Tears of the Kingdom Shrine Locations [Full List]

A Shrine is a mini-dungeons containing puzzles that can be completed to get unique rewards. There are 152 shrines spread over the kingdom.

tears of the kingdom cover
Tears of the Kingdom: Shrine locations

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has new and exciting locations to explore, including the 152 Shrines, spread over three maps. Each Shrine has puzzles, treasures, and much more to survey. This guide will describe every Shrine you can locate with coordinates. 


  • Shrines are mini-dungeons spread over the map.
  • They contain challenging puzzles and corresponding rewards.
  • You must use your key abilities to complete the shrine. 
  • There are 152 Shrines: 120 on the surface and 32 in the sky.
  • Players will receive Light of blessing from shrines that can be used to increase health bar capacity
  • Locating all the shrines may be difficult as some are hidden.
  • Players must understand how to read coordinates so they can locate shrines by looking at the map.
  • Visiting all the shrines will unlock a rare outfit for your collection.

What Are Shrines In Tears of the Kingdom 

Shrines are mini-dungeons that contain challenges such as puzzles and reward you for completing them accordingly. In each Shrine, you find:

  • Light of Blessing
  • Bonus treasure chest

Collecting four Lights of blessing and bringing them to the Goddess Statue will enable you to unlock further upgrades, such as expanding your stamina bar. Some puzzles require you to use your skills, such as Ascend, Recall, Ultra hand, etc. 

Furthermore, some Shrines do not contain any puzzles and may only act as a fast travel point on the map, making it easy for you to navigate. Most are found on the surface, and some are in the sky. There are no Shrines in the depths. However, a correlation holds between the texture and the depth in finding the location. 

Shrines glow as a green light which is more visible at night. The icon will turn orange if the Shrine still needs to be completed, i.e., you haven’t found all the chests, but once you complete it, the icon turns blue. 

Link wakes up from the cut scene in the Great Sky Island. At the start, one of the main quests is “The Closed Door.” Its objectives include finishing 3 Shrines (Ukouh, In-Isa, Gutanbac). This also helps guide you to these Shrines as Rauru tells you to mark these on the map.

How To Read Coordinates 

A simple thing to understand is that the map is three-dimensional and divided into three axes: X, Y, and Z. X shows the horizontal plane, Y shows the Vertical, and Z shows the depth plane. They are relative to one reference point, the map’s center.

We recommend finding these four Shrines first because they help us understand game mechanics and unlock four unique abilities. These are: 

  • Ukouh 
  • In-Isa 
  • Gutanbac
  • Nachoyah

Below is a list of all Shrines located according to map regions. 

Central Hyrule Sky Shrines

map guide on sky shrines
Map location of all Sky shrines | Picture credits: mapgenie

Great Sky Island

  • Ukouh 

Start moving towards the objectives of the Temple of Time. Drop from the platform, turn to the right side, and go forward. Climb up the mountain to reach this Shrine. 

Coordinates: x=0274, y=-0193, z=1460.

  • In-Isa 
In-Isa shrine
In-Isa | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

The second Shrine will be In-Isa Shrine. It is located southwest of Ukouh. It is found on the far West side of the Great Sky Island. 

Coordinates: x=0027, y=-1503, z=1408.

  • Nachoyah 
Nachoyah shrine
Nachoyah | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

This third Shrine is located southeast of the In-Isa shrine. It is found on the far South side of the Great Sky Island. 

Coordinates: x=0388, y=-1660, z=2299.

  • Gutanbac 
Gutanbac shrine
Gutanbac | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

The fourth Shrine is located northeast of Nachoyah. This is found on the far East side of the Great Sky Island. 

Coordinates: x=0709, y=-1381, z=1584.

Other Central Hyrule Sky Shrines

  • Jinodok 
Jinodok shrine

Associated with the South Hyrule Sky Crystal quest, this is found in the South Hyrule Sky area. This Shrine unlocks once you complete the quest. 

Coordinates: x=-1257, y=-1487, z=1008.

