Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons [Top 6]

After investing an extensive 120+ hours of playing Tears of the Kingdom, here are the best weapons I found in the game!

Best Weapons Tear of the Kingdom
Best Weapon
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Reeshail Qureshi has spent more than 120+ hours playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (His Switch User is Panther). He is also well-versed in the previous Zelda games, so you can easily trust the information he provides related to Tears of the Kingdom!

Looking for the best weapons has been a main concern for most players. So, considering it, I am going to discuss the best weapons in games in today’s guide.

Key Takeaways

  1. The master sword is a super powerful weapon that you get to play with.
  2. The Bokoblin Arms become better after fusion.
  3. Lizal Boomerangs are great for damaging ranged enemies, and this weapon also comes back to you.
  4. The Mighty Zonaite Longsword’s fusion with the Captain Construct parts makes the best weapon.
  5. Fusing the Soldier’s construct horn with the Zonaite Longsword leads to the Soldier Blade formation.
  6. The Element Rocks with Magic Rocks is a great way to make the weapon effective.
  7. Zonai devices are quite helpful and can enhance the working of weapons.

Below, I will list a comparison table for the Best Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom. You can sort each weapon according to the highest and lowest value:

No.WeaponBest forAttack PowerTypeCompendium No.
1Master SwordMost Powerful Weapon-One-Handed Weapon329
2Skeletal Bokoblin ArmsBest Early Weapon20One-Handed Weapon368
3Lizal BoomerangsBest Base Weapon8One-Handed Weapon363
4Strong Zonaite SwordThe Best One-handed Weapon
7One-Handed Weapon365
5Soldier BladeBest Weapon For Crafting
12One-Handed Weapon339
6Magic RodsBest Fused Weapon
6One-Handed Weapon367
7Zonai FusionBest Durable Weapon
10One-Handed Weapon366

My Weapons Comparison Table.

1. Master Sword

Most Powerful Weapon
Master Sword
Master Sword (Captured By Us)

Main appearance(s)A Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
The Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Four Swords Anniversary Edition
Skyward Sword
A Link Between Worlds
Breath of the Wild
Tears of the Kingdom
Other appearance(s)A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)
Ancient Stone Tablets
Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Nintendo Land
Mario Kart 8
Hyrule Warriors
My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Cost(s)13 Hearts (BotW)
5 Stamina Vessels, or 2 Stamina Wheels(TotK)
Use(s)Damaging enemies
Destroying evil entities and objects
Shooting Sword Beams
Traveling across time (OoT)
Dowsing (SS)
Executing Skyward Strikes (SS)
StrengthA Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
The Wind Waker
Skyward Sword
A Link Between Worlds
Breath of the Wild
Comparable Item(s)Four Sword
Phantom Sword
Lokomo Sword
Goddess Sword
Gilded Sword

Why did I Choose Master Sword?

Despite periodic recharging, it is still the most powerful weapon due to the high damage output.

In Tears of Kingdom, the most powerful melee weapon is the Master Sword, despite its limited durability. It requires periodic recharging but inflicts significant damage on bosses and tough enemies. To find this weapon, locate the Light Dragon as it carries the Master Sword on its head while traversing Hyrule.

To confirm the presence of the Master Sword, observe the Dragon’s head for white, blue, and yellow lights radiating from it, indicating the sword’s presence. Complete the main quest, “Recovering the Hero’s Sword,” for a map marker indicating the Dragon’s location, facilitating your search.

  • Unbreakable.
  • Decent Damage Output.
  • Can be Enhanced.
  • Can deal Critical Hits.

  • Limited Durability.
  • Less Base Power.
  • No Damage Increases when glowing.

2. Skeletal Bokoblin Arms

Best Early Weapon

Main appearance(s)Breath of the Wild
Other appearance(s)Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Use(s)Attacking Enemies
Locations(s)Hyrule Kingdom
Comparable Item(s)Lizalfos Arm
Moblin Arm

Why Skeletal Bokoblin Arms?

A powerful early-game weapon that works better when enhanced.

The Bokoblin Arms stand out as the top early-game weapon despite their fragility, delivering powerful hits and effective destruction.

Enhance Skeletal Bokoblin Arms by combining them with another arm obtained by defeating Stalkoblins. These creatures, commonly found in Gerudo Desert Depths and Great Hyrule Forest, appear at night in groups.

Though initially intimidating, Stalkoblins are easily subdued.

  • One-handed weapons. (can hold a shield in the other)
  • Easy to Obtain.
  • Can be Enhanced through Fusing.

  • Breaks quickly. (Less Durable)

3. Lizal Boomerangs

Best Base Weapon

Main appearance(s)Breath of the Wild
Other appearance(s)Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
Use(s)Attacking Enemies
Locations(s)Lake Hylia
Lanayru Wetlands
Comparable Item(s)Lizal Forked Boomerang
Lizal Tri-Boomerang

Why You Should Keep Lizal Boomerangs?

It is an Effective multi-task weapon that can work for melee and ranged battles.

The Lizal Boomerangs serve as versatile weapons for both ranged and melee combat, inflicting significant damage on distant enemies. They have the added advantage of returning automatically, ensuring you don’t lose them. With decent durability and solid base stats, these boomerangs are obtainable in two main ways:

  • Search common locations like Mount Lanayru and Hebra Mountains for increased chances of finding them.
  • Defeat Blue Lizalfos monsters, who drop Lizal Boomerangs as loot.

