Tears of the Kingdom: All Stable Locations [Full List]

In Tears of the Kingdom Stable Locations, we have explained the site and unique features of all the stables in the game.

There are 17 stables where you can take your horses
All 17 Stable Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

One of the foremost essential aspects of the Tears of the Kingdom is the steady framework, which permits players to secure and care for their mounts. Stables are scattered throughout in the world, and each stable offers unique opportunities and challenges.

This article will explore some of the Tears of the Kingdom’s extreme areas and what each offers. In Tears of the Kingdom Stable Locations, we will guide you about the features and locations of all the stables in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • In Tears of the Kingdom, players must visit stables to admire its architecture, learn horse riding, take up challenging quests, and explore the fascinating city.
  • There are 17 stables in the Tears of the Kingdom.
  • A player must know the locations of these stables because these are perfect areas for exploration and relaxation, and it offers a wealth of resources and knowledge to help players progress.
  • Players can stock up on supplies by visiting these stables, training their riding skills, and joining new quests.

Here is a summary table for all Stable locations in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

NoStable NameLocation
1SnowfieldNortheast Hebra Region
2Tabantha Bridge Ridgeland Region.
3Wetland Hyrule Wetlands
4OutskirtSouthwest of Looking Landing
5New SerenneNorth Hyrule Plain
6WoodlandNortheast of Post Landing
7RiversideSouth of Post Landing
8Mini-StableSouthwest of Outskirt Stable
9Duelling Peakseastern side of Dueling Peaks
10South AkkalaNortheast of Foothill Stable
11HighlandSouth of Lake Hylia
12LakesideEast of the Highland Stable
13Gerudo Canyonentrance to Gerudo Desert
14FoothillEast of Woodland Stable
15East AkkalaNortheast of South Akkala Stable
16Lucky Clover GazetteTabantha Frontier
17Hateno PastureMount Lanayru

We have explained the location of all the stables in the Tears of the Kingdom below.

Snowfield Stable

Site of the Snowfield Stable.

Snowfield Stable is quiet in the snow-covered Hebra Mountains.  It is the only place guests can get the snow boots essential for navigating the cold mountain territory. Snowfield Stable is located northwest of the map in Tabantha Tundra, Hebra. Moreover, the stable also features a horse training course, permitting those interested in horseback riding to embark on a magical journey through the snowy environment

Tabantha Bridge Stable

Location of the Tabantha Bridge Stable.

Tabantha Bridge Stable is found on the edges of Tabantha, a center for travellers crossing the bridge. It is alsogreat pit stop for explorers looking to recharge their stamina and supplies, capture horsesequip up, and fulfill assignments.  Primarily Tabantha Bridge Stable is found Next to Tabantha Incredible Bridge between Hyrule Edge and Tabantha Wilderness on the west of the map. 

Wetland Stable

Location of the Wetland Stable.

Wetland Stable is a safe house of tranquillity situated at the edge of the Hyrule Wetlands in Tears of the Kingdom. The stable is unique because it offers a peaceful and quiet environment unparalleled in any other area in the region. Mainly Wetland Stable is located East of Post Landing on the border with Lanayru

Outskirt Stable

Location of the Outskirt Stable.

Outskirt Stable is a littlefarther station at the distant western edge of the Tears of the Kingdom. Unlike other stables in the region, it offers a sense of isolation from the bustling towns and travellers. Moreover, it serves as a bare resting spot for explorers who frequently come to the part to investigate the tremendous field of the Eldin Canyon. Primarily Outskirt Stable is found Southwest of Looking Landing, close to the Coliseum Ruins.

New Serenne Stable

Location of the New Serenne Stable

The New Serenne Stable in Tears of the Kingdom is a state-of-the-art facility with numerous highlights and a perfect area. The stable has roomy and well-ventilated stalls to keep the horses comfortable and healthy. However, the stable also highlights a substantial indoor riding field, an open-air field, and a circular pengiving sufficient training and workout space.  Modern Serenne Stable is primarily found in North Hyrule Plain between Post Landing and Hebra.

Woodland Stable

Location of the Woodland Stable.

The location of the Woodland Stable in Tears of the Kingdom is genuinely one-of-a-kind. The stable highlights are comfortable slows down made from neighbourhood wood and an open-air field perfect for training and practice.  Woodland Stable is found Northeast of Post Landing on the border with Eldin. However, riders can investigate the surrounding woodland on horseback, with a bounty of open spaces and riding trails.

Riverside Stable

Location of Riverside Stable.

The Riverside Stable is a stunning area that provides an exciting mix of everyday excellence and cutting-edge conveniences. The Riverside Stable highlights spacious slows down with sufficient room for horses to extend out and relax and an expansive riding field perfect for training and competitions. Riverside Stable is found  South of Post Landing on the border with Necluda.

Moreover, the stable incorporates a wash stall and tack room, ensuring everything you wish for horse care is on-site and readily accessible. However, the Riverside Stable is a  genuine diamondadvertising a rare combination of peaceful characteristic excellence and top-notch equestrian offices.