  • Ganos
Ganos shrine

It is located in Tabantha Frontier Sky, part of Hyrule. It is associated with the Tabantha Sky Crystal shrine quest. 

Coordinates: x=-3374, y=0464, z=1695. 

  • Taunhiy 
Taunhiy shrine
Taunhiy | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

Located on Courage Island, which is found northwest of Central Hyrule. It is found in the Hyrule’s Ridge Sky area. 

Coordinates: x=-2400, y=0824, z=0615.

  • Mayam 

Located above the Great Hyrule Forest Sky.

Coordinates: x=0340, y=2814, z=1821.

  • Simosiwak 
Simosiwak shrine

This is located above the North Hyrule Sky Archipelago. 

Coordinates: x=0163, y=1972, z=0759.

Central Hyrule Surface Shrines

These are further divided into four categories. 

Central Hyrule 

map view of central field shrine
Location of all shrines in the Hyrule Central Field | Image credits: mapgenie

We will divide this portion of the map into two halves: top and bottom, to make it easier for you to understand. 

The following are in the bottom half of Central Hyrule. 

  • Jiosin 
Jiosin shrine
Jiosin | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

It is located directly south of Central Hyrule near one of the depths entrances called Hyrule Field Chasm. You will find this place West of Mabe Village Ruins.

Coordinates: x=-0240, y=-0370, z=0027.

  • Susuyai
Susuyai shrine

This will be found West of Jiosin. It is located southwest of Passeri Greenbelt 

Coordinates: x=-0785, y=-0434, z=0018.

The following are in the top half of the Central Hyrule. 

  • Kyononis 
Kyononis shrine

This is located northeast of Central Square

Coordinates: x=-0205, y=0451, z=0021.

  • Yamiyo

You will find this Shrine far east of Central Square. It is located north of the Romani Plains. There is also a Cherry Blossom tree beside it. 

Coordinates: x=0342, y=0481, z=0029. 

  • Ren-iz 

Found at the top of Crenel Hills, northeast of Yamiyo Shrine. 

Coordinates: x=0747, y=0823, z=0081.

  • Sepapa

This is located northwest of Ren-iz shrine, in the Hyrule Forest Park. It is east of Sanctum once you cross the river.

Coordinates: x=0222, y=1097, z=0026. 

  • Serutabomac

It is located directly northeast of the Sanctum.  

Coordinates: x=-0180, y=1170, z=0280.

  • Tenmaten 

This Shrine is found inside Elma Knolls Well. It is located northwest of Serutabomac Shrine. 

Coordinates: x=-0597, y=1556, z=-0014.

Ishodag shrine

This can be found far west of Central Square. It is northwest of the Quarry Ruins

Coordinates: x=-0880, y=0422, z=0049.

  • Sinakawak 

Located across the Carok Bridge on the northwest side, directly in the North Hyrule Plain, is Sinakawak Shrine. It is found near New Serenne Stables. 

Coordinates: x=-1413, y=0756, z=0089.

Hyrule Field

map of Hyrule field shrines
Map location of Hyrule Field Shrines | Image credits: mapgenie
  • Tsutsu-um

Located immediately West of Coliseum Ruins near the outskirt stable

Coordinates: x=-1423, y=-1349, z=0068.

  • Riogok

This is located west of the Great Plateau, directly south of the Tsutsu-um shrine. It is northwest of Hopper Pond. Another name for this Shrine is Force Transfer

Coordinates:  x=-1440, y=-1616, z=0089.

  • Tadarok 

You must locate this on the bed of the River of the Dead near the waterfall cave and enter the cave to reach this place. This Shrine is also called Fire and Water. 

Coordinates: x=-1086, y=-2190, z=0129.

  • Kyokugon 

This is found near the Gatepost Town Ruins, located near the entry point of the Great Plateau. It would help if you reached this Shrine through the cave. This Shrine is also called Alignment of the Circles

Coordinates: x=-0716, y=-1548, z=0006.

