Tears of the Kingdom Cooking [Best Recipes & List]

Learn about all the different recipes in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom, which ones are the best and how you can cook them.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Cooking Guide
Cooking Guide | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Cooking in Tears Of The Kingdom is essential as it is the primary way to restore links’ health. While you can eat raw items to regain your heart, cooking them has more benefits. Throwing your item in an open fire for a while will result in a roasted variant of the item.

Roasted food provides slight health recovery and has few to no side benefits. So, Using fire, you can roast the raw materials but cooking them in a pot is even better. Cooking pots are not hard to find as they are easy to find around the map, and you can mostly find them at stables.

Cooking in a pot provides a dish with extra health recovery and more secondary effects. Combining different materials can give you more health recovery, or it can also provide you with additional effects. You would need more raw materials to increase the potency of a cooked meal.

Basics To Know

  • Cook meals in-game: Eat raw, roast, or cook in a pot.
  • Pot cooking is best: Recovers most health and grants status effects.
  • Combine up to 5 ingredients in a pot.
  • Meals restore health and offer status buffs.
  • Stored recipes in a recipe log for later use.
  • Meal names hint at their effects.
  • Avoid mixing different status-effect ingredients.
  • Use rock salt and goat butter for longer status effect durations.
  • More ingredients mean stronger effects.
  • More health ingredients = more hearts restored.
  • More same-status effect ingredients = longer buffs.
  • Critical cooking: Use a golden apple or cook during a red blood moon for bonuses.
Cooking pot tears of the kingdom
Pot To Cook Meals | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

How To Cook In Tears of the Kingdom

To roast or bake the food, you need to hold the item in your hand and throw it in an open fire to roast or bake it. Alternatively, you can also use the cooking pots to create much more complex dishes, as more than one item can be used in a pot. If you are not near a cooking pot, you can also use the portable pot to cook one meal.

Portable pot in tears of the kingdom
Portable Pot | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

In front of a pot, you can open your inventory and hold more than one item in your hand. Drop it in the pot to cook your desired meal. There are many dishes as the mechanic of Cooking is complex, and you can play around with many different combinations to create meals with more health recovery and new secondary effects.

You can also check the recipes you created using a meal by clicking on an item and then clicking on check recipe. All cooked meals by you have their recipes stored, so it is easier to recreate meals you have already cooked.

Buffs Of Cooking

There are many buffs with health recovery that are also granted when consuming a cooked meal. These buffs can be vital in many scenarios and help you overcome certain situations in the game.

For example, using Chillshrooms in any of your cooked meals will grant you the status effect of resisting heat, and increasing the amount you use will increase its potency by prolonging its effect time. 

Chilshrooms tears of the kingdom
Chillshroom | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Any meals you cook with these prefix words will have the following effects:

  • Spicy: Provides resistance to cold to help in cold environments.
  • Chilly/Icy: Provides resistance to heat to assist in warm environments.
  • Hearty: Grants 1 to 5 extra temporary hearts depending on the potency of the ingredients. 
  • Enduring: Restores and overfills Links stamina wheel.
  • Energizing: Restores the stamina of Link.
  • Sneaky: Increase stealth and makes it harder for enemies to spot you.
  • Tough: Increases defense by granting a toughness effect.
  • Sticky: Increases grip to climb wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Electro: Provides shock resistance.
  • Fireproof: Grants fire resistance to Link.
  • Mighty: Increases attack power by granting an attack power boost.
  • Hasty: Increases movement speed.
  • Sunny: Restores hearts that are corrupted by the gloom.
  • Dark: Provides gloom resistance.
  • Bright: Gives Link a glow effect.

Recipes List

There are many meals that you can cook by combining a number of different ingredients to obtain a variation of health restoration and secondary effects. Here is a list of basic meals you can cook in the game to give you a general idea about Cooking.

