Tears of the Kingdom Dandelion Puzzle Solution

All the essential information you might require regarding Tears of Kingdom Dandelion Puzzle with a particular emphasis on how to solve them!

Dandelion Puzzle
Dandelion Puzzle Walkthrough

Among all the Collectibles In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, There exists a Vibrant yellow-colored flower known as a Dandelion. The Dandelion is a puzzle, and a procedure exists for solving it. After completing it, you are awarded Karok Seeds, which makes the puzzle worth solving as they can be used to increase your inventory.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a lot of Collectibles throughout the game, and the Dandelion flower is one of them.
  • This yellow-colored Flower is mostly found in the Southeast region of the game.
  • We are awarded Karok Seeds after solving this Dandelion puzzle.
  • These Karok seeds can be beneficial as they increase our capacity to store different items.
Dandelion Puzzle
First encounter with Dandelion

As You may encounter several mysteries and puzzles during your journey across the Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom. Many of them are simple, easy to solve, and don’t involve a lot of brainstorming, while on the other hand, some puzzles can leave you completely clueless. Hence in my opinion The Dandelion Puzzle is one of them; therefore, it requires a proper procedure to obtain the concealed prize.

The Flower consists of Five big green-colored leaves, which are oriented to almost touch the ground. In the middle, we can see the Dandelion flower, which is bright yellow. They are not collected easily and are added to the inventory after hitting them through any weapon you choose.

How to Solve the Dandelion Puzzle

Trying to figure out a way to solve it? Worry not. I have got it covered for you.

  • After reaching the Southeast region of the game, you get to see the Dandelion, which itself is a puzzle, 
  • its better to First, choose the weapon of your choice, go close to the Dandelion, and strike it right away. Using the Melee weapon is recommended.
    Weapons to choose from
    Choosing the weapon to strike the Flower
  • You will have to Press A to grab the flying part.
  • It is important to reach the point where the Flower will drop after you have struck it. Make sure you get there before it hits the ground. The game will start again in case the Flower hits the ground.
  • If you do it on time, a Karok will appear singing, “Ya – ha – ha!, You found me!” and then you will be rewarded with Karok Seeds, increasing your inventory. Hence the puzzle is solved.

According to my experience, By following these steps, you will get the Karok Seeds, And these seeds can be used to increase your inventory after taking it to Hetsu.

Karok Seeds
Getting Karok Seeds after Solving the Puzzle

My Closing Remarks

This was all the mystery concealed behind it. After knowing the procedure through following my guide, I believe it  isn’t difficult anymore for you to collect the Karok Seeds and increase your inventory easily. Therefore, the puzzle is worth your time and shouldn’t be missed. You should go through All Stable Locations in Tears of The Kingdom to explore more such locations. If you would appreciate additional guides similar to this one, please feel free to share your thoughts and requests with us and I will love to cover that content for you.

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