  • Kamizun

This Shrine is directly between the Forest of Time and East Post Ruins

Coordinates: x=-0177, y=-1557, z=0023.

  • Teniten 
Teniten shrine

Moving northeast from Kamizun Shrine, you must stumble upon Teniten Shrine. This is located far east of Windvane Meadow

Coordinates: x=-0075, y=1115, z=0021.

  • Tajikats
Tajikats shrine

Further northeast of Teniten Shrine is Tajikats, located in Whistling Hill. It has Riverside stable right beside it. 

Coordinates: x=0344, y=-1009, z=0016.

  • Mayachin 

This one is towards the east side of the Exchange Ruins, in the Windvane Meadow. You can find this northeast of the Coliseum Ruins

Coordinates: x=-0705, y=-0868, z=0031.

  • Jojon

This is also located in the Hyrule Fields.

Coordinates: x=1202, y=0329, z=0027.

  • Sonapan

This is one of the two shrines on the west island across the river from the Coliseum Ruins. Sonapan is on the southeastern side of the Hyrule Ridge, found between Nima Plain and Satori Mountain

Coordinates: x=-1921, y=-0357, z=0228.

  • Usazum

Coordinates: x=-2139, y=-0873, z=0093.

Hyrule Ridge

shrines present in hyrule ridge area
Locations of Hyrule Ridge shrines
  • Makurukis 
Makurukis shrine

This is one of the three shrines in Hyrule Ridge. Makurukis is northeast of Tabantha Bridge Stable, just southwest of Mount Rhoam

Coordinates: x=-2847, y=0629, z=0233.

  • Runakit 
Runakit shrine
Runakit | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

The second Shrine is found on the northeastern side of Mount Rhoam. You can locate this around the northern bed of Ludfo’s Bog

Coordinates: x=-2532, y=1172, z=0177.

  • Taki-ihaban 
Taki-Ihaban shrine

The last Shrine in Hyrule Ridge is located near Lindor’s Brow. This is discovered far east of Runakit shrine.

Coordinates: x=1830, y=1194, z=0147.

Great Hyrule Forest

all shrines located in great forest
Map of Great Hyrule Forest shrines
  • Musanokir 

Found in the heart of Koron Forest in this Shrine.

Coordinates: x=0409, y=2129, z=0143. 

  • Ninjis 
Ninjis shrine

This is on the Koron Forest’s southern side, southwest of Musanokir Shrine. It is between Lake Saria and Lost Woods.

Coordinates: x=0352, y=1900, z=0178.

  • Pupunke 
Pupunke shrine

Associated with Sky Crystal, this Shrine is in the eastern part of the forest. It is located northeast of the Musanokir shrine.

Coordinates: x=0613, y=2213, z=0163.

  • Sakunbomar 
Sakunbomar shrine

Located on the western part of the forest and is associated with a shrine quest called None Shall Pass. The Sky Crystal must be found by Stone Talus nearby. 

Coordinates: x=0165, y=2313, z=0178.

  • Ekochiu 

Moving towards the far East part of the Canyon, this Shrine can be found northwest of Pico Pond

Coordinates: x=1061, y=1281, z=0045.

  • Kikakin 

This can be found outside the Main Forest area towards the northern side. 

Coordinates: x=-0392, y=2739, z=0287.

  • Kiuyoyou
Kiuyoyou shrine

It is located near the Forgotten Temple.

Coordinates: x=-1106, y=2086, z=0104.

Hebra Surface Shrines

all hebra surface shrines on the map
Map location of Hebra Surface shrines

First Part

  • Tauyosipun

This is located on the west edge of the Hebra surface in the Hebra West Summit

Coordinates: x=-4533, y=2892, z=0261.

  • Otak 
Otak shrine

This can be found near the cave at the northwest top of Icefall Foothills

Coordinates: x=-4393, y=3714, z=0212. 