You can alter these recipes by increasing the number of ingredients used to improve the meal’s potency and increase the number of hearts restored. You can also use different types of the same ingredient to get the desired secondary effect.

For example, in place of any mushrooms, you can use the chillshroom to get heat resistance, and increasing the amount used will get you more time duration for the status effect. Remember not to use ingredients with different effects in the same meal as they will cancel each other’s effect out, and the meal will only recover health.

MealIngredients RequiredPrimary and Secondary Effects
Fish SkewerFishProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Fish used
Meat Skewer Meat + FruitProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Fruit used
Mushroom SkewerMushroomProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Mushroom used
Meat and Mushroom SkewerMeat + MushroomProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Mushroom used
Fish and Mushroom SkewerFish + MushroomProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Mushroom used
Seafood SkewerCrab/SnailProvides Healing
Steamed MushroomMushroom + Any HerbProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Mushroom/Herb used
Sauteed PeppersTwo PeppersProvides Healing and Cold Resistance
Salt Grilled MushroomMushroom + Rock SaltProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Mushroom used
Fragrant Mushroom SauteMushroom + Goron SpiceProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Mushroom used
OmeletBird EggProvides Healing
Rice Balls Hylian RiceProvides Healing
Veggie Rice BallsHylian Rice + Any Herb/VeggieProvides Healing and secondary effect depends on the herb/veggie used
Seafood Rice BallsHylian Rice + Any FishProvides Healing and Secondary effect depends on Fish used
Vegetable CurryPumpkin + Goron Spice + Hylian RiceProvides Healing and Defense Buff
Electro ElixirThunderwing Butterfly + Any Monster PartProvides Electricity Resistance
Fireproof ElixirFireproof Lizard + Any Monster PartProvides Fire Resistance
Hasty ElixirHot Footed Frog + Any Monster PartProvides Speed Buff
Bright ElixirDeep Firefly + Any Monster PartGives Glowing Effect
Tough Elixir Rugged Rhino Beetle + Any Monster PartProvides Defense Buff
Sneaky Elixir Sunset Firefly + Any Monster PartProvides Stealth Buff
Sticky ElixirSticky Frog/Lizard + Any Monster PartIncreases grip to climb slippery surfaces
Mighty ElixirBladed Rhino Beetle + Any Monster PartProvides Attack Buff
Spicy ElixirRed Butterfly/Warm Darmer + Any Monster PartProvides Cold Resistance
Hearty ElixirHearty Lizard + Any Monster PartRestores Health
Chilly ElixirBlue Butterfly/Cold Darmer + Any Monster PartProvides Heat Resistance
Enduring ElixirTireless Frog + Any Monster PartRestores and overfills Stamina
Energizing ElixirRestless Cricket + Any Monster PartRestores Stamina
Pepper Steak Meat + PepperRecovers Health and provides cold resistance if spicy pepper is used
Pepper SeafoodSea Food + PepperRecovers Health and provides cold resistance if spicy pepper is used
Honeyed AppleHoneycomb + AppleRecovers Health
Simmered FruitFruitRecovers Health
Seared SteakRoast Meat in open fireRecovers Health
Dark Rice BallDark Clump + Any Rice + Rock SaltProvides Gloom Resistance
Salt Grilled MeatRock Salt + MeatRecovers Health
Sneaky Mushroom SkewerSilent ShroomsRecovers Health and gives Stealth Buff

Tears of the Kingdom Best Recipes

There are many different recipes that you can create to achieve other effects. These are helpful recipes with varying effects and good health recovery.

Energizing Elixir

Energizing elixir tears of the kingdom
Energizing Elixir | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

It requires a restless cricket and any monster part to cook. Restless crickets can be found easily when you cut the large grass, and they will start appearing and jumping. It can be made in bulk to store so you can always restore your stamina. While paragliding or fighting enemies, stamina is essential, so it is necessary to have some backup, and the energizing elixirs can do that for you.

