Tears of the Kingdom Best Horses [Top 3]

In This Guide We Will Tell You About The Location And Unique Attributes Of The Best Horses In The Tears Of The Kingdom.

This White Stallion is a great companion during combat and quest completion

In Tears of the Kingdom, you must overcome impediments and fight creatures and oversee and care for your trusty horse as you ride over tremendous lands and investigate covered-up treasures. With various horse breeds and customization alternatives, you can make an exciting bond with your equine companion and experience a truly immersive gameplay involvement.

This guide will tell you about the Tears Of The Kingdom Best Horse, which can help you perform better on the battlefield.

Key Takeaways

  • There are five horses in the Tears of the Kingdom. Giant White Stallion, Epona, and Golden Horse are the best horses among these horses.
  • They have unique abilitiesincluding speed, agility, customisation, excellent bonding with the player, and extraordinary combat abilities.
  • Giant White Stallion: His impressive speed and quality empower him to beaten foes, charge into a fight, and thump down obstacles. His more prominent size and ability to breathe fire make him more versatile and less helpless to assaults than other horses.
  • Epona: She has balanced attributes like speed, strength, and stamina that ensure you can handle any condition. Easy acquisition and iconic presence make her a versatile horse.
  • Golden Horse: His majestic appearance and remarkable stats make him a strong candidate for the title of Tears of the Kingdom Best Horse. This horse is particularly helpful because of its speed and stamina when navigating vast fields.
  • Acquiring these horses in Tears of the Kingdom requires commitment, persistence, and ability. Players must complete a series of journeysinvestigate challenging territory, and set up a bond with the horse to call him their own. Once stifled, the horse becomes a productive partner in combat and a fundamental instrument for completing the game’s most complex challenges.

Below, we have explained the unique characteristics and location of the best horses in the Tears of the Kingdom.

Giant White Stallion

Giant White Stallion horse
This White Stallion is a great companion during combat and quest completion.

Giant White Stallion is a rare and magnificent creature with several exciting features. As the title proposes, he is much bigger than the usual horse, towering over other horses and characters in the game. His size, coupled with his pure white coat, gives him a forcing and superb appearance. The Giant White Stallion is quick and unequivocal, making him a fantastic choice for combat and travel.

Speed And Agility

The Giant White Stallion in Tears of the Kingdom is more critical than the regular horse because he is fast and agile but has no stars for stamina. A player must have consumables to maintain the horse’s energy; otherwise, its speed may decrease. His size does not destroy his movements, making him stand out from other gigantic horses in the game. The Giant White Stallion can effectively reach beat speeds, making him one of the speediest horses accessible to players.

This speed is sound when travelling long distances, as the Giant White Stallion can cover ground quickly and proficiently. Moreover, he can turn rapidly, bounce over obstacles, and effortlessly explore tight spaces. This skill makes him a perfect horse for combat, as he can effectively avoid foe assaults and survey the battlefield. In expansion, his agility permits him to perform different moves that can take down adversaries in his way.


Delving into the Tears of the Kingdom Best Horse, one of the foremost energising attributes of the Giant White Stallion is the ability to customise it. The customisation feature permits players to alter the horse’s appearance, making it exciting and individual to their fashion. Different customisation choices incorporate the horse’s mane and tail fashion, eye colour, hooves, and coat colour.

Players can select from numerous colours for the horse’s coat, from classic dark and white to dynamic shades of blue, pink, and green. Furthermore, players can include extra features such as armour, saddle, and reins, making the horse more particular and individual.

Players can select the armour that best suits their playstyle. For occurrence, overwhelming armour gives more security but moderates the horse’s movement, whereas lighter armours offer less assurance but permit the horse to move quickly. Players can too include extraordinary impacts to their customised steeds, such as fire, ice, and lightning. These effects not only seem outwardly engaging but also have helpful combat abilities.


In Tears of the Kingdom, players can produce a solid, enthusiastic bond with their Giant White Stallion. The bond between the player and their horse is indispensable to the game’s immersive nature. The faithful, grand nearness of the horse serves, not as it were, to help the player in the fight but to offer the player a companion in a threatening world. As the player progresses in the game, the bond between the player and the horse develops, and players can feel a genuine, enthusiastic connection to their equine companion.

Combat Abilities

The Giant White Stallion goes with the player and has combat abilities that upgrade the player’s chances of triumph. The Stallion’s strength and skill make it a unique imperative in the war zone. They can viably knock down enemies with a capable charge, trample over them, and utilise hooves to stun them. Moreoverif the player is inconvenienced, their horse can kick and strike down rivals with lightning speed, giving them time to recover and regroup.

