Tang Xuan Dislyte Abilities, Guide & Best Build

Tang Xuan Dislyte Build

We are still uncertain about the gender of Tang Xuan; is it a male or female? Some say he was a different gender before but let’s not get into all of that and refer to him as a male. Tang Xuan is one of the 60+ Espers you get in the game, and he is a wind-style player. The player can use several attacks and abilities to trigger any one of the several debuffs in the game.

You may notice him use AOE damage at times as well as targeted attacks, and he is one of the best Legendary Esper’s you can use in almost any mode of the game. You can use him for grinding relics, Story mode, and even Sonic.

Key Takeaways

Tang Xuan is a wind-style Legendary Esper in Dislyte with versatile debuff skills:


  • S1 grants three debuff skills, dealing 100% attack damage per enemy and 40% AOE damage.
  • Shattering Dream ability attacks all enemies twice, dealing 60% attack damage for about two turns.
  • Captain Ability boosts allies’ attack damage by 30%.


  • Use special relics like War Machines Set, Incandescence Set, Hades Set, or Sword Avatara Set.
  • War Machine and Fiery Incandescence Sets for increased attack damage and crit chance.

Team Composition:

  • Optimal team includes two DPS, one Disabler, and two supporters.


  • Pair with Espers like Li Lang, Ye Suhua, Chang Pu, and Eira for enhanced team play and damage output.

Tang Xuan’s debuff skills make him a versatile choice for various player setups in Dislyte.

The fact that he has very useful debuff skills makes him a versatile Esper in all fields. Overall, he is a good pick for most players, and thus for our Tang Xuan Dislyte Build, let us talk about his skills;

Righteous Anger

His S1 ability grants him three other Debuff skills, basically allowing you to inflict 100% of attack damage per enemy and 40% of attack damage as an AOE damage to multiple random targets. You can upgrade his skills to dish out more damage in each turn. Under all of his three primary abilities, Tang Xuan is able to use the following in each turn after dealing damage;


The above debuff skill allows Tang Xuan to prevent his enemies from recovering any HP they lost. The skill will only last for two turns and is very helpful in defeating the opponents quickly.


As the description suggests, the skill will allow him to inflict additional damage equal to 5% of the enemy’s max HP. Players can activate these skills after dealing with damage to the enemies and take effect in each turn. It all comes down to your luck; whether you are lucky or unlucky, Tang Xuan’s abilities and skills will take their impact and change the course of the battle.


This skill is also undispellable and gives him a 40% chance to deactivate or turn down the defenses of the enemies for two turns after damaging them. Shackle can help you deal more damage to the enemies, rendering them of their defenses.

Enchanting Dream

Tang Xuan’s ability allows him to absorb active enchantments during a fight, providing:

  1. Shield: Grants a shield offering 10% of max HP resistance.
  2. Additional HP: Adds 5% of maximum HP for each absorbed enchantment, lasting two turns.
  3. Damage Boost: Boosts total damage output by 200%, allowing Tang Xuan to deal significant damage while restoring HP.

This self-sufficient ability is comparable to Ling, but it has a two-turn cooldown before it can be used again after cycling back to you in a fight. Upgrading it to level 4 increases the damage boost to 200%.

Shattering Dream

As I’ve mentioned earlier, when using the Shattering Dream ability, the additional skills (Shackle, Scorch, and Death) remain active for about two turns. During this time, Tang Xuan can unleash two attacks on all enemies, each dealing 60% of his attack damage, which is incredibly powerful.

However, there’s a cooldown of three turns for this ability, so you’ll need to wait before using it again. Leveling up these abilities significantly enhances their effects, such as Shattering Dream reaching level 3, which increases its damage to 60%.

To make the most of these skills during a battle, it’s essential to optimize each skill’s usage for the best possible outcome. Ideally, you’ll want to have the S3 skill cycle as soon as possible during the battle, as it’s the skill you really want to use.

This allows you to cycle between the three enchantments (Shackle, Scorch, and Death) by reentering S1, which is the Righteous Anger skill, maximizing Tang Xuan’s effectiveness in combat.

Captain Ability

In Dislyte, each Esper possesses a “Captain Ability” that buffs their skills. They can use this ability after each cycle.

Tang Xuan’s Captain Ability boosts all allies’ attack damage by 30%, significantly increasing the team’s overall damage output. This ability is particularly useful against enemies with added defenses, allowing your team to maximize damage dealt.

For skill upgrades, consider using Legendary Capacium, obtainable from the Tournament Store. It helps unlock higher levels of Tang Xuan’s skills, further enhancing his capabilities as an Esper.

Tang Xuan Dislyte Build

Characters can equip special relics with unique abilities. Some notable sets include:

  1. War Machines Set: Increases attack damage by 30%.
  2. Incandescence Set: Boosts critical damage chance by 20%.

Using these sets effectively with the right pairings can be challenging. However, we’ve suggested the optimal combination of sets for Tang Xuan’s Build to maximize your stats and overall performance.

Hades Set

If you equip Tang Xuan with the Hades Set x4, he can recover his health when dealing damage to his opponents. It allows him to survive longer in the arena and still use his debuffs and skills, making him tough to beat. You can see the noticeable spike in his HP after he inflicts the opponents with damage. That ability alone can prolong the fight and allow Tang Xuan to continue using his skills and abilities.

Sword Avatara Set

Equipping the Sword Avatara Set, Tang Xuan can counterattack the enemies with one of his basic skills such as Scorch, Shackle, and Death. One of his best debuffs is Scorch which allows him to prevent the enemies from recovering any damage they take, allowing you to kill them quickly.

In my experience, optimizing these debuff skills with the Sword Avatara Set is a great way to make Tang Xuan more effective in battles. This setup helps him survive longer and deal significant damage to enemies.

Since Tang Xuan’s primary role is as a DPS Esper, I also equip him with the War Machine Set x4, which boosts his attack damage by 30%. To further enhance his performance, I pair it with the Fiery Incandescence Set x2, ensuring a +20% chance for critical damage after a few hits. This combination maximizes his damage output and makes him a formidable force in combat.

Team Combos for Tang Xuan

When I use Tang Xuan in my team, I always keep Team Combo in mind. It’s crucial to choose a team that complements each other in terms of damage and defense. I prefer a team with special buffs and useful skills for battles. So, my ideal team to pair with Tang Xuan includes two DPS, one Disabler, and two supporters.

For maximum team synergy and damage output, I select these Espers alongside Tang Xuan:

  1. Li Lang (Second DPS)
  2. Ye Suhua (Immunity Benefits)
  3. Chang Pu (Support)
  4. Eira (Purify)

Tang Xuan takes the fifth slot, utilizing his Captain Ability, which boosts the attack power of all these Espers by 30%. Li Lang serves as the second DPS, Chang Pu provides support, Ye Suhua offers immunity benefits, and Eira handles purification. It’s all about tailoring the team roster to suit the Tang Xuan Dislyte Build effectively.

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