Tears of the Kingdom: A New Signature Food [Side Quest]

In this guide, find out how to complete the side quest "A New Signature Food" by figuring out the secret ingredient.

Tears of the kingdom a new signature food
A New Signature Food Guide [Side Quest] | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

There are many side quests in Tears of The Kingdom, including “A New Signature Food” that you can trigger in Hateno Village. Although it is a side quest, it explains the side lore of the game.

Finding the solution to this quest can be tricky if you do not know where to look. But fret not, as this guide will include all the objectives you need to do to complete the side quest.

Key Takeaways

  • “A New Signature Food” will be initiated by talking to Reede at his house.
  • You must complete “A Letter To Koyin” to get the secret ingredient.
  • Use Logs and Ultra hand Ability to fetch the bottle for Koyin.
  • The secret ingredient is Hateno cheese.
  • Give Hateno cheese to Reede to Complete the side quest.
  • Both these two side quests are needed to complete “The Mayoral Election” side quest.

A New Signature Food

  1. To initiate this quest, you first must go to the armor shop in Hateno village.
  2. There you will find Cece. Talk with her to trigger the mayoral election argument between Reede and Cece. 
  3. After this conversation, Reede will leave and return to his home, located on a hill.
  4. Go to his house and talk to him to start “A New Signature Food” Side Quest.
  5. Reede comes up with a plan to win the mayor elections by winning over the town with A new signature food, Hence the name of the side quest.
Tears of the kingdom a new signature food
Conversation with Reede | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Reede mentions how his grandfather worked with someone in the village to create a special food and how that recipe had a Gooey Mouthfeel. Reede can not remember who his grandfather worked with and what food items he made.

To complete this quest, you must figure out the special food’s ingredients.

A Letter To Koyin

This is also a side quest in the Hateno Village, and you must complete it to complete the “A New Signature Food” Side Quest. Koyin’s grandfather is the one who worked with Reede’s Grandfather to make that special food. So, you must go to Lake Sumac in Hateno Town, where you will find Koyin.

  1. Talk to her to start the “A Letter To Koyin” Side Quest.
  2. To complete this side quest, you must retrieve a floating bottle in the lake and give it to Koyin.
  3. At first, you can not grab it with your ultra-hand ability as the bottle is too far. So you need to create some surface in the water to get closer to it.
  4. I recommend cutting down trees near you and creating a log ship to help you close that distance off.
Tears of the kingdom a new signature food
Koyin opens her cheese shop | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Now grab the bottle with the ultra-hand ability and drop it near Koyin.
  2. Talk to Koyin and then she will read the letter and back her way back home.
  3. The letter is from Koyin’s grandfather telling her the recipe for Hateno cheese.
  4. Follow her inside the house to get a Sample of the Hateno cheese.
  5. You can also buy cheese from her newly opened shop, and with this, the side quest “A Letter To Koyin” is completed.
Tears of the kingdom hateno cheese
Hateno Cheese | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Secret Ingredient

Hateno Cheese
Reede Smells the Cheese | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  1. Now that you have figured out and obtained the secret ingredient, Hateno cheese.
  2. Make your way back to Reede’s house.
  3. Talk to Reede, and he will smell the aroma of the cheese and ask you about it.
  4. Give the Hateno cheese to Reede, and the “A New Signature Food” side quest is complete.
  5. Reede will award you with a Silver Rupee for it.

My Thoughts On New Signature Quest

The “A New Signature Food” Side quest does not take that long to complete. You need to figure out the lore of Hateno Village and catch the hints in conversation with people to figure out the secret ingredient. This guide can help you quickly complete this sidequest as you know the secret ingredient: “Hateno Cheese.” 

Reede rewards you with a 100 Rupee coin, which is helpful, but overall, the side quest is essential to progress the side lore of Hateno Village further.

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