Tears of the Kingdom First Shrine [Location & Guide]

In This Guide We Will Tell You About The Location And Unique Attributes of the First Shrine In The Tears of the Kingdom.

UKouh Shrine: The first shrine in the Tears Of The Kingdom. (Image captured by us.)

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, shrines play an essential role in the gameplay. UKouh Shrine is the first shrine in the game, and by visiting this shrine, a player can acquire different abilities and powers which help him to improve his performance.

This guide, Tears of the Kingdom First Shrine, will walk you through the unique features and attributes of the first shrine in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • UKouh is the first shrine in the tears of the kingdom. A player can unlock new abilities and powers by visiting the UKouh Shrine.
  • By solving the puzzles and completing the different challenges, a player can find treasure chests in the UKouh Shrine.
  • Players will get blessings like the Ultrahand ability, The Ability to Create, and the improved ability to open locks in the UKouh Shrine.
  • Locating and visiting the UKouh Shrine will enable the player to acquire powerful light of blessing and many other unique characteristics.


Location of the UKouh Shrine in THE Tears of the Kingdom. – Image Captured By Us

To discover and enter the Ukouh Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, you must first go to the north of the Great Sky Island and the west side of the Temple of Time. Once there, you can hunt for a small timberland near a rocky hill. You’ve got to climb the mountain to induce to the shrine.

Once you reach the top of the slopeyou’ll see a cave that leads to the Ukouh Shrine. Enter the cave and follow the way until you reach the shrine. Be careful because the shrine is full of traps and impediments. Once you get a shrine, you’ll acquire special abilities to improve your performance.


Use Ultrahand to move the wooden plank. – Image Captured By Us

Entering the Ukouh Temple, you will see the statue of Lord Ukouh. Bow before the figure to get rewards. The primary room of the temple is filled with pillars that can be moved to reveal covered-up entries with the help of The Ability To Create. However, the ways are blocked by deterrents that have to be devastated.

Moreover, you will also experience moving platforms and spike traps in the shrine. After entering the UKouh Shrine, you will see a gap on your right side. Cover this gap by placing two slabs on each other with the help of Ultrahand. After carefully placing the slabs, move across the gap and reach the other side.

 Moving platform in the UKouh Shrine. – Image Captured By Us

Using Ultrahand attach one of the hooks to the wooden plank and connect this model to a railing. After joining the model to a bar, jump on the wooden plank to reach the other side. Interact with the green circle to acquire the Light of Blessing.

Treasure Chest Location

Treasure Chest Locations
Location of Treasure Chests in UKouh Shrine. – Image Captured By Us

You will see a treasure chest on your back right corner when you reach the other side of the slab. Use Ultrahand to place the wooden plank at a 45º angle and make a bridge to the treasure chest. You will acquire a piece of amber on opening the UKouh chest.

Abilities Enhancement

Ultrahand Ability helps the player to complete the complex challenges in the UKouh Shrine. – Image Captured By Us

Dive into the Tears of the Kingdom First Shrine; one of the foremost fundamental characteristics players can pick up is Ultrahand ability which helps to move objects freely and attach them to other subjects. It enables the player to build a significant number of things. 

Players can also gain improved aim through their time in the UKouh Shrine. It helps to use Ultrahand more accurately. At the end of the Shrine, you will get a powerful Light of Blessing that purges ancient evil and purifies with its radiance.

Powerful Light Of Blessing. – Image Captured By Us

Final Remarks

We have explained all the details about the UKouh Shrine in the Tears of the Kingdom First Shrine. You can complete the UKouh Shrine with patience and strategy and gain powerful new abilities and treasures. Attributes gained from completing challenges can significantly improve the player’s performance in combat and exploration.

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