Tears of the Kingdom Best Horses With Locations

After playing Tears of the Kingdom for 120+ hours, I have listed down the best horses you can tame in the game and make your journey faster!

This White Stallion is a great companion during combat and quest completion

In Tears of the Kingdom, you must overcome impediments, fight creatures, and oversee and care for your trusty horse as you ride over tremendous lands and investigate covered-up treasures. With various horse breeds and customization alternatives, you can make an exciting bond with your equine companion and experience a truly immersive gameplay involvement.

This guide will tell you about the Tears Of The Kingdom Best Horse, which can help you perform better on the battlefield.

About The Author

Reeshail Qureshi has spent more than 120+ hours playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (His Switch User is Panther). He is also well-versed in the previous Zelda games, so you can easily trust the information he provides related to Tears of the Kingdom!

Key Takeaways

In Tears of the Kingdom, there are five horses, but the best ones are Giant White Stallion, Epona, and Golden Horse. Each has unique abilities:

  1. Giant White Stallion:
    • Impressive speed and strength.
    • Can charge into battle and break obstacles.
    • Can breathe fire and is less vulnerable to attacks.
  2. Epona:
    • Well-balanced attributes in speed, strength, and stamina.
    • Easy to acquire and iconic in appearance.
  3. Golden Horse:
    • Majestic appearance with remarkable stats.
    • Particularly helpful for speed and stamina when traveling through large fields.

Best TOTK Horses Stats Compared

Here is a comparison table for the best horses in Tears of the Kingdom:

1Giant White Stallion52--Wild
3Golden Horse4432Gentle

Below, I have explained the unique characteristics and location of the best horses in the Tears of the Kingdom.

Giant White Stallion

Giant White Stallion horse
This White Stallion is a great companion during combat and quest completion.

Giant White Stallion is a rare and magnificent creature with several exciting features. As the title proposes, he is much bigger than the usual horse, towering over other horses and characters in the game. His size, coupled with his pure white coat, gives him a forcing and superb appearance. The Giant White Stallion is quick and unequivocal, making him a fantastic choice for combat and travel.

Speed And Agility

  1. Speed and Agility:
    • Exceptionally fast and agile, ranking among the game’s quickest horses.
  2. Stamina:
    • Though lacking stamina stars, players can maintain its energy with consumables to prevent speed reduction.
  3. Size and Maneuverability:
    • Maintains excellent maneuverability despite its size.
    • Can reach top speeds, perfect for long-distance travel.
  4. Handling Obstacles:
    • Quick turning, leaping over obstacles, and navigating tight spaces with ease.
    • Excellent agility for combat, evading enemy attacks, and assessing the battlefield effectively.
  5. Combat Moves:
    • Its agility enables various combat moves, making it formidable against adversaries.


One of the foremost energising attributes of the Giant White Stallion is the ability to customise it.

  1. Appearance Customization: Players can personalize the horse’s appearance, making it unique to their style. Customization options include the horse’s mane and tail style, eye color, hooves, and coat color.
  2. Coat Color Choices: Choose from various coat colors, from classic black and white to vibrant shades like blue, pink, and green.
  3. Additional Features: Add extras like armor, saddle, and reins to make the horse even more distinctive.
  4. Armor Selection: Pick the armor that suits your playstyle. Heavy armor provides more protection but slows down the horse, while lighter armors offer less defense but allow for faster movement.
  5. Special Effects: Enhance your customized steed with special effects such as fire, ice, and lightning. These effects not only look visually appealing but also come with valuable combat abilities.


Players can form a strong, emotional bond with their Giant White Stallion. This bond is crucial for the game’s immersion. The loyal and majestic presence of the horse serves not only to assist the player in battles but also to provide companionship in a challenging world. As the player advances in the game, the bond between them and the horse deepens, creating a genuine emotional connection with their equine companion.

Combat Abilities

The Giant White Stallion in the game offers significant combat advantages:

  1. Powerful Attacks:
    • Charges to knock down enemies.
    • Tramples foes and stuns them with hooves.
    • Swiftly kicks and strikes rivals when the player is in trouble, providing recovery time.
  2. Swift Maneuvers:
    • Agility allows for effective evasion of enemy attacks.
    • Charges into battles to aid the player in taking down opponents.
  3. Training and Versatility:
    • Highly trainable and adaptable.
    • Can learn exciting and effective moves like head-down charges and powerful stomp attacks.
    • Enables the player and horse to confront even the toughest foes and emerge victorious in battle.

