Tears of the Kingdom Fourth Shrine [Location & Puzzles]

In This Guide We Will Tell You About The Location And Unique Attributes Of The Fourth Shrine In The Tears Of The Kingdom.

Nachoya Shrine: The fourth shrine in The Tears Of The Kingdom.

In Tears of the Kingdom, shrines significantly shape the gameplay and narrative experience. Nachoyah is the fourth shrine in the Tears of the Kingdom, which grants the players different abilities by completing the various challenges.

This guide, Tears of the Kingdom Fourth Shrine, will walk you through the unique features and abilities of the fourth shrine in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding and entering the Nachoyah Shrine is challenging but rewarding in Tears of the Kingdom. 
  • The puzzle solutions in the Nachoyah Shrine require players to use their problem-solving skills to progress. 
  • The Nachoyah Shrine has treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Mainly, a player must complete the ability to Rewind challenge to acquire the chests with valuable items.
  • Moreover, the Nachoyah Shrine provides players with remarkable characteristics like Rewind ability and light of the blessing.

Below, I have explained all the unique attributes and particular features of the Nachoyah Shrine.

How To Locate And Enter The Nachoyah Shrine?

Location Of The Nachoya Shrine in the Tears Of The Kingdom.

The Nachoya Shrine is located in the southern area of the Great Sky Island above the Room of Awakening. First, enter the Room of Awakening and go to the top of the stone pavilion. Then reverse the rotation of the first large cogwheel to reach the second large cogwheel.

In the same way, rewind the second large cogwheel and move across the platforms. You will see a hole in front of you, jump into it and turn right. Keep walking until you see the Nachoyah Shrine on your right side. 

Walkthrough For The Nachoyah Shrine

Use a raft to cross the lake in the Nachoyah Shrine.

In the Nachoyah Shrine, you can reach higher elevations, go against the water currents, and reverse the rotation of an object using the Rewind ability. After entering the Nachoyah Shrine, you will see a raft in the water. Use the rewind ability to land on the raft and cross the lake. Moreover, if you fall from the raft due to the water currents, my advise is to use the rewind ability to stand on the raft again. 

Treasure Chest locations

Location of Treasure Chest in Nachoyah Shrine.

After crossing the lake, you will see a rotating cogwheel. Use the Rewind ability to ride the cogwheel and reach the top, where you will find a treasure chest. Opening the treasure chest, a player can get a bundle of ten ordinary arrows. The shaft of these arrows is carved from the wood of a sturdy tree.

After acquiring the arrows, come down and explore the shrine. You will see two spinning dials in front of a gate. These dials spin in opposite directions. The gate opens when these spinning dials overlap each other. Use the Rewind ability to sync these spinning dials, open the gate, and enter it. After entering the gate, go to the statue to acquire the Light of Blessing.

Characteristics Given To Players In The Nachoyah Shrine.

You can use the Rewind ability to complete the Nachoyah Shrine’s complex challenges.

Mainly, you will acquire the Rewind ability by visiting the Nachoyah Shrine. This Rewind ability will enable you to move the objects according to your will, cross obstacles, and reach the statues to get blessings.

Moreover, you can acquire improved health, defence and resistance to different basic damage types. Furthermore, you will also get a powerful light of blessing that purges ancient evil and purifies with its radiance. It will update your character’s abilities and improve his performance on the battlefield.

Light Of Blessing
Powerful Light Of Blessing.

Final Remarks

In the Tears of the Kingdom Fourth Shrine, I have explained the location and all the unique attributes of the Nachoya Shrine. Players can obtain extraordinary characteristics and features by exploring this shrine and making their gameplay more enjoyable. 

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