Tears of the Kingdom: Find Princess Zelda [Objectives & Challenges]

In this guide, I provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete Find Princess Zelda quest

Featured Find Princess Zelda Quest
Everything you need to know about to complete the quest.

In Tears of the Kingdom, finding Princess Zelda is a tough and important quest. Completing it demands players to visit some shrines and explore all their important spots. The following mission begins at the Temple of Time’s start and ends at the exact location.

Key Takeaways

  • Princess Zelda’s quest will start from the Temple of Light.
  • Recall ability will play a focal part in completing this quest.
  • Ascend ability will be continuously used because of its helpful utility.
  • Players will proceed to Nachoyah Shrine from the Temple of Light.
  • Their journey will further take them to the Ukouh shrine.
  • Collect items that come up along the way, as they are always useful.
  • Purah Pad is essential to the quest because you will fast-travel multiple times.


Temple of Time

  1. After you have completed The Closed Door main quest, go to the Temple of Time and enter it.
  2. Go from the main entrance and keep going straight to find the Golden Elevated Object.
  3. Get close to it for examination.
Examine the object to unlock the Recall ability | Image Captured By: VeryAliGaming

  1. After examining it, you will see glimpses of Princess Zelda, and she will empower your arm.
  2. The recall ability will be unlocked as a result of examining the object. You can use this ability to take it back in time to its origin, or you can stop it any time in between.
  3. Additionally, the Golden Object will disappear. Approach the two large rotating clock-like objects that you must face.
  4. I strongly recommend staying close to any of the two and using the Recall ability on one of both. Ensure you jump on the flaps of the objects.
  5. These both happening in conjunction will allow you to use the flap and move forward.
  6. Next, you must repeat this action for the next rotatory object to advance. When at the next platform, pray to the Grey Statue before you.
Praying to the grey statue in princess zelda quest
The Grey Statue | Image Captured By: VeryAliGaming

  1. As you unlock the large door behind the statue, it will guide you to get to the next shrine first.
  2. Open the Purah Pad to fast-travel toward the shrine.
  3. Go to the map section, where you will find a Room of Awakening in the far south. Fast travel to that spot to get there quickly.

Nachoyah Shrine

  1. After using fast travel, players will be at the Great Sky Island.
  2. Go left to find the stairs on your right. Take the stairs and head left towards an area under a wall.
  3. Reach the end of this path and use the Ascend Ability to elevate and get to the top level.
Reach Nachoyah Shrine to get one step closer to completing princess zelda quest.
Nachoyah Shrine | Credits: VeryAli Gaming 

  1. Towards the left, you will find the large rotating objects.
  2. Apply Recall ability as you did in the Temple of Time to hop on them and advance. After crossing both objects, you will find yourself inside a tunnel. Reach the end to find an open area.
  3. This is the Nachoyah Shrine. You can also spot it on the map.
  4. There will be a Green Emblem floating towards the right. Approach it for examination. This will open up a path you will automatically take, transporting you to a new place.

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Light Of Blessing

Ukouh shrine map location
Fast travel to Ukouh shrine | Image Captured By: VeryAliGaming

To obtain the Light of Blessing, follow these steps:

  1. After finding the Recall ability in the Temple of Time, head downstairs, and you’ll come across a wooden raft on a body of water. Use the Recall ability to get on the raft, as it’s the only way to cross the water.

  2. Continue forward on the raft until you reach another one. Once again, use the Recall ability to get on this raft. You’ll need to jump to reach it.

  3. After disembarking from the second raft, turn left to find the Golden Turbines that have been helping you progress. Use the Recall ability to get on an elevated platform.

  4. On this platform, you’ll discover a Treasure Box containing 10 Arrows. Collect them for future use.

  5. Return to the ground level from the platform using the turbines and continue walking forward. You’ll encounter two metal slings guarding the next door. Use the Recall ability on these slings to unlock the door.

  6. Enter the door to find the Green Emblem. Approach and examine the emblem to receive the Light of Blessing, which will be stored in your inventory.

  7. You’ll then find yourself in the Room of Awakening. Use the Purah Pad to fast-travel to the Ukouh Shrine to advance further.

By following these steps, you’ll progress in the game and acquire the Light of Blessing.

Ukouh Shrine

completing the find princess zelda quest
Interact with the golden object on the altar | Image Captured By: VeryAliGaming

  1. When you reach the Ukouh Shrine, you’ll find a cliff in front of you. Jump off the cliff and dive into the small pond below.

  2. After emerging from the pond, start running to your left. I must warn you to come prepared as enemies may be nearby.

  3. Keep running until you come across a lake in front of you. Look up to spot a stone building.

  4. Use the Ascend ability to levitate yourself to the stone platform above.

  5. Ascend the stairs that are facing you and enter the Temple of Time.

  6. Your objective is to reach the door that was locked when you previously visited. Approach the statue, and it will ask what you desire. Choose the Heart Container.

  7. Once you’ve chosen, the statue will unlock the door behind it. Open the door and continue walking straight.

  8. You’ll encounter a broken path ahead. Utilize the Ascend ability to traverse this gap. Keep using it until you reach the end of the path and arrive at the altar.

  9. At the altar, you’ll find a golden orb. Examine it to trigger a short cutscene in which Princess Zelda appears. This marks the conclusion of Princess Zelda’s quest.

Challenges Encountered?

One of the major challenges you will face is choosing between engaging in battles or ignoring enemies to reach your destination. Plus, you will have to use your abilities efficiently to gain access to specific dungeons and regions. Also I recommend picking up the loot on your way through each shrine so you are never light on the gear. 

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