Tears of the Kingdom Flux Construct Core [Easy Steps]

Flux Construct Core powers your weapons, defeat all mini-bosses to get each core!

Zelda: Tears of Kingdom Flux Construct Core Cover Picture
Zelda: Tears of Kingdom - Flux Construct Core

One of the newest additions to the game, Flux Construct Core, is a rare and special element in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s only used to improve your weapon stats. It is a round cylindrical glowing object that is dropped by killing Flux Construct Cores.

Key Takeaways

  • You can use it to buff up your weapons, increasing their damage by a massive amount.
  • It cannot be picked up like regular materials and must be fused with your weapon or shield using the “Fuse” ability.
  • You must defeat the mini-bosses “Flux Constructs” present across the map to get it.
  • Flux Constructs are divided into three categories – Type I, II, and III, with each higher one being more difficult.
  • The easiest way to beat them is to attack their glowing blocks, which are the “weak spots” of the enemy.
Flux Construct Core dropped by Mini-Boss
Flux Construct Core dropped by Mini-Boss | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

How To Get Flux Construct Core?

The only way to get this is by defeating the mini-bosses known as Flux Constructs. These are blocked-shaped enemies, having distinct body shapes. Each drops one item, so you must use it wisely because it is rare.

These enemies are present at specific locations on the map. These usually include sky islands, small islands held high up in the sky. Getting there is not easy; you might need a rocket or paraglider.

Once you reach there, the fight will start. They serve as guardians to these places, so beating them will not be easy. Another possible location to find them is the “Depths.”

Below, I have summarized the whereabouts of the few we have found:

  • Flux Construct I:  West Hebra Sky Archipelago, Near Ijo-O Shrine, North Hyrule Sky Archipelago, Near Nachoyah Shrine, Gerudo Highlands Depths.
  • Flux Construct II: Akkala Highlands Sky, Mount Lanayru Depths, Lanayru Sky Archipelago, South Hyrule Sky Archipelago.
  • Flux Construct III: Sky Archipelago, Central Hyrule Depths.

I also recommend looking at this interactive map to get a better idea.

Boss Guide

Flux Construct 1
Flux Construct I | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You must devise a strategy to beat the boss rather than waste your time and resources. They have specific attack patterns and behave in a certain way when attacked. Once you get hold of that, you will kill them without any trouble.

To defeat it, you must knock it down using any means and then attack the Flux Core to deal the damage. The boss will try to get up again, so you must do the same thing often until you finish it completely. Common enemy attacks that you should look out for are:

  • Homing Attack smashes the ground and deals damage in a wide area.
  • Flying Attack, where the structure gets up high in the air and throws down blocks.

My Tips And Tricks

Core block of Knocked Down Construct
Core block of Knocked Down Construct | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Follow these tips to make sure you beat constructs quickly:

Figure Out Structure

  • Structure: They are made up of boxes or cubes attached. Their shape varies a lot, and you must destroy this structure to give maximum damage to the enemy.
  • Weak Spot: All constructs have a weak spot, usually a glowing cube, sometimes present in front of you or hidden behind other blocks. Target and attack this one to kill it.
  • Attacks: The construct will also attack, primarily using its fists. Avoid them and then counter-attack.

Prepare And Attack

  • Health: The enemy’s attack deals a lot of damage if it hits you, and you may die quickly. Hence, I suggest having at least four hearts before engaging with them.
  • Weapons: The best weapon against the construct is a bow and arrow. It will mostly fly, so hitting it with any melee weapon is difficult. However, you can use melee weapons once it’s down.
  • Pattern: Repeat the same pattern to attack and defend yourself, and you will eventually beat it.

Use Abilities

Pulling Blocks using Ultra Hand
Pulling Blocks using Ultra Hand | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Ultra Hand: Additionally, you can use your “Ultra Hand” ability to aim for the core block (weak spot) and pull it to knock down the whole structure. This is one of the most effective ways to deal with these bosses.
  • Hidden Blocks: Sometimes, the core blocks are hidden behind other blocks. In this case, you can use the “Ultra Hand” to clear the different blocks and expose the weak spot to target it.
  • Ascend: Another scenario may occur when the core block is present above a deep layer of blocks. You can use “Ascend” to move up the construct and attack it directly.
  • Other Challenges: For the higher-level constructs, you might face additional difficulties. For example, the Level III construct quickly changes its core block locations during fights, making it harder to target. You must aim steadily with “Ultra Hand” and take it down using this ability.


The option to use this item is through the “Fuse” ability, acquired by completing the In-Isa Shrine Quest. Unlike other materials, you cannot pick them up or save them in the inventory. Therefore, you must use it on some weapons.

Get Fuse Ability

To get the “Fuse” Ability:

  • Go to In-Isa Shrine, located southwest of Ukouh, on the far West side of the Great Sky Island
  • Entering the shrine will give you the Fuse ability. Use it to complete the shrine’s challenges and learn the skill.
Fusing Items using Fuse
Fusing Items using Fuse | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To fuse the material with the weapon of choice:

  • Select the desired weapon from the inventory. I suggest the weapon with the highest stats, so the buff will add to it.
  • Use the Fuse ability by pressing the trigger Key “L.”
  • Press the “Y” button to fuse the weapon with the item.
  • Press the trigger “ZL” to fuse the shield with the item.
  • Once fusion is done, you will get the improved weapon in your inventory.

My Thoughts On Flux Construct Core

It is an essential item to acquire in the Tears of the Kingdom. Especially considering the endgame battles and challenges the game offers, you must obtain it to buff up the stats of your weapons. 

Beating the mini-bosses is challenging; however, you can make a strategy based on the tips. This item is essential for some occasions due to the massive buffs it provides to weapons. That is why a little grinding is worth it.

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