Tears of the Kingdom Horses [Definitive Guide]

In this guide, you will learn all about Horses in Tears of the Kingdom and how to mount them through multiple methods.

Legend of Zelda tears of the kingdom cover
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Horses

In the early phases of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players need an effective method of traveling that helps them move around on the map more quicker. Horses can be ideal in this situation as they are easier to find, but mounting them will give you a tough time.

This guide will cover everything about horses and how to mount them. This also includes all horse types players are expected to find throughout their extended Tears of the Kingdom gameplay. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Horses can be used for traveling and transportation when skipping through the early phases of Tears of the Kingdom.
  • They come in various types and can be stored in stables area.
  • 17 stables are spread across the map.
  • Before looking for horses, players must complete a side quest.
  • It requires them to complete the construction of a mini-stable that belongs to Lester.
  • Wild Horses in groups can be found on the green fields of Hyrule Kingdom.
  • Approach them from behind while crouching if you wish to mount.
  • Get access to Zelda’s Golden Horse by completing a side quest.
  • Epona can be found from amiibo scans or saved data from Breath of the Wild.
  • Using the save file requires you to be at New Serenne Stables.
  • Giant White Stallion spawns to the south of Central Hyrule close to a stable.
  • Players can upgrade their horse statistics by visiting a Horse God and giving him food items. 

Finding Horses

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom includes a variety of horses for players to have a complete gaming experience. Some are accessed by completing quests, while others can be found in the open world

Before searching for mounts, you must complete “The Incomplete Stable” quest. It is located in Lookout Landing towards its centre. The mission begins after you approach two men standing before an incomplete mini-stable.

Complete the quest by placing a wooden slab on the roof using the Ultrahand ability. Use your controller joystick to rotate the slab according to the roof geometry. When done, stable owner Lester will guide you about horses and where to start looking. 

Lester is the owner of the mini-stable
Interacting with Lester after completing the side quest

Wild Horses roam around in the grass area close to the stable locations. They are hard to catch as they stay in groups of three and four, so if you approach one, the others get alerted and start running away.

there are 17 stables where you can take your horses
All 17 Stable Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Mount A Horse

Mounting a Wild Horse can be a tough job. Approach a nearby stable and search the grass area around it. You will likely witness three or four horses roaming around in a group.

There are three ways players can follow to ride a horse. All of them are effective and require equal effort. 


using stealth to mount horses
Approach any type of horse from behind to mount it

The best and safest way to approach them is from behind. Ensure you crouch when you walk behind them so they don’t hear your footsteps. If any of the horses know you are coming, it will run away, and the other horses will follow. 

When close to the Horse’s back, take a big step and mount it so they don’t run away. If you spend too much time in stealth, there is a chance the Horse might change its direction and run away. 

After you mount the Horse, press L repeatedly to soothe it. This will consume your stamina, so the quicker you press L, the less energy it consumes. 

Using Food

Having any food item like a carrot or an apple can also be helpful to tame a horse. Food items are easy to get as they won’t cause much trouble. Some wild horses may reject your food and run away; others take the bait and get tamed easily. 

As they start eating the offered item, you can mount and soothe them so they accept you as their mount.

Dropping From Sky

If you fail to experiment with the first two methods, you can always take the easy way out. When using a paraglider for flying, you can land directly on the Horse’s back and soothe them by spamming L so they don’t kick you.

Look for a tower or a tall tree. Players can climb any of these to gain altitude and then drop so the paraglider can be used effectively. Moreover, ensure you spot a horse before going into the sky so you know where to land. 

Registering A Horse

The next step after successfully mounting a horse is registering it at a nearby stable. There are 17 stables in Tears of the Kingdom where you can either register your Horse or stay for a night. 

stable is a place where you must register any kinds of horses
Visiting the New Serenne Stable to register a Horse

When at the stable, talk to the manager at the front counter when still on the Horse. The person will explain everything there is to know about registering. Initially, he will take your name for membership purposes so you are recognised at all stables.

It would be best to name the wild Horse you are riding for registration. After naming, you will be able to see the statistics of your Horse so you have an idea of its strengths and weaknesses.

Horse statistics gives you info about its weaknesses and strengths
Horse Statistics are visible after registration is complete

Although registering a horse is worth 20 Rupees, the manager will do the first for free. Furthermore, there is a Pony Points system at all stables where you get rewards for collecting points. 

the pony points book
Your record of Pony Points is kept in this book.

