Tears of the Kingdom Great Sky Island Shrines

A complete guide to find all the shrines in Great Sky Island.

Shrines In Great Sky Island Tears Of The Kingdom
Here is a detailed guide on all four shrines in Great Sky Island.

Link will encounter a handful of Shrines throughout his journey in Tears of the Kingdom. But the first-ever region Link is open to explore contains the first few of these shrines. Once you progress and encounter them, you unlock special abilities. Continue reading to learn more about these shrines in Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of four shrines located on Great Sky Island.
  • The first shrine players encounter is Ukouh Shrine, and it unlocks the ability Ultrahand. The shrine is located west of the Temple of Time.
  • The second shrine you must complete is the In-Isa Shrine, located Northwest of the map. Players obtain the ability to Fuse upon entering this shrine.
  • The third shrine, known as Gutanbac Shrine, unlocks a new ability called Ascend. The shrine location is east of the map, more specifically in the cold region.
  • After completing the first three shrines, players must head back to the Temple of Time. Here they discover a fourth shrine.
  • The fourth shrine is Nachoyah Shrine, located at the Room of Awakening, far south of Great Sky Island. Players obtain Recall ability before reaching here.
All Shrines in Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island
Rauru introducing Link to Shrines – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You can locate four Shrines on Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom. Each one of them offers an ability. And these shrines are considered necessary to complete in order to make progress in your playthrough. They are:

Ukouh Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Shrines
The Challenge in Ukouh Shrine – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The first Shrine on Great Sky Island is Ukouh Shrine. Players obtain their first special ability – Ultra Hand here. The ability helps players move and attach objects and comes in handy throughout the gameplay.


Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Shrines
Ukouh Shrine on the map – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After landing on Great Sky Island, players interact with a friendly Steward Construct. It will instruct you to visit the Temple of Time. Head there, and soon you’ll unlock the first shrine’s location. The shrine is located west of the Temple of Time. When you interact with Rauru, the Ukouh Shrine becomes visible and doesn’t appear to be that far. Head in the newly revealed direction of Ukouh Shrine and climb (and jump) up the round, broken stairs.

How To Complete

After you’ve reached the shrine, interact with the green symbol, and you’ll enter inside. Here, you obtain your first ability of Tears of the Kingdom, “Ultrahand,” as a part of the main storyline and start the task “The Ability To Create.” Following are the steps on how to complete the task of Ukouh Shrine:

  1. Grab a stone slate lying on the floor with your newfound ability and place it over the gap to make a pathway.
  2. On the second platform, there are two available slates. First, attach them together to create a longer slate. Drop the slate over the second gap and cross the bridge.
  3. Once over the other side, grab the same slate you just crossed. You can notice a chest sitting over a raised pillar-type platform in front. Raise the slate on that level and drop it at such an angle that it creates a slope. Climb up and open the chest to receive Amber.
  4. Jump down and continue following the path ahead. You’ll find a wooden pallet leaning against a wall. Grab it with Ultrahand ability and place it on the ground flat. There is a hook right there; attach it to the wooden pallet. Now grab your new creation and hang it over the railing.
  5. Climb up the pallet before it departs to a new platform.
  6. Upon arrival, get down your ride and walk straight ahead. Interact with another green glowing mark to conclude the first shrine. You’ll obtain a Light of Blessing as a reward.

After the successful completion of the first shrine’s challenge, you are welcomed by Rauru once again. He informs you about two more shrines in the area and tells you to pin these areas by using your Purah Pad scope.

In-Isa Shrine

The Challenge of In-Isa Shrine – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The second shrine you encounter is the In-Isa Shrine. Players obtain their second ability, Fuse, upon entering here. This ability allows certain items in-game to combine with another item, usually a weapon, and receive a buff or additional ability.


You can locate the In-Isa Shrine at the Southwest of the map. The shrine is easily trackable, and you can pin it by using the Purah Pad scope from Ukouh Shrine. Once you start traveling, you’ll require a lot of Ultrahand ability usage, not just for crafting a ride for two different railings, but also for helping Koroks on the way. Finally, you need to craft a raft with available resources nearby and travel on it toward the Shrine opposite a giant lake.

How To Complete

Once you climb up the stairs to In-Isa Shrine, interact with the green glowing mark to proceed. A cutscene will appear where you obtain Fuse and start a challenge, “The Ability To Combine.” Follow the mentioned steps to successfully complete it:

  1. Walk straight into a room and collect a Rusty Claymore sword located on your left.
  2. There are a handful of boulders in the area. Select Rusty Claymore and fuse the Boulder to it.
  3. The weapon is now ready to destroy stone walls blocking the room’s one-way path. Once you do so, proceed forward to another room.
  4. Here you must take down all four pillars, as one of them contains a chest with arrows.
  5. Now go to the room on the side which contains Fire Fruits plants. Collect them all.
  6. Fuse them with your arrows and aim at a chest far up on the wall. This will result in the chest dropping down. Collect the Small Key inside that chest.
  7. Unlock the door to another room and turn left. You’ll enter an area with an enemy Construct. Take it down by a few fused arrows. Make sure to pick up the construct bow the construct will drop.
  8. Now with your boulder sword, destroy another set of stone barriers.
  9. Interact with the green glowing mark to conclude the second shrine’s challenge.

