TOTK Korok Seeds: Locations, Uses, Upgrade

In this guide learn how you can find korok seeds, what are its uses and some of the locations where you can find them.

korok seeds tears of the kingdom
Korok Seeds Guide | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Tears of the Kingdom features many Korok seeds hidden in the depths, the surface, and the sky you can find. The Great Sky Island also has 19 Korok seeds spread around the area. Although there are many Korok seeds in the game, they can be easy to find, knowing where you can locate and obtain them.

You no longer have to worry if you are confused about Korok seeds and their use. This guide will cover the uses of the Korok seeds and all about the nineteen seeds you can get on the Great Sky Island.

Key Takeaways

  • Korok seeds, scattered throughout the map, require solving puzzles to obtain.
  • Hestu is needed to utilize Korok seeds for inventory slot upgrades.
  • 19 Korok seeds can be found on the Great Sky Island.
  • Defeating the Black Hinox grants the Korok Mask, aiding in finding seeds by shaking near them.
  • Tears of The Kingdom holds around a thousand seeds.
  • Reuniting Korok friends in a puzzle yields two seeds simultaneously.
  • Full inventory slot upgrades don’t require collecting all seeds.

Korok Seeds

Korok seeds tears of the kingdom
Korok Spotted | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

These are tiny golden seeds that you receive from Korok. Generally, you will get the Korok seed when you spot a Korok somewhere around the map.

Many of them come with unique little puzzles that you must solve first. Some could be found under a pile of leaves. Others are separated from their Korok friends and must be reunited to get the Korok seed.

There are approximately a thousand Korok seeds in Tears of The Kingdom. At the same time, most of them will be single Korok seeds you get after solving a little puzzle. There is also a good amount from the thousand that gives you two Korok seeds simultaneously.

The puzzle involves making two Koroks reunite with each other. These thousand seeds are spread across many different regions in the depths of the sky and on the map’s surface.


Great sky island korok seeds
Korok Seed locations on Great Sky Island | Image Credits:

Hundreds of Korok seeds are around the map, each offering a slight challenge before you can obtain them. This section will cover all the Korok seeds you can find at Great Sky Island.

  • Seed #1: Search around the room of awakening south of Great Sky Island. Interact with the sparkling leaves behind you when you fast-travel under a tree to obtain the seed.
  • Seed #2: Near the Nachoyah shrine south of Great Sky Island, climb the giant hollow tree to find water in it. If you follow my path, jump on the single Lilly pad in the water and interact to obtain the seed.
Nachoyah shrine
Nahchoyah Shrine | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Seed #3: At the north end of the great sky island, there will be ruins at the end of the map. A sparkling orb will be hovering around; catch it to obtain the seed.
  • Seed #4: Glide on a Zonai wing above the great sky island. Around the center area is a pond on a floating island with a jump. Finally, Dive between the circle of Lilly pads to obtain the seed.
  • Seed #5: Find a lake with a small piece of land on the south side of the great sky island. Afterwards, Climb that land and pick up the stone to obtain the seed.
  • Seed #6: On the southwest side of the great sky island, search for a tree near the In-Isa Shrine and climb it to find a rock at the top of it. Finally, Pick up the rock to obtain the seed.
In-Isa Shrine
In-Isa Shrine | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Seed #7: Southwest side of the Great Sky Island. Look for a hollow tree from the top, burn leaves with fire to reveal a rock, and pick it up.
  • Seed #8: East of the center, find ruins near a large tree. Follow a disappearing/reappearing flower to obtain the seed.
  • Seed #9: North of the great sky island at the Temple of Time, ascend through a broken pillar with a wooden surface.
  • Seed #10: Access a floating island near the south center with a glider; fix the rock formation by picking rocks to get the seed.
  • Seed #11: Near the south center, on the east side of the river, open a hole with rocks and shoot an arrow at a balloon.
  • Seed #12: Southeast of the Great Sky Island, on a broken bridge, fix a cube structure with the ultra-hand ability.
  • Seed #13: Southeast end, hit a dandelion on snowy hills to catch the seed.
  • Seed #14: Find a hollow, snowy tree on the east side, climb, and fix a rock circle.
  • Seed #15: Southeast, under a large platform, fix a 2D-looking square puzzle with ultra-hand.
  • Seed #16 and 17: West of the Great Sky Island near the river bank. Use a hook and logs to build a hanging cart and reunite two Koroks.
  • Seed #18 and 19: South of the Great Sky Island. To reach the location, I recommend building a cart with a fan to reunite two Koroks, and then using ultra-hand to take one to the other.