  • Eutoum

Moving your way to the east side, you will come across this Shrine below the Hebra North Crest


  • Rutafu-um

Moving further to the southeast, you will find this Shrine. Located behind the Hebra Mountains’ northwest cave, north of Coldsnap Hollow.

Coordinates: x=-2994, y=3103, z=0514.

  • Sisuran
Sisuran shrine

At the northeast of the Rutafu-um shrine is the Sisuran Shrine, located northwest of the Pikida Stonegrave.

Coordinates: x=-2556, y=3354, z=0245.

  • Oshozan-u

This can be found on the north edge of Tabantha Tundra at the peak of the mountains. 

Coordinates: x=-1405, y=3677, z=0288. 

  • Mayaotaki
Mayaotaki shrine

Located inside the North Lomei Labyrinth, this is located in the mountains’ far northeast. 

Coordinates: x=-0823, y=3535, z=0235.

  • Mayausiy
Mayausiy shrine
Mayausiy | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

Moving directly south and a little to the west from Mayaoktai, you will find this Shrine. 

Coordinates: x=3727, y=-2058, z=0189. 

Second Part

  • Orochium
orochium in hebra

Directly to the west of Mayausiy is this Shrine. It has a Snowfield Stable nearby it.

Coordinates: x=-1632, y=2637, z=0238.

  • Nouda
Nouda shrine

This is found moving with the river line towards the southwest from the Orochium shrine. It can be found below Kopeeki Drifts


  • Sahirow

It is located at Corvash Peak, northwest of Nouda shrine across the water body.

Coordinates: x=-3354, y=2387, z=0361.

  • Wao-os

Backtracking to the Western part of the Hebra Mountains, south of Tauyosipun shrine, is Wao-os, located inside the West Lake Totori Cave

Coordinates: x=-4048, y=2008, z=0184.

  • Gatakis
Gatakis shrine

The famous Shrine inside the Rito Village, Gatakis, can be found easily. It is on a lower cliff, so you must drop down there.

Coordinates: x=-3650, y=1805, z=0168. 

  • Oromuwak
Oromuwak shrine
Oromuwak | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

You can reach this place just outside; take the path on the east side of Rito Village. It is present above one of the mountain ridges. 

Coordinates: x=-3089, y=1622, z=0241. 

  • Iun-orok

Keep following the road from Oromuwak towards the south to stumble on this Shrine. It can be found west of the Tanagar Canyon West Cave.

Coordinates: x=-3534, y=0805, z=-0125.

  • Ikatak

This can be found northwest of the Iun-orok shrine, located just below Cuho Mountain.

Coordinates: x=-3950, y=1138, z=0112.

  • Turakawak
Turakawak | Image credits: VeryAliGaming

It is found in Tabantha Frontier.

Coordinates: x=-3496, y=-0197, z=0066.

Hebra Sky Shrines

  • Ijo-o
Ijo-o shrine

It is located above the Hebra Mountains in the sky.

Coordinates: x=-3857, y=2688, z=0702.

  • Kahatanaum
kahatanaum in hebra mountains

Moving northeast from Ijo-o Shrine, near the Ring Island Chain.

Coordinates: x=-3294, y=3430, z=1347. 

Mayaumekis shrine in the sky

Located directly southeast of Kahatanaum shrine, near the Wind Temple

Coordinates: x=-2947, y=2051, z=0897. 

  • Taninoud
Taninoud shrine

This is moving northeast of the Mayaumekis shrine in the East Hebra Sky Archipelago. It is associated with the East Hebra Sky Crystal Quest

Coordinates: x=-0801, y=3406, z=0949.

  • Tenbez
Tenbez shrine

This Shrine is located east of Taninoud, located on the top floor of North Lomei Castle.

Coordinates: x=-0961, y=3540, z=1011.

  • Ga-ahisas
Ga-ahisas shrine

This is in the sky above Hebra Mountains.

Coordinates: x=-3596, y=0962, z=1699.

