Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms: Locations, Guide And Tips

Gathering all of the Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms can be a difficult thing. This guide will show you all the locations and tips to make it easier.

Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms
Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms

Tales of Vesperia is an action RPG published by Bandai Namco. It includes a varied cast of characters with a great story and sublime combat. Fans of the Tales of series are absolutely in love with this game ever since it came out to outstandingly positive reviews. It wouldn’t be a good RPG if it didn’t involve rare gear for the characters. This is why today’s guide will take a look at the Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms.

Fell Arms are legendary weapons unique to every character and have various backstories that enrich the lore. The Fell Arms are obtained relatively easily; with some being barred behind abilities.

With that said, let’s dive right into today’s guide about Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms.

How to Get Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms

One of the game’s best features is that your characters gain experience the more they use their weapon – just like real life. The more enemies you slay, the more powerful your weapon becomes. This means that despite there being tons of weapons in the game, the best for your character will always be their Fell Arms.

In their basic form, the Fell Arms are rather underwhelming and disappointing, considering they are legendary weapons. But once you get enough experience with them, they are absolutely monstrous. The first Fell Arm, which you’ll pick is the Abyssion as you progress through the story. The sooner you collect these weapons, the stronger you’ll be by the end of the game. Even though you get the option to unlock the hidden potential of each Fell Arm after ending the story, they are beneficial for post-game content.

Abyssion – Yuri’s Fell Arm

tales of vesperia fell arms
Unlocking the Abyssion for Yuri

The Abyssion is a legendary sword that only Yuri can equip. As mentioned before, this is the first Fell Arm that you get as a part of the main story. Once you acquire the weapon, the game will discuss Fell Arms in detail, and all of your characters will mention that they want to collect them too. After slaying enough enemies, this weapon transforms into the Blazor Edge Abyssion – which is a cool name if I say so myself.

To get this, however; you have to rescue Estelle from Zaphias and head to the Elder’s Residence in Myorzo. As it is a part of the main story, you cannot miss this, so don’t worry about it. Also, it goes without saying that this is, without a doubt Yuri’s strongest weapon.

Zarich – Judith’s Spear

tales of vesperia fell arms
Entering the Aer Springs

Next up is Judith’s Fell Arm, which is a spear. Getting this can be a bit tricky, but nothing to worry about since it is one of the early game weapons. Unsealing it will transform it into the Sand Spear Zarich and it has awesome-looking attacks.

You must go to Nordopolica and enter the Aer Springs. Before going there, you must defeat the Khroma Dragon – which is a part of the main story. Once you do reach the desired place, inspect the giant rock and you will receive the Zarich.

After getting the weapon, you will be able to enter the rocks. Upon entering, keep marching forward until you reach the Peninsula and stand on it to upgrade your sorcerer ring to level 4. This step is crucial without meeting the prerequisite; you cannot get the next Fell Arm. This might sound tricky without any context, but in reality, it’s quite straightforward and you won’t have any hassle getting the weapon.

Glasya Labolas – Karol’s Fell Arm

tales of vesperia fell arms
A cutscene featuring the legendary Fell Arm

This weapon takes the form of a powerful axe that can be used to cut right through even the most challenging enemies. Keep in mind that you must have the level 4 sorcerer ring to get this weapon, so doing that is an absolute necessity.

To get this weapon, enter the Quoi woods and burn the bushes blocking your way to access a whole new area. You will have to face a few enemies in that area, so be prepared for it. They are nothing you cannot handle at that point of the story.

After clearing the area, you will spot an ominous-looking tree that will stand out from all other objects in your surroundings. Hit the tree with your sorcerer ring, and it will drop a chest that will have Karol’s weapon hidden inside it. As with all of these weapons, you must get a certain number of kills with it to unseal it.

Mercurius – Estelle’s Sword

tales of vesperia fell arms
Estelee’s character stats

Another sword type is Fell Arm, but it’s for Estelle – the person you save to acquire the first sword Fell Arm. Once again, you will need to have the level 4 sorcerer ring to unlock the area where you can find the legendary sword.

