Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum Guide

The Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum pits you against five powerful Lynels. Here's how to defeat the five Lynels and get the final reward: the fabled Majora's Mask.

Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum.
A complete guide on finding the Coliseum and defeating the five Lynels.

The Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum is one of the most complex challenges in the game. This Coliseum puts you up against five Lynels in five consecutive battles. Here’s how to defeat the Lynels and complete the Floating Coliseum to get the Majora’s Mask.

Key Takeaways

  • The Floating Coliseum is one of the hardest challenges in Tears of the Kingdom. This battle arena pits you against five consecutive Lynels.
  • The Floating Coliseum is found inside the Great Plateau North Chasm at coordinates (-1134, -1202, -0499).
  • Before you go up against the Lynels, we highly recommend maxing out your armor, heart, and stamina upgrades. We also recommend stockpiling powerful weapons, shields, Sunny dishes, Fairies, and penetrating swords.
  • Learn the enemy attack patterns. There are four types of Lynels you’ll face: Red Lynel, Blue-Maned Lynel, White-Maned Lynel, and two Silver Lynels, the second of which is armored.
  • When taking on the Lynels, start the fight by mounting the centaur and getting in a few hits.
  • Fuse an arrow with a Keese Eyeball or Gibdo Bone and shoot at the Lynel’s head to stun it and then let out a Flurry Rush.
  • You can also use an Ancient Blade to defeat the Lynel immediately. But only one can be found naturally in the game. Others must be acquired through Amiibos.
  • You get the Majora’s Mask after defeating all five Lynels, which makes some smaller enemies ignore you.

Floating Coliseum Location

The exterior of the Floating Coliseum.
The Floating Coliseum is situated inside the Great Plateau North Chasm – Image Captured By Us.

You can find the Floating Coliseum right beneath the Coliseum Ruins. The Ruins are located on Hyrule Surface, in the Hyrule Fields. Once you reach the Hyrule Fields, locate the Temple of Time Ruins.

From here, you’ll need to navigate to the Great Plateau North Chasm. It’ll be just north of the Temple of Time.

Enter the chasm, and you will enter the Hyrule Depths. Here, you’ll need to follow the direction on the map where the Floating Coliseum is. The fastest way to get there is to place a marker on the map where the Coliseum is and follow it.

Eventually, your path will be blocked by an ancient structure situated on top of some water. This is the Floating Coliseum. You can enter, but it’s best to prepare beforehand.

The exact coordinates of the Coliseum door are (-1134, -1202, -0499).

Before The Coliseum Fight

Before you enter the Coliseum, there are a few things that we recommend you do to make the fights easier in the building.

Max Armor Upgrades

It’s highly recommended to have max armor upgrades. Remember that you will need to fight five majestic Lynels. Hence, the higher the armor upgrade, the better. You can get the Great Fairies to update the armor so you can take more hits. As low as two armor upgrades are recommended, though the more, the better.

Get More Heart Containers

Get more Heart Containers. Heart Containers can be acquired through several methods. The easiest way to get Heart Containers is to complete the Shrine challenges and get some Lights of Blessing.

Then, trade four Blessings for one Heart Container at the Goddess Statues. After killing the temple bosses for five Heart Containers, you also get Heart Containers. Some dishes can also grant you extra hearts, though these will only be temporary.

Related: Players need to complete various shrines to receive Light of Blessing. These items help in securing a Heart or Stamina container for 4 Light of Blessings. Check out our guide on Tears of the Kingdom Shrine Locations!

Max Out Your Stamina Wheel

You’ll need as much Stamina as possible for the Lynel fights. You can utilize the same strategy you did for the Heart Containers: exchange Lights of Blessing for Stamina Wheel upgrades at the Goddess Statues.

Expand Your Inventory Size

You’ll go through several weapons during the Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum fight. And several will get destroyed. Hence, you should acquire more inventory space. You can upgrade your inventory by finding Korok Seeds and trading them for inventory slots with Hestu. Take a look at our Korok Seeds locations guide to find all the seeds.

Acquire More Weapons And Sheilds

You’ll need more than just your bow and arrow for this one. As mentioned previously, it’s more than likely that your weapons and shields will get destroyed during the fights.

We recommend anywhere from four to seven weapons and shields. You’ll need to experiment to find out the right amount for you. Additionally, armor-penetrating weapons such as Bomb Flowers and hammers are highly recommended for the fifth Lynel.

Ancient Blades

Ancient Blades are arguably the best at defeating Lynels, as when fused with arrows, they obliterate Lynels in one go. However, these blades are relatively easy to find. One blade can be found in the well in Faron Grasslands near the Highland Stable. We talk about this in detail later.

The other way to get Ancient Blades is through Amiibos. You’ll need five in total for each Lynel. So you can either spend real-life cash and get the Amiibos or get the one-blade in Faron Grasslands and use it as a last resort. Keep in mind that they break once used.

