Tears of the Kingdom Energy Cells [Ultimate Guide]

We'll be covering Energy Cells in all new Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in detail.

In the mystical and high-stakes world of ‘Tears of the Kingdom’, survival, strategy, and decision-making hinge on multiple elements, including Energy Cells. 

Energy Cells or power units are used to power Zonai Devices, which can improve your experience while playing and become the lifeblood of your adventure, enabling you to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and explore the vast reaches of the kingdom.

Energy Cells
Energy Cells

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Tears of the Kingdom’ involves the use of Energy Cells to power Zonai Devices and improve gameplay.
  • Energy Cells are obtained from the Steward Construct after the player completes the In-isa Shrine during the ‘Great Sky Island – Find Princess Zelda and The Closed Door’ quest.
  • Players use Energy Cells by interacting with Zonai devices, which are scattered across the kingdom.
  • Energy Cells recharge autonomously between uses, providing uninterrupted gameplay.
  • To upgrade Energy Cells, players must visit a Steward Construct at Lookout Landing Skyview Tower or Nachoyah Shrine in the Great Sky Islands.
  • The Steward Construct crafts Energy Wells to enhance the capacity of your Energy Cells, for a cost of 100 Crystalized Charges per Energy Cell.
  • Crystalized Charges are obtained by trading Zonaites at a Forge Construct, located in the Great Abandoned Mines.
  • Players need to have 300 Zonaites to trade for 100 Crystalized Charges, which can be used to create an Energy Well and upgrade Energy Cell capacity.

How To Get The Energy Cells

Before delving into the strategic use of Energy Cells in ‘Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’, it’s crucial for players to understand how to acquire them. The Energy Cells are gifted to players by the Steward Construct. This is the same Steward Construct that graciously provided you with the Purah Pad in the start. The moment of receiving the Energy Cells is not arbitrary. It only happens after the player successfully completes the In-isa Shrine.

Energy Cells
Energy Cells Location

You can access the In-isa Shrine during the ‘Great Sky Island – Find Princess Zelda and The Closed Door’ quest. This epic journey is an integral part of the game, leading you to discover more about Princess Zelda’s fate and the secrets behind the enigmatic Closed Door.

As you venture to the vast expanse of the Great Sky Island and complete the shrine, you will find yourself face-to-face with the Steward Construct, ready to bestow upon you the coveted Energy Cells.

How To Use Energy Cells Effectively

Energy Cells Usage
Energy Cells Usage

Utilizing the Energy Cells is refreshingly uncomplicated. The process requires merely interacting (usually by hitting the device with a  weapon) with a Zonai device, ancient mechanisms scattered across the kingdom. Adding to their user-friendly nature, these Energy Cells possess the remarkable ability to recharge autonomously between uses. This self-renewing feature assures players they will not deplete their stock, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted gameplay.

How To Upgrade Energy Cells

If you’re looking to upgrade the capacity of your Energy Cells, fast-travel to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, a towering structure that stands as a testament to the ancient architecture of the Kingdom. Upon arrival, take a moment to drink in the view before turning left. Approach the structure that stands proudly nearby, a building that bears an uncanny resemblance to a shrine. It is here you will find the Steward Construct, an enigmatic automaton eager to assist you in your quest.

Landing Skyview Tower
Landing zone Skyview Tower

Another place to find the Steward Construct would be to fast travel to the Nachoyah Shrine in the Great Sky Islands, which you would have completed after opening the door and moving to the fourth shrine to get the extra heart.

Nachoyah Shrine
Nachoyah Shrine

The Steward Construct offers a unique service – the crafting of Energy Wells. These ingenious contraptions enhance the capacity of your Energy Cells, allowing them to store more energy and thus extend your ability to engage with the world’s challenges.

Steward Construct
Steward Construct

However, such advancements don’t come without a price. The Steward Construct demands 100 crystallized charges per Energy Cell crafted. So, before you set foot on this journey, ensure you’ve gathered enough charges to cover the cost.

Forge Construct
Forge Construct

To acquire Crystalized Charges, players first need Zonaites. These can be exchanged at a Forge Construct, ideally found deep within the Great Abandoned Mines, which you must have visited during the initial quest to open the Closed Door. Upon reaching this ancient automaton, browse its offerings.

You’ll discover a trade option where three Zonaites can be exchanged for a coveted Crystalized Charge. So, if you’re in possession of Zonaites and seeking Crystalized Charges, make the Mines your next quest destination.

In short, you would need around 300 Zonaites to make a 100 Crystalized Charge which will, in turn, help you build an Energy Well, which can then upgrade your Energy Cell capacity to the next level.

Energy Cell Upgrade Complete
Energy Cell Upgrade Complete

Final Words

Energy Cells are obtained from the Steward Construct after completing the In-isa Shrine during a key quest. Using Energy Cells is simple, requiring interaction with Zonai devices, and they recharge autonomously, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. To upgrade Energy Cells, players visit a Steward Construct at Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, where Energy Wells are crafted to increase energy storage. However, this requires 100 Crystalized Charges. These charges are gained by trading Zonaites at a Forge Construct located in the Great Abandoned Mines.

In summary, to upgrade an Energy Cell, around 300 Zonaites are needed to acquire 100 Crystalized Charges, facilitating the creation of an Energy Well and subsequent Energy Cell capacity upgrade.

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