6 BEST Tears of the Kingdom Builds

I have invested 120+ hours in Tears of the Kingdom, and after extensively going through the game, here is a hands-on experience related to the best Builds in the game!

Builds help the player to cross obstacles, take down enemies, and overcome the various challenges in combat.
About The Author

Reeshail Qureshi has spent more than 120+ hours playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (His Switch User is Panther). He is also well-versed in the previous Zelda games, so you can easily trust the information he provides related to Tears of the Kingdom!

Tears of the Kingdom allows players to create builds for their assistance. Players can create various figures using the arena material with the help of Ultrahand. These builds are the player-created constructs or vehicles that help the players to perform better on the battlefield.

Key Takeaways

  • In Tears of the Kingdom, a build can refer to a particular setup or combination of in-game devicesgear, and strategies the player utilizes to realize specific gameplay objectives or styles.
  • These builds include creative vehicles, advanced weapon systems, and even robots! 
  • These builds help the player enhance gameplay and explore the arena in better ways.
  • A player can maximize his abilities with the help of these builds.
  • These builds offer players a unique and rewarding way to play the game, and players must master them to access inaccessible areas.

Comparison Of Best Builds

Here is a comparison table of my 6 best Builds in Tears of the Kingdom . Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

No.Build NameBest forDescription
1Lynel DestroyerOverpowered Zonai DeviceOffensive Flying Machine
2AutobotVersatile Destructive RobotConvertible Robot
3Cluster Strike ArtilleryBest Ranged Damage DeviceLarge AoE Bomb Strike
4Overpowered TankBest Catastrophic Tank BuildDestructive Tank
5Vertical Climbing VehicleBest Vehicle for MountainsClimbs any Mountain
6Cambered Wheel VehicleBest Easiest Build VehicleStylish Vehicle

Comparison Table. 

1. Lynel Destroyer By TagBackTV

Overpowered Zonai Device

Why did I choose Lynel Destroyer?

This build features an immensely strong device that can help take down any type of hostile and works specifically well against the mighty Lynels. 

Lynel Destroyer Zelda TOTK
Tears of the Kingdon: Lynel Destroyer | Credits: TagBackTV

The Lynel Destroyer is an offensive Zonai Device that works against any type of enemy. However, I find it pretty interesting as it performs exceptionally well against the Lynels, who have a defensive mechanism to take you down if you are standing in the open. This device considers such things and ensures you remain secure while shooting lasers on the hostiles below.

  • Defense against Lynel’s Attacks.
  • Shoots Lasers.
  • Flys above enemies and targets them.
  • Difficult and Expensive to Construct.
  • Its Range isn’t good.
  • Doesn’t move around or follow enemies.

2. Autobot by u/Okossen

Versatile Destructive Robot

Why did I choose Autobot?

The Autobot is a very powerful robot that annihilates anyone in sight. It features canons and lasers, and it can move around like a vehicle and convert back to a killer robot quickly.

Convertible Autobot build Tears of the Kingdom
Tears of the Kingdom: Autobot Build | Credits: u/Okossen

The Autobot is one of my favorites due to its adaptability and sheer firepower. It consists of a convertible robot, you can move it around easily along with all the weapons. Once you need it, you can turn it back to the robot using the same components and ride to cause havoc in the area. 

  • It has Lasers and Cannons.
  • Moveable.
  • Converts to a vehicle and back to the robot.
  • High damage output. 
  • Complex design.
  • Requires you to save both designs to switch modes. 

3. Cluster Strike Artillery By Top Gaming Plays (Ultrababouin)

Best Ranged Damage Device

Why did I prefer Cluster Strike Artillery?

The Cluster Strike Artillery deals tons of damage to a wide AoE, and the best part is that you can shoot from a distance.

Cluster Strike Artillery Build Tears of the Kingdom
Tears of the Kingdom: Cluster Strike Artillery | Credits: Top Gaming Plays

In my opinion, this is one of the best builds in Tears of the Kingdom for doing damage over a large area from a long range. The cluster strike basically consists of many small bombs tied to a rocket. Once you activate the device, the rocket shoots off and the bombs dispatch when you swap to a glider. These bombs spread off in a decent area, damaging anything in between. 

  • Large Area of Effect.
  • Ranged Attack.
  • Easy to hit lots of targets.
  • Accuracy is low as the bombs spread widely.
  • Low damage to a single target.
  • Requires accurate dropping of bombs to be effective.

4. Overpowered Tank By Switch Handheld

Best Catastrophic Tank Build

Why do I recommend Tank?

Tank is a sturdy build that moves around equipped with Laser and Cannon that can wreak havoc anywhere you want! 

Tears of the Kingdom: Tank Build | Credits: Switch Handheld

My choice for Tank here is definite, thanks to its maneuverability and destruction capability. Just hop into it and go anywhere you like; its cannon and laser will target and shoot automatically at hostiles. Moreover, it keeps you safe under its roof from any danger, and the spring-loaded door ensures no one can come inside from the back. 

  • Excellent Damage capacity.
  • Fitted with Laser and Cannon.
  • Outstanding control and movement.
  • Only has one cannon and laser.
  • Difficult design.

5. Vertical Climbing Vehicle By u/Fantastic-Pound-1698

Best Vehicle for Mountains

Why did I choose the Vertical Climbing Vehicle?

It can climb any steep mountain, up or down, without effort and is pretty easy to build.

Climbing Vehicle Tears of the Kingdom
Tears of the Kingdom: Climbing Vehicle Build | Credits: u/Fantastic-Pound-1698

From my point of view, this vehicle is a must if you want to conquer the mountains and don’t love flying. The fact that it sticks to the surface, even when inverted, makes it an excellent vehicle for such terrains. 

  • Excellent for Mountain areas.
  • Works at any level of steepness.
  • Difficult Controls.

6. Cambered Wheel Vehicle By Top Gaming Plays (MovemntGod)

Best Easiest Build Vehicle

Why do I prefer the Cambered Wheel Vehicle?

This build uses only 4 parts to make a decent vehicle that can climb hills and move around quickly.

Tears of the Kingdom Cambered Wheels Vehicle
Tears of the Kingdom: Cambered Wheels Vehicle | Credits: Top Gaming Plays

The Cambered Wheel Vehicle combines the aesthetic with functionality, making it a decent choice for most terrains in my opinion. It only requires 4 parts, hence it’s easy to make and control, thanks to its unique design. I highly recommend it for the early game stages to cover up most of your distances. 

  • Perfect for many terrains.
  • Aesthetic Design.
  • Easy to build and control. 
  • Sturdy build.
  • Can’t climb up water without adding more parts.

Honorable Mentions

Final Verdict On Best Builds

In my opinion, these are the best builds, as they offer massive utility, creative design, and aesthetic appeal. I only added a few here, but there are thousands more that you can construct, modify, or upgrade to make them suit your needs. It shows the game’s true essence in bringing out players’ creativity to make interesting stuff.

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