Sunny Recipes

Other than that, it would help if you stockpiled Sunny dishes. These dishes help you recover from the effects of Gloom, which the Lynels will inflict you with. Sunny dishes include Copious Meat Skewers, Copious Mushroom Skewers, Creamy Meat Soup, and more. Check out our recipe guide for more Sunny recipes.

Acquire Fairies

Fairies are mythical creatures that give you one more life when you’re about to go down. These are crucial if you want to survive the Lynel fights. Three can be found on the third level in the Duelling Peaks Stable Well. Three more can be found by the pond beneath Courage Island. Additionally, more can be found outside Sihajob Shrine, by the Outskirt Stable Well, and many more locations.

Get The Mu-ustust Lightroot

Before you enter the Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum, we highly recommend getting the Mu-ustust Lightroot. This is just southwest of the entrance to the Coliseum. Its exact coordinates are (-1423, -1351, -0517).

Place A Traveler’s Medallion

This is optional. If you’ve acquired the Traveler’s Medallion, you can leave it at the door so you can come back and change your loadout easily if needed.

Lynel Attack Patterns

Tears of the Kingdom Red Lynel battle.
The Red Lynel is the easiest and has five moves – Image Captured By Us.

Before we get into how to defeat the Lynels, you must understand their attack patterns. You’ll be up against five types of Lynels, with the last being armored.

First Round

The first round of the Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum puts you against a Red Lynel. Red Lynels are the easiest (relatively) of the five and have five moves.

Weapons: Shield and broadsword.


  • The Lynel charges at you.
  • It flings its sword at you while charging.
  • The Lynel lifts its sword to telegraph the attack and strikes down.
  • It shoots three fireballs in your direction.
  • If the Lynel stands on its hind legs, it will stomp down on you.

Second Round

The second round features a Blue-Maned Lynel that has a few additional moves.

Weapons: Claymore.


  • The Lynel charges at you, swinging its claymore.
  • It lifts the claymore above its head to telegraph the attack and charges at Link, striking down with the weapon.
  • The Lynel stands on its hind legs and strikes Link with its horns.
  • It shoots three fireballs in your direction.
  • The Lynel will spin its claymore thrice above its head, blocking aerial attacks.
  • If the Lynel lifts the claymore above its head, it will strike the ground thrice.

Third Round

Your third encounter will be with a White-Maned Lynel. This Lynel is more challenging than the previous two and will require quick thinking to defeat.

Weapons: Halberd.


  • The Lynel gets on its hind legs and strikes Link with its horns.
  • It strikes the ground with the halberd, creating powerful gusts of wind and explosions around it.
  • The Lynel charges at you while staying low.
  • It shoots three fireballs in your direction, the speed at which they travel faster than before.
  • If the Lynel jumps, then it will strike the ground with its halberd and deal damage in an area.
  • Finally, the Lynel will charge at you swinging its halberd, telegraphed by a raised weapon.

Fourth Round

Next, you’re up against a Silver Lynel. It has eight attacks that are more buffed versions of the other Lynels’ moves.

Weapons: Shield and broadsword.


  • The Lynel charges at you.
  • It charges at you with its sword raised and strikes you when it gets close.
  • It stands on its hind legs and attacks you with its sword.
  • Sometimes, it will knock you thrice when it’s on its hind legs.
  • The Lynel getting onto its hind legs might strike you with its horns.
  • A new move is when the Lynel gets on its hind legs and has both arms in the air. When this happens, it will strike the space directly in front of it.
  • The Lynel shoots out three fireballs that travel in your general direction.
  • Finally, it will hit the ground with its sword, generating a gust of wind and a small explosion.

Fifth Round

The final round also sees you fighting a Silver Lynel, but this one will have armor, and you’ll require penetrating weapons.

Weapons: Spiked-iron-ball hammer and armor.


  • The Lynel charges in your general direction.
  • It does the same again, but this time swinging at you with its hammer.
  • The Lynel performs the same charging attack but strikes the ground.
  • It may also get onto its hind legs and hit the hammer into the ground thrice.
  • The Lynel may perform the same attack, swinging its horns at you instead.
  • Additionally, the Lynel will shoot three fireballs from its mouth that loosely follow your direction.
  • Finally, the Lynel will spin its hammer thrice above its head.

Lynel Drops

Apart from the final reward from the Coliseum (Majora’s Mask), you also get some loot from each Lynel. Remember that you won’t get any of this loot if you use the Ancinet Blades to defeat the Lynels.

