Tears of the Kingdom Mayaumekis Shrine Location Walkthrough

A complete guide on the Mayaumekis Shrine and how to find its bonus chest!

Zelda: Tears of Kingdom - Mayaumekis Shrine Cover Picture
Zelda: Tears of Kingdom - Mayaumekis Shrine Walkthrough

The Mayaumekis Shrine is one of many shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Its challenge is known as the “Downward Force.” Unlike others, it doesn’t unlock any special ability; completing it is still quite fun. We will go through the various puzzles you will have to solve in order to complete them and get the Light of Blessing as the reward.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mayaumekis Shrine is near the Rising Island Chain of the Herba Mountains Sky region in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Downward Force is the challenge you will face there, and it teaches you the basics of the trampoline ships for the upcoming Wind Temple Quest.
  • There are no special rewards for completing it, except for the ten arrows in the bonus chest.
  • The primary way to complete this requires using arrows; however, there is another way if you wish to save those arrows.
  • The shrine’s quest has two chambers with locked doors. Unlock them to get the Light of Blessing.

Mayaumekis Shrine

You will encounter Mayaumekis Shrine while doing the quest “Tulin of Rito Village.” It’s a part of that quest, and it plays an important role in teaching the physics of the trampoline ships for the upcoming Wind Temple. The creative aspect of this shrine is to use them to jump and glide towards the next target area.


Mayaumekis Shrine Location Zelda: Tears of Kingdom
Zelda: Tears of Kingdom – Mayaumekis Shrine Location | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

It is close to the Rising Island Chain around the Herba Mountains Sky. It is a little high up in the sky, and you cannot reach it by foot. You must jump on the trampoline boat and then glide towards its entrance to get in there.

  • Coordinates: -2947, 3051, 0897

Door 1

Mayaumekis Shrine Puzzle - Door 1
Mayaumekis Shrine Puzzle – Door 1 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The first one lies straight in front of you when you enter the shrine. The switch to open the door lies on the other side of the wall, and the easiest way to access it is by using arrows. So, take out your bow and shoot at the switch to open it!

Flux Construct

Reaching the next one is a bit tricky as it requires a little action too. As you move past the first door, follow the stairs, and you will see a Flux Construct. Defeat it using any weapon.

  • An easy way is just to hit it so that it gets knocked back; a few hits will be enough to throw him down the edge.

Trampoline Ships

Gliding to reach the required locations
Gliding to reach the required locations | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Move forward, jump from the first boat, and then glide to the next one. Do the same for the second boat. For the third one, you will notice it is moving in a circular path. Time your landing to match the ship’s path and jump again to reach the next one; from there, you can access the last door.

Door 2

Shooting the Switch to open Door 2
Shooting the Switch to open Door 2 | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The second door requires the same method to open it, by shooting at the switch. However, it will be difficult to do this time because you will not have any stationary platform. Jump over the boat and shoot it using your bow; enter bullet time for better accuracy.

Afterwards, move forward and enter the last chamber and acquire the Light of Blessing.

Alternate Way To Open Doors

If you run short of arrows or want to get a little creative here, there is an alternate way to open the doors.

  • For the first one, you can use any weapon with a considerable range to hit the switch. A long stick might just work well in this scenario.
  • Now for the next, glide on the ship directly below the door.
    • Time your landing so you won’t trigger the jump from the trampoline there. This one might require several tries.
    • Doing this successfully, you can climb up one of the ship’s poles.
    • Afterwards, use “Ascend” to go up and get the blessing without opening the second door.
    • This isn’t a glitch in the game because the game devs actually placed ladders there for you.

Bonus Chest

Mayaumekis Shrine Chest
Mayaumekis Shrine Chest | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Like many others, there lies a bonus chest in the Mayaumekis Shrine too. It is placed on the platform present directly opposite to the second door’s chamber, and you can access it using the third ship that moves in a circular path in the middle.

Jump from that ship and glide towards the target platform with the chest. You might have to do this several times because the boats keep moving. Hence, you may not get the desired jump on the first try.

Once done, open the chest and get the 10 arrows as a reward. You can use it for the next task or save them. Jump back on the same ship and then glide towards the final door’s location.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we covered the location and solution to the challenges of Mayaumekis Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The challenges are fun, and they teach you the basics of gliding and trampoline ships. This one is important for completionists; however, casual players can skip it since there is no reward.

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