How To Acquire The Giant White Stallion?

Giant White Stallion's Location
Giant White Stallion can be found in Highland Stable over the Horse God Bridge.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can get the Giant White Stallion through action, journeys, and tasks.

  1. Meeting specific requirements during your journeys will unlock access to unique game elements.
  2. After completing these ventures, head to the Wild Areas in the game.
  3. Search for the Giant White Stallion within the Wild Areas.
  4. Make your way to the Highland Stable, located over the Horse God Bridge.
  5. Capture the Giant White Stallion, which may pose challenges and obstacles.
  6. Establish a strong bond with the horse by regularly feeding and caring for it.
  7. Building this bond ensures the horse remains loyal and responsive during combat.


Epona is a great companion during the quest completion.

Epona is an exceptional horse known for its speed and loyalty. Her impressive stats make her a top companion for your journey in Hyrule. Unlike other horses, Epona offers a perfect balance of speed, stamina, and quality, ensuring a thrilling ride every time. Her iconic presence adds a touch of nostalgia, enhancing the game’s immersion.

Speed And Agility

Epona has great speed, stamina, and strength, making him an excellent choice in the Tears of the Kingdom. She helps the player to take down the enemies due to her speed and power. The player can easily cross obstacles by riding on this horse. 


Epona is significant because of her bonding with the player. As Link’s best companion, she can help him perform better on the battlefield. 


Despite having remarkable abilities, the Epona has no customisation or pulling power. She cannot drag the carts or wagons in the arena. Epona can only be acquired through particular means, potentially making her inaccessible to some players.

How To Acquire The Epona?

Epona can be found in the New Serenne Stable.

A player can find the Epona in two ways. First, if the player has Super Smash Bros Link or Twilight Princess Link  Amiibo, he can easily acquire the Epona whenever he wants. Second, the player can get the Epona in the New Serenne Stable if he has a Breath of the Wild save file.

Golden Horse

Golden Horse is beneficial during combat.

The Golden Horses in the Legend of Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom are a sight. This horse is a powerhouse of stamina and speed, giving you unrivalled traversal capabilities. Its illustrious heredity is evident in its class, and it offers a remarkable early-game advantage for exploration, making it a coveted horse for players.

Speed And Agility

The Golden Horse boasts impressive stats, advertising astonishing speed and stamina, which makes navigating across Hyrule a breeze. With its impressive stats, he helps the player to survive in any situation. A player can dodge the enemies and cross the obstacles with the help of the Golden Horse. 

Combat Abilities

Golden Horse has unique combat abilities but has limited resistance against certain climate conditions. The horse’s ability to move quickly and proficiently explore the landscape makes it a good tool when a hurried elude is necessary. He is trainable, and a player can easily tame him.

Royal Bridle and Saddle

When a player returns to Snowfield Stable to register the Golden Horse, he gets the reward of Royal Bridle, Saddle, and Energizing Elixir for his horse.

How To Acquire The Golden Horse?

Golden Horse can be found in the Snowfield Stable.

A player can obtain the Golden Horse by visiting the Lucky Clover Gazette.

  1. Begin the quest to find the Golden Horse at the Lucky Clover Gazette.
  2. Head to the Snowfield Stable after completing your search.
  3. Go to the North Tabantha Snowfield to find and acquire the Golden Horse.
  4. Return to the Snowfield Stable after getting the horse.
  5. Register the Golden Horse at the stable.
  6. You can now claim the Royal Bridle and the Saddle for your Golden Horse.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the speed and agility of these horses make them a reliable and valuable asset in any situation. The combat abilities of these horses make them a formidable ally in battle. Their power and versatility make them an essential part of any player’s arsenal, and mastering their abilities can be the key to success in the game’s more challenging battles. In my guide, Tears of the Kingdom Best Horse, I have explained all the unique attributes and particular features of the best horses in the game.

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