RoundLynel TypeDrops
1Red LynelLynel Shield, Lynel Saber Horn, Large Crystallized Charg, Lynel Hooves (2), Lynel Bow, Arrows (20), Lynel Mace Horn, Soldier's Broadsword, Lynel Guts
2Blue-Maned LynelBlue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn, Blue-Maned Lynel Mace Horn, Lynel Guts, Soldier's Claymore, Lynel Hooves (2), Lynel Bow, Arrows (20), Large Crystallized Charge
3White-Maned LynelWhite-Maned Lynel Saber Horn, White-Maned Lynel Mace Horn, Lynel Guts, Knight's Halberd, Lynel Hooves (2), Mighty Lynel Bow, Arrows (20), Large Crystallized Charge
4Silver LynelSilver Lynel Saber Horn, Silver Lynel Mace Horn, Lynel Guts, Savage Lynel Shield, Lynel Hooves (2), Savage Lynel Bow, Arrows (20), Large Crystallized Charge
5Silver LynelSilver Lynel Saber Horn, Silver Lynel Mace Horn, Lynel Guts, Spiked-Iron-Ball Hammer, Lynel Hooves (2), Savage Lynel Bow, Arrows (50), Large Crystallized Charge, Savage Lynel Shield

How To Defeat The Lynels

Red Lynel Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum.
Each Lynel has almost the same strategy, save for a few changes – Image Captured By Us.

The Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum is divided into five phases, each with a Lynel that must be fought. Here’s how to defeat the Lynels and get through the Coliseum challenges:

  1. The first step in conquering the Lynels is learning the boss attack patterns and how they telegraph them.
  2. The best way to practice the Lynels is to fight them elsewhere on the map. The Red Lynel, for example, appears seven times throughout Hyrule. Other Lynels are also present in the kingdom and can be fought to understand how they attack.
  3. During round 1, when you’re fighting the Red Lynel, jump and mount it to start the fight. Hit it as often as possible until the Lynel throws you off.
  4. When the Lynel is about to attack, use your Hylian Shield to block their powerful attacks successfully. After dodging, you may get an opening to Flurry Rush, the boss.
  5. Right before the Lynel attacks (when it’s telegraphing its attacks), there is an opening to stun it. You can stagger the Lynel with an arrow infused with the Keese Eyeball. This will give you time to Flurry Rush, the enemy, or hit it with your arrow a few times if you’re too far away. This strategy works best with moves with longer telegraphs, such as the fireball attack and when the Lynel raises its front legs.
  6. Remember that there are no platforms to jump from in the Coliseum. So utilizing bullet time, as well as Rockets or Zonai Springs, is ideal.
  7. Fusing Keese Eyeballs or Gibdo Bones to your arrows during bullet time and hitting the centaur’s head will stun it. This gives you plenty of time to perfect your aim.
  8. Once the first Lynel is down, the second Lynel will release onto you immediately. So you need more time to get yourself together. Utilize this time to heal, eat Sunny dishes, use Fairies, or equip an Ancient Blade.
  9. Keep repeating the process until you get to the last Lynel. At this point, you should fit a weapon that can penetrate armor.

Ancient Blades Method

Another method to defeating the Lynels is to use the Ancient Blades. Ancient Blades are unique, scarce items you can equip onto your arrow or spear. These have several effects, including immediately obliterating Lynels.

The problem with this method is that you must acquire the Ancient Blades. This process is much more complex since you can obtain only one Ancient Blade naturally. The other four you’ll need for this fight can only be acquired as Amiibo rewards.

In case you don’t know, Amiibos are real-life action figures that can be scanned into the Switch. These grant you special rewards, with the Archer Link Amiibo from 2017 giving you the Ancient Blade. These cost real-world money and may not even be available in your region.

A much easier tactic is to acquire the one Ancient Blade you can find naturally in the game and use it for the last Lynel. You won’t get any loot from Lynels defeated this way, but you do get Majora’s Mask at the end.

How To Find The Ancient Blade

  1. Go to the Faron Grasslands and enter the well next to the Highland Stable.
  2. Strike the wall nearby with a hammer to break it. Blue and Silver Bokoblins and a couple of Shock Likes will swarm you.
  3. After defeating them, go to the end of the room and take the right exit. But before you exit, look for the boxes at the side.
  4. The Ancinet Blade is in one of these boxes below the middle chest.

Floating Coliseum Reward

Now that you’ve pulled through five phases of the Floating Coliseum, what’s the reward for you? Well, you get Majora’s Mask.

This fabled item is a mask that makes it more challenging for enemies to find you. Its ability is quite useful when you want to avoid unsolicited fights with common enemies. However, it won’t work on bosses (or enemies with names). This mask also has a base defense of 1.

Final Thoughts

The Tears of the Kingdom Floating Coliseum undoubtedly presents a daunting challenge for skilled and new players. We recommend practicing and memorizing the boss’s attack patterns beforehand.

Defeating the Lynels becomes repetitive once you get past the first few. However, the fifth Lynel is the most powerful as it has armor. Hence, it’s best to have some penetrating weapons on hand.

Check out our best Tears of the Kingdom armor guide to get the strongest armor for defeating the Lynels.

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