Pony Points are given to you by registering multiple horses or staying at a stable. A Pony Point card is in your inventory after being introduced to them. The card will let you know how many points you need for the next reward. 

The first prize is worth three points which is the Towing Harness. This skill allows you to connect a semi-vehicle like a wagon with your Horse to ease transportation. 

Types Of Horses In Tears of the Kingdom

Wild Horse

finding wild horses
A Wild Horse on the Hyrule Fields

These horses can be found in the fields of Hyrule. They always stay in groups of three or four and need help to mount. Approaching them from behind gives you a better opportunity to mount them.

All wild horses vary in statistics, and there is no common trend to follow. Moreover, horses with more stamina can run for a longer time. Taming wild horses can be challenging as they are not used to this behavior. 

Zelda’s Golden Horse

Zelda's Golden Horse
Zelda’s Golden Horse is one of the rarest horses in Tears of the Kingdom

This Golden Horse belongs to Princess Zelda and is very special. Players must complete a side quest to access the Golden Horse, unlike the Wild Horses. 

To get to the quest location, go to the Lucky Clover Gazette east of Ritto Village inside the Herba Region. Players are expected to find Traysi over there. Interact with the editor to continue. 

The side quest activates after the conversation ends. You will be tasked to report Zelda sightings near stables to Traysi. During these sightings, you will track down a horse when you visit the Snowfield Stable and find Harlow. 

When you reach there, the golden Horse will be missing, and your objective will be to find it. Exploring the North Tabantha Snowfield will fulfill your purpose, and you will tame the golden Horse so she gets familiar with you. 


Epona horse
Epona is fast, beautiful, and easy to find

This is one of the legendary horses in Tears of the Kingdom with good statistics. It is not a new horse, as players can observe it in the previous Legend of Zelda games. There are multiple ways of getting Epona, as you can get your hands on her during the early phases of the game. 

The quickest way of getting the Legendary Horse is to scan either the Link amiibo or the Twilight Princess amiibo. Players can scan them using an ability they find after completing the sky island tutorial at the start of the game.

Use the scan ability at the Hyrule Kingdom surface to spawn Epona at your location. However, if you don’t have any of the mentioned Amiibos, you can find Epona at the New Serenne Stable.

Players need an existing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild save file to find Epona. Not having the file will despawn Epona, therefore, not giving you access to Mount the Horse. 

Giant White Stallion

Giant White Stallion horse
This White Stallion is a great companion during combat and quest completion.

This giant Horse is essential during intense combats and completing quests. However, it is slow as it has no stars for stamina or ability to pull the wagon. Players must travel south of the Central Hyrule toward the Highland stable to find it. 

Take the horse god bridge and find the Giant White Stallion on its other end. Ensure you keep some stamina recharge items with you, as soothing this Horse can consume more stamina than you think. 

The old stealth and mount technique can work on this Horse as it is slow. It will throw you off when you first get on its back, so try to soothe it by spamming L on your joysticks. 

When the stamina circle ends, visit the inventory and use the items you collected for recharging. Take the Giant White Stallion to any stable to check its stats. You can also keep it there to use in the future. 

 How To Upgrade Horse Statistics

When you register any horse for the first time, its stats are exposed to your character. Some horses are fragile and might require upgrades to be more efficient during traveling. This is possible in Tears of the Kingdom, but you must visit Malanya, the Horse God. 

To max out your desired Horse on stats, give Malanya food items. All stats require different things to be delivered to the Horse God. However, there are some horses like Epona whose stats can’t be upgraded at all.

Horse Statistics Food Items
Speed Swift Carrots, Hightail Lizards, Rushrooms.
Strength Swift and Endura Carrots, Fortified Pumpkins.
Pull Big Hearty Radishes, Ironshrooms, Endura Carrots.
Stamina Stamella Shrooms, Bright-eyed Crabs, Silent Shrooms.
Items required for statistic upgrades.


That is all about the horses on Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They are handy for long-distance traveling as it is effortless to ride them. Ensure you keep collecting Pony Points to buy amazing cosmetic rewards for your horses. Visit VeryAliGaming for more helpful guides on the latest releases.

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