Warding Meat Skewer

Dark Clump Tears of the kingdom
Dark Clump | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

It requires a dark clump and a piece of raw meat to cook. It does a good amount of health recovery and gives you a gloom resistance buff for a time duration. Increase the amount of ingredients you add to increase the potency of the meal. The gloom resistance is necessary to protect you from gloom corruption.

Hearty Meals (Any)

Hearty Trufle tears of the kingdom
Hearty Truffle To Cook Hearty Meals | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Any Hearty ingredient can be used with fish or mushrooms to cook this meal. Hearty meals are essential for hard fights as they can give you full health recovery and, on top of that, also temporary hearts. This extra health can make those challenging encounters easier. Finding these hearty ingredients is a bit tough but is also worth the effort.

Enduring Meals (Any)

This type of meal can be cooked with any veggie with Endura Carrot. Although Endura carrots are also tough to find, they provide very good stamina buffs. This type of meal can fully recover your stamina while also overfilling the stamina wheel, which can be very useful when your character has improved stamina. This meal serves as the better alternative to the Energizing Elixirs.

Spicy Simmered Fruit

This meal can be cooked by combining fruits with spicy pepper. It can recover a lot of health while providing a cold resistance buff for a long time. This type of resistance is useful when you are traveling in colder environments.

Chilly Mushroom Skewer

This meal can be made by cooking five Chillshrooms. It will give you a greater heat resistance buff useful while traveling in hot environments.

Sunny Meat Skewer

This dish can be created by cooking meat and Sundelions together. This type of meal can be necessary as it will recover your health and also recover the hearts that the gloom has corrupted.

Mighty Simmered Fruit

For this dish, you can cook mighty bananas together. It recovers hearts while also giving you a temporary attack buff. The more bananas, the longer you get for the attack buff. 

Tough Mushroom Skewers

For this meal, you will need to cook Ironshrooms. This meal can recover hearts while also giving you a temporary defense buff.

Sticky Elixir

Sticky Lizard Tears of the kingdom
Sticky Lizard | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

This meal can be made by cooking a sticky lizard or sticky frog with any monster part. It will increase your grip for a time duration. You can climb slippery surfaces after this buff, and this meal can be very helpful for climbing wet walls.


  1. Ingredient Descriptions: Pay attention to the descriptions of ingredients while cooking. They indicate potential status effects. Increasing the amount of ingredients with similar effects strengthens buffs and extends their duration. Combining ingredients with opposite effects cancels out secondary effects, leaving only health restoration.
  2. Critical Cooking: Golden apples can help create critically cooked meals, offering bonus effects. They can be found near apple trees, particularly around the Sonapan shrine. During a red blood moon, cooking meals grants additional bonuses, making it an opportune time to cook in bulk.
  3. Increasing Buff Time: Certain ingredients like goat butter, rock salt, and eggs can be used in complex dishes to extend the duration of status effects. Experimenting with ingredient combinations can yield longer-lasting buffs. For example, adding goat butter to meals with mighty bananas can extend the duration of attack boosts.
  4. Understanding Ingredient Uses: Knowing the properties of ingredients is crucial. Sundelion can restore corrupted hearts, while mighty bananas can provide temporary hearts. Increasing ingredient quantities not only enhances potency but also unlocks higher-level buffs. For instance, using more mighty bananas results in stronger attack boosts.
Rock Salt Tears of the kingdom cooking
Rock Salt | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Ending Remarks

The cooking mechanism is a lot of fun in Tears of The Kingdom as there are a bunch of new features. Playing around with ingredients can help you figure out a lot of bonus effects through trial and error. However, if you are looking for specific meals or buffs, you can return to the recipe list in this guide to quickly figure out how to make them.

Even though there is equipment that can grant you the same status effects having meals with these effects can help you out immensely in many situations. Cooked meals also help you replenish stamina and health during fights which you might lose if you do not have the correct meals prepared already.

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