Tears of the Kingdom Best Arrow Farm

I have spent 120+ hours playing Tears of the Kingdom, and have gone through various methods to farm arrows.

Best Arrow Farm in Tears of the Kingdom
A detailed guide on best arrow farm in Tears of the Kingdom.

Though players are bound to run into arrows throughout their playthrough, they’ll still run short of this ammunition if not properly ready. Before risking your life to take down bosses, get your bow’s ammunition fully packed. Continue reading to find out the best arrow farm in Tears of the Kingdom, along with other possible ways of gathering arrows.

About The Author

Reeshail Qureshi has spent more than 120+ hours playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (His Switch User is Panther). He is also well-versed in the previous Zelda games, so you can easily trust the information he provides related to Tears of the Kingdom!

Key Takeaways

  • Arrows are ammunition that helps players use their ranged weapon bow.
  • You must gather as many arrows as possible from the early game, as it will assist you later on.
  • The best way of farming arrows is to purchase arrows from a merchant’s store, rest/sleep at a campfire in another town, and reback after 24 hours. All the arrows will respawn for you to purchase.
  • It is not recommended to try the purchasing method in the earliest part of your playthrough. Instead, follow other ways of gathering arrows.
  • You can also gather arrows from crates and barrels, pick up enemies’ missed arrows, open chests in a shrine, loot defeated enemies’ loot for them, and finally, retrieve your own missed arrows.
  • You can find a bow and arrows on Great Sky Island near Ukouh Shrine. Another early: game bows and arrows nearby are on your way to In-Isa Shrine from Ukouh Shrine.

Respawn Arrows In Merchant Shops

Tears of the Kingdom Best Arrow Farm
Buy all arrows from Merchant Shops – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Whether you are in Lookout Landing, Kakariko Village, Rito Village, or any other town in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll run across stores and merchants. Always check them out for Arrows. Most stores are fully stocked with them. You can purchase 40 to 70 basic arrows in a single purchase in exchange for some rupees.

Now, here’s a trick; once you are done purchasing all the available arrows, follow these steps:

  1. Fast-travel to another town.
  2. Go to a campfire or a bed rest area.
  3. Rest or sleep for a whole day and revisit the same shop afterward. This will respawn the arrows you bought earlier; therefore, you can repeat them again.

This method allows farming most arrows in a short period of time and is hence considered the best arrow farm in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Note: Sadly, the amount of cash spent on arrows does not make buying arrows the most efficient method. Make sure you’re not short on cash while trying to purchase arrows. Only spend on arrows if you’ve earned enough. If you are still in the early part of the playthrough, out other ways to farm arrows rather than spending your entire rupees on them.

Other Ways To Farm Arrows

Tears of the Kingdom Best Arrow Farm
Ways to obtain arrows

Here are some other available ways of farming arrows in Tears of the Kingdom:

Destroy Crates And Barrels

Tears of the Kingdom Best Arrow Farm
Destroy any crate or barrel you find

Once you arrive at the Great Sky Island and start getting familiar with game mechanics, you’ll soon realize the crates and barrels spawn rate has immensely increased compared to the previous game, Breath of the Wind.

The good news is most of these giant wooden crates and barrels contain arrows inside of them. You will collect a handful of arrows within thirty minutes of exploring Great Sky Island just by destroying crates or barrels. A single crate/barrel can drop up to five arrows, and by the time you progress to the Hyrule Kingdom, you may have 50-60 from this method alone.

After arriving in the Hyrule Kingdom, look out for any crate and barrel in sight and destroy it for an endless source of arrows throughout the gameplay. The crates tend to respawn later along with their items after a Blood Moon occurs every seven in-game days.

  • Note: Avoid destroying a crate or a barrel with your Melee weapon, especially in the early game. Instead, use your Ultra Hand ability and drop the crate from height. This will smash open the crate/barrel without damaging any of your precious early-game weapons.

Dodge The Arrows And Pick Them Up

Picking missed arrows from enemies

There are multiple ranged attack enemies you’ll run across in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They carry them and start attacking Link if he gets spotted. At first, players will encounter Constructs carrying bows, but later on, they face much stronger enemy types, such as Bokoblin with a bow and arrow, located within camps.

All you need to do is let these enemies spot you and shower you with arrEnsure sure you dodge these arrow attacks, or else the arrow gets destroyed. Keep dodging and picking up any arrow that lands on the ground. Through this method, you will collect a good amount of arrows in a single go.

You can also equip a shield and block the incoming attack. The arrows stuck on your shield are still useable, and you won’t have to waste time dodging them. These arrows will automatically be added to your inventory. However, I do not recommend using your shield as it gets worn off and eventually breaks without being used in actual combat.

  • Note: There may be a glitch that you face of arrows disappearing soon after hitting the ground; make sure you collect them before they vanish.

Open Chests In Shrines

Arrows obtained from chests
Arrows obtained from chests – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The shrines offer various sorts of puzzles and rewards, big or small. Unlocking an ability is not the only thing you’ll obtain in shrines. If you explore around, you’ll find multiple chests the shrines hold. Sometimes, the chest contains 10x basic arrows. Watch out for chests while in shrines, and you will gather some arrows for later use.

Loot Defeated Enemies

Arrow as loot dropped by en. enemies

Killing enemies results in a drop of a few items. It usually contains Zonai Charges (if it’s a Construct) along with the weapon the enemy was carrying. Take down any archer opponent of a group, and it will drop the bow alongside some arrows. Players encounter a handful of Archer Constructs in Great Sky Island. If you prioritize killing them all, you’ll have an excellent start to your archery.

This method does not provide an abundant amount of arrows, but since you’ll be killing loads of enemies anyway, why not pick some arrows on the way?

Pick Up Missed Arrows

Just like picking up the opponent’s missed arrows, you can also retrieve any arrow you missed while taking down an enemy. Once the enemy is down, go near and recover all your missed arrows. They’ll be scattered all over the ground. And no, you can not retrieve the arrows that hit the enemy.

How To Obtain A Bow And Arrow Early Game

A Bow and Arrows obtained in early game

There are two ways through which players can collect a bow and arrows within 20-30 minutes in Great Sky Island. All you need is to look at the correct locations.

Location # 1

The first location of the bow and arrow is right in front of the Ukouh Shrine – the first shrine of Tears of the Kingdom. It is located west of the Temple of Time. An archer Construct is carrying the ranged weapon. You must defeat it with a piece of before for it to drop an “Old Wooden Bow” along with some arrows. This is the closest available bow and arrow from the Temple of Time.

Location # 2

The second bunch of a bow and arrows are located on the path between Ukouh Shrine and In-Isa Shrine. You will spot a Hunter Construct trying to hunt down some animals. The bow and a set of 10 arrows are right next to that Construct, standing against a wall. If you don’t plan on facing just yet, this location is perfect. Here is the exact location of that area:

Location # 2 on the map

Final Remarks

Mults of bows are located throughout the Hyrule Kingdom and Great Sky Island. And, of course, a bow needs its ammunition. With the help of my guide, always have your hands full of arrows from the best arrow farm in Tears of the Kingdom. You won’t worry about your arrows betraying you during combat if you are at the right places. Happy Gaming!

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