Hestu dance
Hestu Performing His Dance To Upgrade Your Inventory | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To first unlock the use of these Korok seeds, you need to find the NPC Hestu.

  1. From the lookout landing, head northwest to Lindor’s Brow.
  2. When you spot Hestu, the side quest “Hestu’s concern” will start, and you’ll see him standing scared, looking at the trees.
  3. Defeat the trees to complete this side quest, then interact with Hestu.
  4. This will be Hestu’s first location, and you can give him one Korok seed to expand your inventory slots for bows, shields, and weapons.

Hestu will switch locations after your first upgrades. The location change is based on how much progress you have made in the game.

You will find him there if you have cleared the Korok forest of gloom. Otherwise, you can find Hestu at the lookout landing.

Korok forest
Korok Forest | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You can also figure it out by the conversation with Hestu as if he hints, “Somewhere with lots of people,” then he will be at the lookout landing. However, if he says “Somewhere to rest,” he will be at the Korok Forest.


korok seeds tears of the kingdom
Korok Seeds | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Korok seeds are used to expand your inventory slots. When you offer these seeds to Hestu, he dances, and you receive an upgrade.

The cost of these upgrades increases with each expansion:

  1. The first upgrade costs one seed.
  2. The second upgrade costs two seeds.
  3. The third upgrade costs three seeds, and so on.

Each category of inventory (weapons, bows, and shields) has a different seed requirement for each expansion, and the costs of other categories do not influence their costs.

Here are the maximum upgrade levels for each category:

  • Weapons slots can be upgraded eleven times.
  • Bow slots can be upgraded eight times.
  • Shield slots can be upgraded sixteen times.

Upgrading your inventory slot is very important to simultaneously collect different items with different effects. Specifically in Tears of The Kingdom, the new feature to fuse weapons unlocks the possibility of making many combinations of weapons.

So, to try out this feature and to hold the strongest weapons, I will suggest you to have extra inventory slots to have space for them all.

Korok Mask

korok seeds tears of the kingdom
Korok Mask

The Korok mask is a unique mask that is shaped like a leaf. It has a unique feature that is very useful when exploring around to find the Korok seeds. You can use this Korok mask even in the game’s early stages.

This mask is useful as it can indicate when a Korok seed is nearby, helping you find the exact spot. If a Korok seed is nearby, then the mask will tell you by shaking on Link’s face.

rikonasum lightroot
Rikonasum Lightroot Near Forest Colesium | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You can obtain the mask by defeating the Black Hinox at the Forest Coliseum in the great Hyrule forest depths. Ensuring you have items that grant you the gloom resistance buff will help you in this fight.

Near the forest coliseum is the Ramobnukas Light Root, located northwest of the Rikonasum Lightroot.

This enemy can be tough to beat as it has high attack power. So come prepared with health restoration items to help you out.

I could cheese the boss by shooting maximum arrows at its eye. You must follow the same approach to stun it early in the battle. 

While the Hinox is stunned, you can deliver heavy blows to deal damage and run away when it starts to get back up.

Korok seeds tears of the kingdom
Black Hinox

Shooting at the eye requires time precision, and when its health is low, it will also block its eye from arrows, so it’s best to time your arrows to hit his eye. After defeating the Black Hinox, you can open the chest to get the Korok mask.

My Thoughts On The Korok Seeds

Although there are around a thousand Korok seeds, you do not need to collect all of them. You can collect the amount you need to upgrade the inventory based on your preferences. You can fully max out the upgrade with less than five hundred seeds, so you do not need to collect them all. 

The high density of the Korok seeds makes it easier to find them. So you do not have to locate them all. Even though finding them can be tough, it is worth it as you can carry around more of the fantastic fuse weapons you make with you. Finally, find the Korok mask to make exploring Korok seeds easier. 

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