Tears of the Kingdom Hylian Shield Location

The Hylian Shield is the best shield in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, here's everything you want to know about it!

Tears of the Kingdom: Hylian Shield
Tears of the Kingdom: Hylian Shield

Acquiring the Tears of the Kingdom Hylian Shield, Link’s finest and most iconic shield is a quick task, especially if you know its location. Here’s a guide covering everything about the Hylian Shield.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hylian Shield is an iconic staple of the Legend of Zelda series.
  • The Hylian Shield is the best in the game when it comes to defense stats.
  • It is a late-game item but it is possible to get it earlier on in your playthrough.
  • There are 2 ways to reach the shield. The first is by traversing water, and the second is by descending by the castle ruins.
  • The Hylian Shield has durability and can break so it must be repaired.

What Is Hylian Shield?

Tears of the Kingdom: Hylian Shield
Tears of the Kingdom: Hylian Shield

Like the Moonlight Greatsword in FromSoftware titles, the Hylian Shield is a shield that returns in each of The Legend of Zelda games. The Knights of Hyrule use this traditional shield and we can see Link honing the Master Word and the Hylian Shield as part of his arsenal in many Zelda games. Additionally, it resists fire and does not burn upon contact, unlike Wooden Shields.

Despite its steel construction, the Hylian Shield is lightweight and robust. Making it more than viable for use along with one-handed weapons. The Hylian Shield has retained its familiar appearance throughout The Legend of Zelda Series. It features the Triforce symbol and a red Hylian Crest representing the goddess Hylia and the Crimson Loftwing.

The Crimson Loftwing aided Link during the founding of Hyrule. Notably, the original Hylian Shield, a legendary item, was safeguarded by the Thunder Dragon Lanayru. Lanayru devised the Lightning Round to assess the worthiness of those seeking to wield it.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Hylian Shield continues to be the most powerful in the game. It offers unparalleled defense and durability, similar to its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. However, since Link has separated from it after the events of the previous game, players will need to locate it once again in Tears of the Kingdom.

Hylian Shield Location

Hylian Shield Location
Hylian Shield Location

The ultimate shield in Breath of the Wild awaits discovery within Hyrule Castle’s Lockup Prison, situated deep within the western outskirts and guarded by a massive Stalnox. However, the current iteration of the game presents a different scenario. Instead of encountering the shield, you’ll stumble upon a Paraglider Fabric in that particular area.

Fortunately, the shield hasn’t been relocated too far away. It has been discreetly placed in the Hyrule Castle Docks, which remain accessible despite a portion of the castle floating in the air. There are two primary approaches to reaching this location.

First Approach

Water Path
Water Path

The first approach involves utilizing water as your means of entry. The easiest method entails making use of the Castle Town Prison, located on the western island adjacent to the castle itself. Search near the far northern tip for a dock while equipped with a raft. To enhance your navigation, consider incorporating Zonai Devices. Fusing your raft with steering sticks or a fan would be an easy but very helpful change.

Direct the boat toward the northern side where you’ll discover an exit leading to the Hyrule Castle Lockup. At this point, another dock will come into view. Continue along the northern moat until you stumble upon a small cave entrance, granting access to the docks.

Within the expansive cave, you’ll notice inner docks lining the water, alongside a path on the left side that leads to a staircase, ascending to a higher path. Follow this path until you reach the highest area above the docks, this is where the shield is located.

Second Approach

Castle Ruins Path
Castle Ruins Path

The second approach involves descending from the castle ruins to locate the hole left behind by a secret passage. In the previous version of Breath of the Wild, a hidden bookcase existed in the Library, unveiling a tunnel that descended to the docks. However, since the library went from being grounded to now levitating high up in the air, you must search for the passage along the side of the chasm wall.

Fortunately, finding it isn’t overly challenging if you know where to look. Move alongside the eastern side of the chasm exterior, slightly west of the ramparts, and be observant of a large, plateau-like area with a faint cobblestone path indicating its presence. Just below this area, you’ll discover a small cave opening serving as an entrance to the docks.

Words Of Warning

Group of Gloom Spawn Hands
Group of Gloom Spawn Hands

Exercise caution, as a formidable enemy stands guard in the vicinity. If you use the first approach, a bunch of Gloom Spawn Hands will emerge from the top of one of the staircases and launch a swift attack. Moreover, they can also pursue you if you enter from the upper passage, even so, they may not immediately detect you or gain aggro.

You have the choice to engage in combat or make a hasty retreat. By keeping your distance and reaching the higher ground or finding a flotation device, they will eventually disappear, leaving behind a Dark Clump. Alternatively, if you prefer confronting them directly for the reward, you must swiftly eliminate the hands using explosives and prepare yourself for the true evil concealed within them.

Solve The Docks Puzzle For Hylian Shield

Light the Brazier
Light the Brazier

After ensuring the area is free from obstacles, proceed toward the most elevated platform above the Docks. Transitioning to the location, you will come across a collection of smaller-lit braziers. Among them, there is a larger unlit one. In the game Breath of the Wild, when all of these braziers are ignited, it triggers the appearance of a Sheikah Shrine.

However, since the braziers have vanished, there awaits an alternative reward. To resolve the puzzle, throw a Fire Fruit or a similar elemental item into the unlit brazier of significant size. By taking this action, a chest will manifest itself.

Inside the chest, you will find the renowned Hylian Shield. This extraordinary shield boasts an impressive Defense rating of 90, surpassing any other shield in the game. Despite its high durability, it is not entirely indestructible.

Repair Hylian Shield

Hylian Shield Treasure Chest
Hylian Shield Treasure Chest

If your Hylian Shield breaks, you have the option to obtain a new one. However, it requires some effort and expenditure. Firstly, you need to travel to Hateno Village and participate in the Mayoral Race Side Adventure. In this adventure, you will assist both Cece and the current mayor in their campaign.

Once you have completed all the smaller quests and the election winner is announced, Cece will return to her clothing shop. Furthermore, Cece will offer to sell you “rare outfits,” which includes the Hylian Shield that you might have already acquired and possibly sold during your previous adventures.

However, purchasing it again will come at a high cost of thousands of rupees. It’s worth noting that you can only buy one because her menu will indicate that she is currently “out of stock.”

Closing Remarks

That would be everything about the Tears of the Kingdom Hylian Shield. If you’re seeking the ultimate item for blocking and parrying in the game, the Hylian Shield is a relatively simple acquisition, even if you’re just starting your journey in Hyrule. 

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