Eldin Surface Shrines

location of surface shrines in eldin
Eldin surface shrines on the map
  • Minetak

It is located just below the Deplian Badlands, in the farthest west part of the Eldin Mountains. You enter this through a cave called Deplian Badlands

Coordinates: x=0394, y=3485, z=0068.

  • Mayak

Moving east from the Minetak, this Shrine is near the cliff’s edge. 

Coordinates: x=1270, y=3733, z=0106.

  • Jiotak

This can be found moving in the southeast direction near Lake Darman. 

Coordinates: x=1833, y=3179, z=0257.

  • Sibajitak

This can be found moving northeast from the Jiotak shrine. 

Coordinates: x=2399, y=3269, z=0402.

  • Kimayat

This can be located at the top north of the mountains near the edges of the water. 

Coordinates: x=2871, y=3625, z=0239.

  • Momosik

Associated with the quest called The Death Caldera Crystal, you will find this Shrine located southeast of Momosik. 

  • Sitsum

Found on Death Mountain, just below the platform. 

Coordinates: x=2358, y= 2602, z=0790.

  • Moshapin
Moshapin shrine

This Shrine is moving south from Death Mountain, located just north of Broca Island. It also requires a quest called The Lake Intenoch Cave Crystal. It would help if you reached this Shrine via the Lake Intenoch cave

Coordinates: x=2672, y=1911, z=0130.

  • Kisinona

This can be found in the Eldin Canyon, moving directly southwest of the Kisinona, northwest of the Cephla Lake

Coordinates: x=2570, y=1243, z=0172.

  • Isisim

Moving back to the western side of Death Mountain, you find this Shrine navigating through the YunoboCo HQ East Cave

Coordinates: x=1841, y=2841, z=0363.

  • Marakuguc

Turn directly south; this can be found outside the northwestern side of Goro Cave.

Coordinates: x=1761, y=2508, z=0437.

  • Timawak

Another shrine located in the Eldin Canyon is found north of Bedrock Bistro

Coordinates: x=1798, y=1635, z=0311.

Eldin Sky Shrines

  • Kadaunar
Kadaunar shrine

This is found above the South Eldin Archipelago. You can reach here by the train rails.

Coordinates: x=1882, y=1202, z=1251.

Gerudo Surface Shrines

location of all gerudo surface shrines
Map guide of all Gerudo surface shrines

First Part

  • Gasas

This is in the topmost area of Gerudo Highlands

Coordinates: x=-4148, y=0099, z=0040.

  • Turakawak

Moving east from Gasas, you can find this Shrine near Lake Illumeni

Coordinates: x=-3494, y=-0198, z=0065.

  • Otutsum

This can be found west of the Gerudo Summit.

Coordinates: x=-4466, y=-0667, z=0509.

  • Mayamats

Located north of the Gerudo Desert, in Rutimala Hill

Coordinates: x=-4636, y=-1513, z=0452.

  • Rotsumamu

Move to the east, and you will find this Shrine near the Yiga Clan Hideout Chasm

Coordinates: x=-3413, y=-1356, z=0335.

  • Kudanisar

This Shrine is north of the Gerudo desert, just above the West Gerudo Ruins

Coordinates: x=-4171, y=-2152, z=0050.

  • Miryotanog

Moving towards the south, this Shrine is found between Toruma Dunes and Dragon’s Exile

Coordinates: x=-4677, y=-3085, z=0054. 

  • Irasak
Irasak shrine

This Shrine is found at the furthest south of the desert.

Coordinates: x=-4157, y=-3820, z=0027. 

  • Karahatag

Not far from Irasak towards the east is this Shrine in the Southern Oasis

Coordinates: x=-3725, y=-3624, z=0043.

Second Part

  • Soryotanog

Move your way directly north from Southern Oasis; you will stumble upon the tallest tower in Gerudo. Players are expected to find the Shrine on the top of this building.

Coordinates: x=-3887, y=-2956, z=0125.

  • Mayatat

Moving your way northeast along the small lake, you will end up in the Kara Kara Bazaar, where this Shrine is located. 

