning. Exploring the various sections of the map is a sublime experience, and the game even features a photo mode for capturing memorable moments with your party. This allows you to create lasting memories of your adventure.

The World Design | From Wccftech

Gameplay, The Cherry On Top

The story and world design are great, but what about the gameplay, you might ask? Well, this is where Tales Of Arise truly shines. Unlike traditional turn-based JRPGs, the ‘Tales Of’ series has always leaned towards hack-and-slash gameplay.

This combat system defines the series’ appeal, and Tales Of Arise refines it further. Combat feels responsive, requiring you to learn combos and time your skills for maximum damage opportunities that arise(pun intended).

Shionne And Alphen Performing A Special Attack | From PC GamesN

One minor flaw is that enemies can sometimes feel like sponges. However, if you’re a fan of games like Monster Hunter like myself, this won’t be an issue and may even feel familiar. Engaging in combos and special attacks with your party members helps alleviate any tediousness from slowly depleting the enemies’ health.

Overall, combining great gameplay with an immersive world and narrative, Tales Of Arise delivers an engaging experience that will keep you captivated for hours.

A Game You Won’t Forget

Tales of Arise is an amazing game that offers players an experience that will stick with them for years. The ‘Tales of’ series has many games, but none are as close to my heart as Tales of Arise.

I highly recommend this game and hope you enjoy it too.

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