Tears of the Kingdom: How To Get Camera [Unlock Guide]

Learn how to get a Camera in Tears of the Kingdom and utilize it to capture images, whether for main quests or random captures of Hyrule.

How to get Camera in Tears of the Kingdom
How to get Camera in Tears of the Kingdom

A camera and photo mode are one of the best aspects of the new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, these are not handed right from the start of the campaign, and many players have to progress until they unlock it for their character. For that reason, many players are seeking answers to the question: how to get the camera in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Key Takeaways

  • Camera photo mode is one of the best details added in the all-new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Yet, only a few players gain access to this mainly because it is well hidden in the main campaign and requires special consideration to unlock for Link. 
  • For that instance, players must complete a quest request known as “Camera Work in the Depths” from Josha and Robbie. 
  • The quest begins right after you unlock Paraglider at Lookout Landing and complete the quest for Purah: “Regional Phenomenon.”
  • Players will receive the quest for “Camera Work in the Depths” after approving to help Josha in her research in Hyrule Field Chasm Depths. For that instance, you must visit the eerie and Gloom battered Chasm depth and meet Goggles, a.k.a Robbie.

If you are also one of those players pondering the question and awaiting to unlock the camera, you are at the right place. For that instance, you must progress the campaign until you reach the quest “Camera Work in the Depths.” Even though the unlock is added within the main campaign, players can easily miss it, given the wide-stretching open world and many surrounding activities. 

Let’s discuss everything from the quest to unlocking the camera and how to use it to its full extent in the new Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

Unlocking Camera

To get started, players must complete the quest for Purah:Regional Phenomenon.” This is where you also unlock Paraglider at the Lookout Landing. At the same time, you will be meeting with Josha to receive a new quest regarding her research work in the deep underground. 

Lookout Landing Tower
Lookout Landing Tower – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming
Unlocking Paraglider
Unlocking Paraglider – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Josha will also talk to Goggles, a.k.a Robbie, about the latest research on a strange statue. However, Link must utilize the Camera ability on his Purah Pad to solve the mystery. This is where a new quest: “Camera Work in the Depths,” begins, and your first objective is to meet Robbie in the depths of Chasm Entrance. 

Josha Excited for helping her in Research – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming
Starting Quest Camera Work in the Depths
Starting Quest Camera Work in the Depths – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming
Hyrule Field Chasm - Stay Clear of the Red Gloom
Hyrule Field Chasm – Stay Clear of the Red Gloom – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Now all you need to do is to prepare for the quest by talking to Josha and heading to the Chasm Entrance. As said earlier, players must easily unlock the paraglider to head down the Chasm depths. Upon safe landing, your objective is to find another NPC named Ponnick. 

Meeting Ponnick in the Depths
Meeting Ponnick in the Depths – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

After a brief conversation, you will be asked to find Robbie by heading to the West and using the Brightbloom Seeds to illuminate the area.

Note: The environment of the Chasm depths is eerie, with tons of new activities and hostile creatures. You may also realize that the red Gloom already affects the Link character by negating the maximum HP. However, prior preparation and heads-up are all you need to easily complete the quest and get your hands on the Camera in Tears of the Kingdom. Players must also engage with one of the Tree Roots in the Chasm depths to save the game. 

Save Game For Quick Travel
Save Game For Quick Travel – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

The next step is to follow the path to the West by illuminating the area with Brightbloom Seeds until you find Robbie. Soon after meeting the character, players will learn to use the camera in Tears of the Kingdom. That is about it, and now you can easily use your Purah Pad to enable the Camera and start capturing images as required in the quest. 

Unlocking Camera
Unlocking Camera – Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

However, that is not the end of the quest, and you must capture the pictures of the statue Josha discussed earlier. This will complete the quest’s objective, and now you can return to the mainland to continue your Tears of the Kingdom campaign. 

Tips & Tricks For Using The Camera 

The Camera can be utilized extensively and not only for specific quests in the main campaign. However, only a few players are familiar with this aspect of the game and never paid much attention to it. But do not worry, as you can always follow up on different tips and tricks to make the most out of Camera feature on your Purah Pad. 

  • To use the Camera, you only need to hold down the button to open up abilities and select Camera. Like in real life, you can capture images and move forward and backward. Players can zoom in on an subject to take a detailed image easily through the Arrow buttons. Lastly, you can press the button to capture an image that will be saved in the library. 
  • Right after unlocking the camera in the game, Robbie will also enable the Compendium. This will allow players to capture images and other details of the environment and all the creatures. 
  • The Camera is not just there to capture different images; it can even scan different objects and creatures. For example, when you aim the camera at the statue at Chasm depths, the Camera feature will also detail it as a “Statue with a raised arm.” This neat attention to detail enhances the gameplay even further.
  • Using the Camera through the character’s abilities, you can also capture selfies with any stance or style with Link. 

Final Words

The Camera is a handy addition to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, serving more than just capturing images. Although a much-appreciated screenshot feature exists on Nintendo Switch, Camera takes up the gaming experience by aiding your character in all quests. 

That is about it for our guide on how to get Camera in Tears of the Kingdom. What are your thoughts on the unique and neat addition of a Camera to the game? Did you find this guide helpful? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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