Upon leaving the shrine, players interact with Steward Construct in a cutscene. He offers to Link an Energy Cell and gives him the small task of finding a Zonai Device nearby.

Gutanbac Shrine

Gutanbac Shrine in snowy areas – Imagen Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The third Shrine players must go through is Gutanbac Shrine. It unlocks the third ability for Link, Ascend. With Ascend, players can travel vertically through a ceiling, avoiding the hassle of climbing up and reducing loads of stamina.


Gutanbac Shrine is far east of Great Sky Island, located in the cold region of the map. Make sure you’ve prepared some spicy food from a cooking pot before you enter the winter terrains in order to gain cold resistance. Check out our guide on Cold Resistance so you have a better chance of surviving till you reach Gutanbac Shrine.

If you’re traveling from In-Isa Shrine, you’ll run across a small lake that you cross with a Zonai Device attached to your raft. A Mining Cave also introduces itself on the way. Once you pass through the Pit Cave, you officially enter the snowy region. Continue traveling toward the shrine location on your map. The shrine itself is high on a platform, and it may require lots of climbing.

How To Complete

Players obtain their third ability – Ascend – upon entering the shrine. You can use it in order to move upward through solid material. You’ll unlock your third challenge, “The Ability To Rise,” alongside the newfound ability. Here are the steps for completing the challenge and clearing this Shrine stage:

  1. Walk till you reach the end of the room. You’ll notice a stone ceiling above you, use Ascend and pass through that ceiling unharmed.
  2. There is a small platform far right corner, carrying a chest. Ascend to that platform and open the chest for a “Stone Axe.
  3. Now jump back down and Ascend again to the platform next to it.
  4. You’ll be welcomed by an enemy Construct with a bow on that level; take it out.
  5. Turn left, and you will notice two ropes attached to a slate. Cut them with an Axe so the slate can fall down, creating a path.
  6. Ascend through the fallen slate. You’ll notice two moving platforms above in front.
  7. Now simply Ascend through both platforms and conclude the challenge by interacting with the green glowing mark.

After the Shrine challenge completion, Rauru will appear and instruct Link to try opening the Temple of Time door again.

Nachoyah Shrine

Tears Of The Kingdom Great Sky Island Shrines
Nachoyah Shrine – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Once players gain all three Light of Blessings, they’ll return back to Temple of Time and try to push open the second gate there, only to realize Link is still in his weak state. Rauru makes an appearance in another cutscene here and reveals the existence of another shrine on Great Sky Island. Players also obtain Fast Travel ability through a Purah Pad during this encounter.


Once you unlock Fast Traveling after completing the first three shrines and revisiting Temple of Time, follow the steps below in order to reach the fourth and last shrine called Nachoyah:

From the Temple of Time, fast travel all the way to the Room of Awakening. To do this, simply open your Purah Pad and select “Travel” on the blue mark on Room of Awakening– located in the Southern region of the map. The exact location of the Nachoyah Shrine is portrayed on your map with a yellow circle once you arrive at Room of Awakening. With the help of your abilities, reach the Nachoyah Shrine and enter inside.

How To Complete

Your next challenge, “The Ability To Rewind,” starts right when you enter the shrine. Follow these steps and successfully end the challenge ahead:

  1. Walk up on the raft floating in the water and use your Rewind ability on it.
  2. Once the raft floats to the next platform, get off and go straight ahead.
  3. Another raft falls down from a waterfall; get on that raft and rewind again. You’ll reach all the way back to where it dropped from.
  4. Get down from the raft once it reaches its destination. Turn right and face your next obstacle ahead.
  5. There are two clock hands rotating in the opposite direction. Use the Rewind Ability once the clock hands align. This will help both hands rotate in an alignment and clear the pathway.
  6. Go ahead and interact with the mark to complete the challenge.

Completing all four Shrines in Great Sky Island finally enables players to proceed further by opening the gate of the Temple of Time and entering the Hyrile Kingdom.

Final Remarks

Players start familiarizing themselves with the game mechanics in Great Sky Island, especially while performing challenges of all four Shrines located on the island. In addition, the possibility of progressing in the game’s main storyline without facing these Tears of the Kingdom Shrines of Great Sky Island is null. These reasons alone prove the importance of locating these shrines and completing them successfully.

We have mentioned all four Shrines locations in Great Sky Island, along with a quick walkthrough on how to complete them for Light of Blessing as a reward. We hope our guide made your early-game shrines journey a bit easier, Goodluck Gamers!

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