Coordinates: x=-3290, y=-2520, z=0023. 

  • Chichim
Chichim shrine

Just a little south of Mayatat, this Shrine can be found in the Palu Wasteland: Ancient Prison Ruins. You can enter this via a sand whirlpool. 

Coordinates: x=-3211, y=-3006, z=-0049.

  • Siwakama

Located towards the southeast of Ancient Prison Ruins, near the Depths Chasm

Coordinates: x=-2446, y=-3349, z=0041.

  • Turakamik

This is found outside the Great Canyon on the northwest side of the road, near Gerudo Canyon Mine.

Coordinates: x=-2665, y=-2233, z=0067.

  • Suariwak

Moving northeast from Turakamik, this Shrine can be found across the water in the Yiga station of Blademaster. You must have Yiga Clan clothing to enter this, for which you must pass an exam. 

Coordinates: x=-2519, y=-1773, z=0131.

  • Rakakudaj

Take the road leaving the Yiga station towards Koukot Plateau; this Shrine is on the left near the driver’s edge northwest of Mount Nabooru. It is associated with the Gerudo Canyon Crystal quest

Coordinates: x=-2031, y=-1847, z=0064.

  • Motsusis
Motsusis shrine

Located east of Siwakama shrine, inside the heart of South Lornei Labyrinth

Coordinates: x=-1793, y=-3479, z=0045.

  • Kitawak

This is found in the East Gerudo Mesa on top of the mountains. 

Coordinates: x=-1523, y=2935, z=0319.

Gerudo Sky Shrines

  • Mayasiar
Mayasiar shrine

This Shrine is found in the Gerudo Highlands Sky region.

Coordinates: x=-3541, y=-0322, z=1964.

  • Rakashog
Rakashog shrine

Located above the Gerudo Highlands.

Coordinates: x=-1713, y=-2120, z=1149.

  • Siyamotsus
Siyamotsus shrine

Also found in the Gerudo Highlands sky.

Coordinates: x=-1794, y=-3297, z=1011.

Necluda Surface Shrines

all necluda surface shrines
Map location of Necluda surface shrines

West Necluda

  • Susub
Susub shrine

Located in the far west part of West Necluda, it is found near the Deya Village Ruins

Coordinates: x=0357, y=-2042, z=-0027.

  • Jochisiu
Jochisiu shrine

You must complete the Keys Born of Water shrine quest to unlock the location. You can find this shrine southwest of Dueling Peaks.

Coordinates: x=0937, y=-1906, z=0029.

  • Eshos
Eshos shrine

Moving directly east from Jochisiu, you will find this Shrine across the river to the other side, near the Dueling Peaks Stable.

Coordinates: x=1569, y=-1948, z=0157

East Necluda

  • Tokiy
Tokiy shrine

It is located north of East Necluda, on  Meda Mountain. It is linked with the Oakle’s Navel Cave Crystal quest

Coordinates: x=2304, y=-2377, z=-0028.

  • O-ogim

Just south of Lanaryu Heights, northwest of Lanaryu Bluff. 

Coordinates: x=2750, y=-1099, z=0099.

  • Sifumim

Found on the edge of the hill northwest of Lurelin Village, you can see this Shrine.

Coordinates: x=2824, y=-3272, z=0078.

  • Bamitok
Bamitok shrine

Just east of Sifumim, you can locate this Shrine near Mount Dunsel. You must enter via Mount Densel Cave

Coordinates: x=3097, y=-3204, z=0081.

  • Marari-in

This unusually located Shrine is found on a tiny island towards the far east of the Lurelin Village. It is just beside Koholit Rock.

Coordinates: x=4633, y=-3715, z=0018.

  • Zanmik

Just beside the Hateno Village across the Zelkoa Pond.

Coordinates: x=3468, y=-2180, z=0148.

  • Mayahisik
Mayahisik shrine

Moving east from the Hateno Village, this Shrine is near the Retsam Forest

Coordinates: x=3731, y=-2059, z=0189.