Furthermore, the horse’s fast movements can effectively avoid adversary attacks, making it troublesome for adversaries to arrive at blows. The horse can charge into a fight, making it easier for the player to take them down. The horse’s ability to move quickly and proficiently explore the landscape makes it a good tool when a hurried elude is necessary.

The Giant White Stallion is also exceedingly trainable and flexible. The player can prepare their horse to perform exciting and effective moves, such as charging with its head down and striking with its forelegs or raising and unleashing a massive step attack. These abilities permit the player and horse to take on the foremost brutal foes and rise triumphantly.

How To Acquire The Giant White Stallion?

Giant White Stallion's Location
Giant White Stallion can be found in Highland Stable over the Horse God Bridge.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can get the Giant White Stallion through action, journeys, and tasks. The critical step in getting the Giant White Stallion is to meet many trips that consistently unlock access to distinctive game parts. After completing the ventures, players must travel to the Wild  Areas, where they can find the horse. Players can secure this horse by making its way to the Highland stable over the Horse God Bridge.

Once inside the Wild Areas, players must track down and capture the horse. This task isn’t superficial; players must be prepared to face challenges and overcome hindrances to victory. Once caught, players ought to build up a bond with the horse by feeding and tending to it habitually. This bonding ensures that the horse remains steadfast and responsive amid combat.


Epona is a great companion during the quest completion.

Delving into the Tears of the Kingdom’s Best Horse, Epona is a fantastic horse due to its speed and loyalty. The leading perspective of this iconic horse is her impressive stats, making her an unparalleled companion for your journey across Hyrule. Unlike other horses, Epona exemplifies balanceadvertising a combination of speed, stamina, and unmatched quality, making each ride an elating experience. Her iconic stature includes a touch of wistfulnessimproving the game’s immersive experience.

Speed And Agility

Epona has great speed, stamina, and strength, making him an excellent choice in the Tears of the Kingdom. She helps the player to take down the enemies due to her speed and power. The player can easily cross obstacles by riding on this horse. 


Epona is significant because of her bonding with the player. As Link’s best companion, she can help him perform better on the battlefield. 


Despite having remarkable abilities, the Epona has no customisation or pulling power. She cannot drag the carts or wagons in the arena. Epona can only be acquired through particular means, potentially making her inaccessible to some players.

How To Acquire The Epona?

Epona can be found in the New Serenne Stable.

A player can find the Epona in two ways. First, if the player has Super Smash Bros Link or Twilight Princess Link  Amiibo, he can easily acquire the Epona whenever he wants. Second, the player can get the Epona in the New Serenne Stable if he has a Breath of the Wild save file.

Golden Horse

Golden Horse is beneficial during combat.

The Golden Horses in the Legend of Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom are a sight. This horse is a powerhouse of stamina and speed, giving you unrivalled traversal capabilities. Its illustrious heredity is evident in its class, and it offers a remarkable early-game advantage for exploration, making it a coveted horse for players.

Speed And Agility

The Golden Horse boasts impressive stats, advertising astonishing speed and stamina, which makes navigating across Hyrule a breeze. With its impressive stats, he helps the player to survive in any situation. A player can dodge the enemies and cross the obstacles with the help of the Golden Horse. 

Combat Abilities

Golden Horse has unique combat abilities in the Tears of the Kingdom but has limited resistance against certain climate conditions. The horse’s ability to move quickly and proficiently explore the landscape makes it a good tool when a hurried elude is necessary. He is trainable, and a player can easily tame him.

Royal Bridle and Saddle

When a player returns to Snowfield Stable to register the Golden Horse, he gets the reward of Royal Bridle, Saddle, and Energizing Elixir for his horse.

How To Acquire The Golden Horse?

Golden Horse can be found in the Snowfield Stable.

A player can obtain the Golden Horse by visiting the Lucky Clover Gazette, located east of Rito Village in the Hebra area. From here, the player will start his quest to find the Golden Horse. After his search, he will visit the Snowfield Stable and go to the North Tabantha Snowfield to acquire this horse. After receiving the Golden Horse, he will again see the Snowfield Stable to register this new horse and claim the Royal Bridle and the Saddle. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the speed and agility of these horses in Tears of the Kingdom make them a reliable and valuable asset in any situation. The combat abilities of these horses make them a formidable ally in battle. Their power and versatility make them an essential part of any player’s arsenal, and mastering their abilities can be the key to success in the game’s more challenging battles. In our guide, Tears of the Kingdom Best Horse, we have explained all the unique attributes and particular features of the best horses in the game.

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