Location of the Mini-Stable.

The Mini-Stable in Tears of the Kingdom is a small but cosy area perfect for lodging some horses. The stable is situated on an interesting cultivate in the countrysidesurrounded by rolling slopes and lavish greenery. The stalls are compact but keenly designed, and the adjacent enclosure gives plentiful space for horses to brush and play.

Mini-Stable is located Southwest of Outskirt Stablereplacing Gerudo Canyon stable until Side Adventure is completed. Furthermore, the Mini-Stable’s area in the farmland gives riders access to a few of the foremost excellent riding trails, with different landscapes and views to investigate

Duelling Peaks Stable

Location of the Duelling Peaks Stable.

The Dueling Peaks Stable is found between the two peaks in the region. Moreover, a cooking pot is accessible to the players, permitting them to cook dinners to restore their health. The Dueling Peaks Stable is found on the eastern side of Dueling Peaks in West Necluda. The stable features a vast, open region where players can enroll and board their horsesFurthermore, the stable includes a notice board that posts side journeys and rumors.

South Akkala Stable

Location of the South Akkala Stable.

Primarily South Akkala Stable is found Northeast of Foothill Stablefollowing to Akkala Citadel Ruins. The stable incorporates a spacious area where players can enroll and board their horses. Furthermore, it also includes a notice board posting side journeys, rumors, and accommodating tips. The South Akkala Stable is on the main street leading towards the Akkala Citadel Ruins, making it an essential pitstop for travellers to route to the ruins and beyondTherefore, it is a vital area for the players, making their travel more accessible.

Highland Stable

Location of the Highland Stable.

The Highland Stable is found in the farther mountainous Eldin area. This stable offers an excellent place for sightseers to investigate the incredible scene. It includes a store where visitors can buy basic supplies like bolts, shields, etc. Primarily Highland Stable is found South of Lake Hylia in the Faron Meadows on the south coast. Moreover, the feature that stands out in this stable is the four hot springs behind it. These hot springs are ideal relaxation spots for sightseers after a long day of horseback riding and climbing.

Lakeside Stable

Location of the Lakeside Stable.

The Lakeside Stable is in a pleasant range on the shores of Lake Hylia, a vast, crystal-clear lake known for its peaceful environment. Primarily Lakeside Stable is found East of the Highland Stableprofound in the wilderness on the south coast.

Additionally, the stable is domestic to an old statue and soaks in the puzzle, making it a charming point of interest for history enthusiasts. The Lakeside Stable’s area is idealised for tourists seeking a peaceful getaway because it is distant from the hustle and flurry of the city and offers a dazzling view of the surrounding slopes and timberlands

Gerudo Canyon Stable

Location of the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

The Gerudo Canyon Stable is near the Gerudo Canyon, a superb place surrounded by rough cliffs and dynamic vegetation. The stable offers horse rentals, lodging, and nourishment, and it also serves as a center for different guided visits that take visitors around the Gerudo Canyon. Gerudo Canyon Stable is found at the entrance to Gerudo Desertcomplete Side Adventure in Well to unlock.

Foothill Stable

Location of the Foothill Stable.

The Foothill Stable is a great excellent area for adventurers navigating harsh landscapes. The stable marks the Eldin Canyon and Kakariko Village entrance south of the central tower. Furthermore, the regular features are a variety of officescounting lodging, nourishment, and adapt for the dealThere’s moreover a cook on location who plans scrumptious suppers for guestsPrimarily Foothill Stable is found East of Woodland Stable, at the foot of Throat of Death Mountain.

East Akkala Stable

Location of the East Akkala Stable

The East Akkala Stable is a lovely and peaceful area found east of the Akkala Tower. The stable offers iconic lodging, nourishment, and horse training courses. Besidesvisitors can discover different materials and adapt advantageously to adventure at the stable. East Akkala Stable is found Northeast of South Akkala Stable, south of Horse God.  Furthermore, travellers who appreciate horse riding can take advantage of the stable’s courses or hire horses to explore Akkala’s beautiful views.

Lucky Clover Gazette Stable

Location of the Lucky Clover Gazette Stable

Lucky Clover Gazette Stable is one of the most reputable stables in the game. It enables the player to maximise their potential. Moreover, they play an essential role in the breeding and training of horses. However, it is in Tabantha Frontier, just before the Rito Village. 

Hateno Pasture Stable

Location of the Hateno Pasture Stable.

Hateno Pasture Stable is a charming stable that emphasises the horses’ well-being. Furthermore, it has a spacious pasture where horses can graze and play freely. Along with the exceptional facilities, the stable also offers the care of the horses and the riders. Hateno Pasture is located in Mount Lanayru, just East of the Hateno Village on the way to the Lighthouse.

Final Remarks

In this guide, we have explained the locations of all the stables in the Tears of the Kingdom. In conclusion, a player can get various opportunities by visiting these stables. However, if you want to find out how to get the paraglider, check out our Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom paraglider guide.

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