  • Anedamimik

Moving further east, you will locate this Shrine south of Walnot Mountain. However, to find this Shrine, you have the unflood the area. 

Coordinates: x=4224, y=-2193, z=-0007.

Necluda Sky Shrines

  • Josiu
Josiu shrine

This is found in the West Necluda Sky. 

Coordinates: x=1765, y=-1212, z=0923.

  • Ukoojisi

This Shrine is in the West Necluda Sky.

Coordinates: x=1464, y=-2165, z=0585.

  • Kumamayn

This is in the East Necluda Sky.

Coordinates: x=2856, y=-2860, z=1212.

  • Yansamin 
Yansamin | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Another shrine is found above the East Necluda on the Zonaite Forge Island

Coordinates: x=2353, y=-1783, z=1475.

Lanayru Surface Shrines

location of lanayru shrines
All Lanayru surface shrines on the map

Mount Lanayru

  • Jikais

Found near the Walnot Mountain Cave. It is located directly northeast of East Necluda. 

Coordinates: x=4262, y=-1674, 0181.

  • Zakusu

You can find this in the Naydra Snowfield, directly southwest of the Naydra Snowfield Chasm Depth Entrance.

Coordinates: x=3534, y=-1481, z=0166.  

  • Jogou
Jogou shrine

Located slightly east of the Lanayru Road East Gate. You will have to break some rocks to reach this place. 

Coordinates: x=3346, y=-1197, z=0056.

Lanayru Wetlands 

  • Kurakat

Once you finish the associated shrine quest, Dyeing to Find it, this will be found. It can be located northwest of Rabia Plain

Coordinates: x=2365, y=-0512, z=0156.

  • Makasura

Located right beside the Kakariko Village, southeast of Lantern Lake

Coordinates: x=1770, y=-1051, z=0166.

  • Morok
Morok | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Following the road towards the west side, you can find this just outside the wetlands

Coordinates: x=1169, y=-0781, z=0133.

  • Tukarok

It is located right beside the Wetland Stable in the Lanayru Wetlands area. Players can find this in the far East portion of the Centre.  

Coordinates: x=0922, y=0243, z=0031.

  • Jojon

You must enter this Shrine via the Crenal Peak cave

Coordinates: x=1209, y=0322, z=0027. 

  • Jonsau

This is located on Mercay Island in the wetlands. You can reach this after breaking the rocks. 

Coordinates: x=1736, y=0015, z=0025.

  • Maoikes

You can access this through the Bone Pond East Cave. It is located northeast of Bone Pond

Coordinates: x=2270, y=0137, z=0077.

Lanayru Great Spring 

  • Yomizuk

Located at the further southeast corner of Lanayru Great Spring, you can enter this through Tarm Point Cave.

Coordinates: x=4412, y=-0610, z=0034.

  • Apogek

Present just above the Brynna Plain, players can find it on the corner of a cliff. You will have to search through some ruins. 

Coordinates: x=3886, y=-0220, z=0163.

  • Mogawak

Right at the heart of Zora’s Domain, near the settlement. 

Coordinates: x=3299, y=0424, z=0112.

  • Joniu

Moving west from Zora’s settlement, you will find this Shrine after entering the nearby Rails Channel Cave

Coordinates: x=1736, y=0015, z=0025.

  • Ihen-a

Locate this directly east of Lulu Lake near Mipha Court

Coordinates: x=3787, y=0577, z=0486.

Lanayru Sky Shrines

Great Spring Sky 

  • Igoshon

Located above Wellspring Island in the Lanayru Great Spring. 

Coordinates: x=3482, y=0667, z=1325.

  • Jirutagumac
Jirutagumac shrine

Located above the Lanayru Sky Archipelago of the Great Spring. 

Coordinates: x=2917, y=0532, z=0951.

  • Sihajog

Players can find this shrine in the sky of Valor Island in Lanayru Great Spring.

Coordinates: x=4548, y=-0846, z=1120. 

