Tears of the Kingdom Frost Gleeok: Locate & Guide

A comprehensive guide on how to defeat Frost Gleeok.

Frost Gleeok Tears Of The Kingdom

Frost Gleeok is a formidable creature in the Tears of the Kingdom. This triple-headed boss is known for its icy breath and capacity to bring freezing-cold temperatures wherever it goes. So it would be best to prepare yourself by collecting valuable items to beat the Frost Gleeok.

In this guide, we have explained how to locate, prepare, and defeat the Frost Gleeok.

Key Takeaways

  • Frost Gleeok can be located in the South Tabantha Snowfield and Gerudo Highland.
  • Prepare yourself for the fight by collecting valuable items like cold-resistant armor, arrows, and fire fruit.
  • Dodge the attacks of the Frost Gleeok and use the Recall ability to fly high in the air to kill him.
  • After beating the Frost Gleeok, you will be rewarded with powerful items that will improve your performance on the battlefield.

Here is a summary table for the rewards you get from the Frost Gleok in Tears of the Kingdom:

Gleeok181・Gerudo Highlands
・Hebra Mountains
・Gleeok Frost Horn
・Gleeok Wing
・Gleeok Guts

How To Locate The Frost Gleeok?

Frost Gleeok is located in South Tabantha Snowfield.

You can find the Frost Gleeok at the following locations.

  • In the Tabantha Tundra east of the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower.
  • In the Gerudo Highlands north of the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower.
  • In the Biron Snowshelf, north of the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower.

South Tabantha Snowfield and Gerudo Highland are easily accessible from the nearby Skyview Towers, so you can easily find him.

How To Prepare


Collect the following things to beat the Frost Gleeok.

  1. Arrows: They assist you in damaging the eyes.
  2. Fire Fruit: Fuse fire fruit with the arrows and give extra damage.
  3. Cold-resistance armor: Cold-resistant clothes and armor protect you from the icicles and cold climate.
  4. Snow boots: Using Snow boots, you can run fast and avoid attacks.
  5. Zonai rocket: Attach the Zonai rocket to your shield to give yourself extra support.`
  6. Ice Fruit and Meals: These meals help to restore your health and protect you from extra damage.
  7. Aerocuda Eyeball: It improves your aim.

Phase I

Fire arrows towards Frost Gleeok to damage his eye.

In the first phase, Frost Gleeok will shoot ice lasers towards you that can freeze you. I suggest you to Avoid these lasers by jumping on high ground and firing arrows towards him.

Moreover, fuse these arrows with the Fire Fruit to give extra damage to this ice monster. The weak point of the Frost Gleeok is his eye on each of his heads. Give additional damage and beat him by hitting the arrows in his eyes.

Phase II

In the second phase, Frost Gleeok will start throwing ice towards you, blowing up in a snowflake shape. Avoid these attacks by using Snow boots and jumping on high ground near you. Furthermore, start hitting the arrows towards his eyes and attach the Zonai rocket to your shield for extra support. 

Moreover, he will create large wind gusts by beating his wings. You can protect yourself behind the ruins and fire arrows from here to avoid these wind gusts.

Phase III

Use Recall Ability to go up in the air.

In the third phase, Frost Gleeok will go high in the air and shoot icicles from the top. These icicles will damage your health and decrease your stamina. Take some meals to restore your health. Avoid the icicles and jump on an icicle that falls near you. Use the Recall ability and fly high in the air by standing on the icicle. 

Start firing arrows towards the Frost Gleeok from the top. Use Aerocuda Eyeball to improve your aim. Finally, the Frost Gleeok will die after the successive attacks of the arrows and drop his loot.


After beating the Frost Gleeok, you will get the following valuable items.

  • Gleeok Frost Horns
  • Gleeok Wings

Final Thoughts

In this guide, Frost Gleeok Tears of the Kingdom, I have explained everything a player must know to beat the Frost Gleeok.

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