  • Improved Damage and Range when combined with Keese Wings.
  • Easy to find.
  • Not affected by Decay.
  • Does not burn in intense heat.

  • Attracts lightning. (made with metal)
  • Not very powerful. (base attack 8)
  • Does not last very long during combat.

4. Strong Zonaite Sword

The Best One-handed Weapon
Strong Zonaite Longsword
Strong Zonaite Longsword

Why did I Choose Strong Zonaite Sword?

It is One-handed, so you can hold the shield in the other to protect yourself.

The Mighty Zonaite Longsword is another extremely powerful one-handed weapon. I highly advise making it more lethal by combining it with the Captain Construct parts.

Defeat Captain Construct enemies on Sky Island to acquire their horns, significantly increasing the sword’s damage. The higher the level of the horn, the greater the damage boost.

Utilize Zonai devices to strengthen the sword. Find the Zonaite sword in a treasure box at Kyononis shrine. Other locations like South Eldin Sky Archipelago and Necluda Sky Archipelago are also recommended.

  • Fusion Benefits.
  • Enhanced Durability.
  • Versatile Combinations.
  • Powerful Attacks.

  • Resource Intensive.
  • Risk of Explosion.
  • Potential Over-reliance.

5. Soldier Blade

Best Weapon For Crafting
Soldier Blade

Why did I Choose Soldier Blade?

Keeping the Soldier Blade in the early game will easily get you through tough enemies.

The next best weapon will be constructed by fusing the Soldier’s construct horn with the Zonaite Longsword. This is also a reliable weapon in the early game. You will not face much trouble in finding these required items.

You fuse the items and get an excellent, sturdy blade that offers perfect speed and damage. You can use this blade while encountering both tougher or weaker enemies.

  • Fast and Powerful.
  • Durable.
  • Easily Available.

  • Resource Consumption.
  • Two-handed Limitation.
  • It’s not effective in late game.

6. Magic Rods

Best Fused Weapon
Magic Rod (Captured By Us)

Main appearance(s)The Legend of Zelda
Link's Awakening
Other appearance(s)Hyrule Warriors
Use(s)Damaging enemies
Lighting Torches(LA)[1]
Melting ice(LA)[2]
Locations(s)Turtle Rock(LA)
StrengthThe Legend of Zelda
Comparable Item(s)Fire Rod
Ice Rod
Lightning Rod

Why did I Choose Magic Rods?

The fusion with Elemental Rocks can greatly enhance the weapon and make it more effective.

The fusion of Magic Rods with the Elemental Rocks results in the best weapon as these rocks add or apply the effect to these Rods, making them more effective against the enemies. Chests are the easy way to obtain the Magic Rods.

Once you have them combined with the Elemental rocks, which include Opal, Sapphire, and more, Rod can deal the water damage with Opal rock; with topaz, it gets the electrical effect, and you can try out different rocks to get various outcomes.

  • Elemental Damage.
  • Versatile. (different gems, different products)
  • Elemental effects have additional uses.
  • Easy to find.

  • Less Base Damage.
  • Resource Management.
  • No Modifiers.

7. Zonai Fusion

Best Durable Weapon
Large Zonai For Weapon Fusion (Captured By Us)

Why did I Choose Zonai Fusion?

Eliminating enemies is easier when Fusing with Zonai Devices, as they significantly boost weapon power.

Zonai Devices enhance weapons, including the Mirror, Stakes, Springs, Cannons, and Construct Heads, each serving a unique purpose. For instance, the Beam emitter shoots a damaging light beam.

Fuse these devices with your weapon to maximize its power. Selecting the right devices significantly impacts your weapon’s abilities.

Correctly fusing devices allows for diverse weapon combinations for offense or defense. Avoid uncertain combinations due to the expense and rarity of resources. Understand the mechanics before fusing to avoid wastage and make the most of these enhancements.

You can look into our Zelda Tears of The Kingdom: How To Fuse? guide to learn more about it. 

  • Enhanced Attack Power.
  • Resonance Bonus.
  • Utility in Traversal.
  • Combat Versatility.
  • Extended Arrow Range.

  • Limited Durability.
  • Conditional Bonuses.
  • Trade-Offs.
  • Limited Use for Some Devices.

Why Others Were Not Chosen?

In Tears of the Kingdom, the weapons have a degradation system where they will break after you use them for a while. Keeping this in mind, I have shortlisted those weapons that are more durable, so they last more in combat. Moreover, Damage output is one of the main reasons only some weapons are considered best, as they outclass the enemies in battle.

Some weapons, such as Lightscale Trident and Scimitar of the Seven, need unique materials for crafting purposes. Although the weapons are powerful, the material collection takes time. Therefore, I have not included them for effectiveness purposes.

Lastly, few weapons have a condition where they deal enhanced damage in the phase before breaking. This creates a more significant risk greater-reward scenario, which, in my opinion, is not a stable option.

My Verdict On The Best Weapons

So far, I have discussed my most preferred weapons as the best and have mentioned the details regarding each of them. For instance, Master Sword is one of the most powerful weapons in Tears of the Kingdom and I like to use it against the powerful opponents who have a bigger health pool. Furthermore, I recommend you test every listed weapon in your own gameplay and decide which one suits you the most. 

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