  • Mayanas

Find another shrine in the following area.

Coordinates: x=4613, y=-0947, z=1790.

Akkala Surface Shrines

all Akkala shrines map location
Map guide of all Akkala surface shrines

Akkala Highlands

  • Gatanisis

You can find this in the southeast corner of Akkala Highlands. It is West of Knuckel Island.

Coordinates: x=4501, y=0834, z=0095.

  • Jochi-ihiga

This is related to the shrine quest Rock for Sale. You can find this southwest of Tarrey Town

Coordinates: x=3797, y=1218, z=0096. 

  • Rasitakiwak

Moving along the river towards the east, you will find this Shrine after traveling some distance.

Coordinates: x=4161, y=1324, z=0229.

  • Domizuin

This is in the Akkala Citadel Ruins near the Ruins’ Summit Cave.

Coordinates: x=3305, y=1443, z=0426.

  • Mayachideg

This Shrine is found on the eastmost part of the Eldin Canyon, just west of Kanalet Ridge

Coordinates: x=3061, y=1818, z=0216.

  • Sinatanika

It is near the road between the Ordorac Quarry and East Akkala Plains.

Coordinates: x=3854, y=2295, z=0047.

  • Gemimik

Located in an unusual place, inside the Rist Peninsula

Coordinates: x=4521, y=2126, z=0001.

Deep Akkala

  • Jochi-iu

This can be found near Bloodleaf Lake, southeast of East Akkala Stable

Coordinates: x=4350, y=2972, z=0164.

  • Rasiwak

Found at the edge of the Deep Akkala surface, this Shrine is located at the Northtop of the  Beach top part. 

Coordinates: x=4665, y=3256, z=0003.

  • Igashuk

This Shrine is on the Lonmei Labyrinth Island, directly north of the Rasiwak shrine, in the Akkala Sea. It is associated with The Lomei Labyrinth Island Prophecy

Coordinates: x=4649, y=3708, z=0130.

  • Kamatukis

Located just outside the Skull Lake towards the east, near the Skull Lake Cave.  

Coordinates: x=3427, y=3345, z=0070.

Akkala Sky Shrines

  • Natak
Natak shrine quest

It is in the Akkala Highlands Sky.

Coordinates: x=3673, y=1486, z=1157.

  • Gikaku
Gikaku shrine

It is also located in the Akkala Highlands Sky.

Coordinates: x=4506, y=2165, z=1155.

  • Mogisari

You will find this in the Akkala Highlands Sky.

Coordinates: x=4655, y=3501, z=1010.

Faron Surface Shrine

shrines location of Faron surface
Faron Surface shrines map location
  • Ishokin

Associated with the shrine quest Ride the Giant Horse. You can find its location in the Faron Grasslands. 

Coordinates: x=-0573, y=-3517, z=0128.

  • Utsushok

It is located northeast of Highland Stable, near the small lake. 

Coordinates: x=0663, y=-3359, z=0071.

  • En-oma

To unlock this Shrine, you must complete the quest of The Lake Hylia Crystal. You must enter it through the whirlpool

Coordinates: x=0108, y=-2509, z=-0088.

  • Jiukoum

This Shrine is found in the Popla Foothills

Coordinates: x=0876, y=-2285, z=0147.

  • Utojis
Utojis shrine

It is located west of Tobio’s Hollow

  • Joju-u-u

It is near the Lakeside Stable

Coordinates: x=1515, y=-3572, z=0141.

Faron Sky Shrine

  • Joku-u

Located above Dragonhead Island.

Coordinates: x=1372, y=-3336, z=0428.

  • Joku-usin
Joku-usin shrine

This is above the Faron Grasslands in the sky. 

Coordinates: x=1070, y=-3342, z=0785.

This is all you need to know about the shrines in the Tears of the kingdom. Remember that you will need a lot of patience to find them, but it comes with its rewards. Furthermore, coordinates are essential to reach each shrine, and as you progress in finding them, you will require more skill level. 

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