Go to Relewiese Hollows and go down where you meet Duke. There will also be a save point nearby, so this area is extremely hard to miss. From the save point, take the left path and keep moving forward until you reach a pile of rubble blocking the way. Much like burning the bush before, you will have to use the ring to move the rubble away. There will be a chest waiting for you behind all the rubble, and in it, you’ll find Estelle’s sword.

A cutscene will play once you acquire four Fell Arms that will give you further hints that you need to get more kills to make the weapons stronger.

Nebilim – Raven’s Light Bow

tales of vesperia fell arms
The light bow in action

Tales of Vesperia has many hidden doors that only open with the level 4 sorcerer ring. The sooner you upgrade it, the more Fell Arms you’ll be able to collect. Raven’s light bow can be found in Keiv Moc; hidden behind a bush that can be burned with the ring.

This area is located if you keep going north from the save point until some ominous bushes block your way. After burning them, you’ll be able to climb some massive tree branches where the chest will be hidden. You will have to fight your way through, so keep that in mind before continuing ahead.

The light bow is an extremely useful weapon and once unsealed, it becomes the Infernal Angel Nibilim which deals an absolutely ridiculous amount of damage.

Susanoh – Repede’s Dagger

tales of vesperia fell arms
Defeating enemies to reach the Susanoh

When people think about legendary weapons, they think of Dreaming City Weapons or the Merciless from Division 2. These weapons come in all shapes and sizes; such is also the case of Repede’s simple dagger. It isn’t a flashy weapon, but it gets the job done without a doubt.

Before you reach the final boss of the game, you have to go to an optional area where you’ll find two large bonfires that you can light. Repede’s and Rita’s Fell Arms can be found at the same place before the final boss area.

Uroboros – Rita’s Whip

Acquiring the Uroboros

As the name suggests – a snake eating its tail, this Fell Arm takes the form of a whip. After lighting the two lamps, you will be able to access a new area if you go east. There are strong enemies in the way but nothing you won’t be able to handle at this stage of the game.

After going east, you will come across some stairs that go either up or down. Go all the way down until you reach the puzzle area. After making it down, you will have to continue southwards where you will have a button prompt to enter a new areal. When you reach here, you’ll have to complete a small puzzle that is surprisingly straightforward. All you have to do is stand on a few pedestals and your way will be formed via magical light.

Once you complete the puzzle and go down a few ladders, you will find the Susanoh on the right and Uroboros on the left.

Seven-Branched Blade – Flynn’s Sword

Flynn using the Seven-Branched Blade

Flynn’s Fell Arm is another sword type that can be found in the Necropolis of Nostalgia area. When you reach this area, go to Zaude – where you fight Alexei at the start, and go through the teleporter. The first two sections of this dungeon can be accessed before you fight the Duke, so you’ll be able to get the Fell Arm pretty early on.

Keep going down, and a small cutscene will trigger before you have to fight a swarm of enemies. During the fight, you’ll notice a pyramid-shaped chest that you will be able to hit. Keep on damaging the chest until it breaks; at which point you’ll get the Seven-Branched Blade.

Be careful however, when you are hitting the chest, the enemies will attack you. If you don’t have a high-level team, the enemies here can be tough since this dungeon unlocks after the end.

Corbis – Patty’s Knife

tales of vesperia fell arms
Patty is one of the most beloved characters

In the same dungeon as the blade, you will have to keep going down until you reach the bottom level. Once you reach the bottom, there will be a massive boss fight which is difficult if you are not prepared.

After you defeat the boss, a teleporter will open up which you will be able to take to reach the city of Waning Moon. You will have to talk to Ohma to access the secret dungeon of “Existence”. When you reach the fifth floor of this area, take the secret exit where you will find the Fell Arm. Again, a fight will trigger where you will have to break the pyramid chest sitting in the middle of the battlefield.


Now that you have collected all the Fell Arms, you will be able to unseal them and use them at their maximum potential. After every kill you get with these weapons, their attack will increase by 1 and make the weapon stronger. To unseal them, you have to defeat the final boss after which a cutscene will play out and the boss will take on a new final form. When the final form is defeated, all your Fell Arms will unseal allowing you to one-shot enemies and make the post-game content easier.

That about does it for today’s guide about Tales of Vesperia Fell Arms. Comment below letting me know which character and Fell Arm is your favorite.

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